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The Sims 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  Old Age!

| | See all sshanemzz's reviews (1)

Love the game, think it is really good. Just not a big fan that you grow old and eventually die. I like to carry on and see how my sim turns out with thei job and their money. However still a really really good game

  Pretty good.

| | See all HeidiWatton08's reviews (2)

I am a huge sim fan.
Although, there is a few things lacking in this game.

1. When you sleep (sometimes) the time doesn't speed up. It's slow down from time to time, and when you're working; the time doesn't speed up, so im waiting for a good 5/10mins before my sim is at home again.

2. There is only one area where you can actually be, and there needs to be much more houses to buy and more people.

3. I have to make a new family each time. Unlike sims 2, you could just create a family right away and move them in, then remain doing the same thing. Plus, they meet new people as well and are actually IN the game when you do meet a new family. The sims 3 doesn't have that.

That's mainly my problems with this game. I like the fact they have tried it to make it look real, and it isn't bad at all. I enjoy this game alot, but as i said above; only a few things lack here and there. I feel like it has been rushed in some-way.

HOWEVER, there is alot to do in this game. It maybe a little tad slow for the 360, but its a good game. I would give it a 3 star, but since im a sim fan, im giving it a 4 for now.

I hope they bring out a sims 4, and make it better than anything. This time, hopefully not rushed in any way as possible.

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  not as good as pc version

| | See all FraserLazer22's reviews (30)

this game is fun but not as good as pc version. you cant just make homes like on pc and then we come to the main problem the delivery time i think its the post office. it was despatched fine in one day but it took 3 weaks to get to me.

if you can have the pc version get that instead but if you cant this game is still fun

  huge waste of time!

| | See all kaci1919's reviews (2)

my advice is if you are a sim fan stick to the pc game, as this game i feel takes away all the things i like about the sims 3 and that are supposed to be the new things, the fact you can have family dotted all round town in this game if you split up a family thats it gone for ever which is like going right back to sims!!! also the seamless world and the fact that you dont have to wait for load screens isnt present on console, the graphics are pretty but the gameplay is limiting

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  Wicked Game Hrs Of Fun

| | See all DirtyDozen13's reviews (1)

Sims 3 awsome game new update from xbox live and DLC love this game a must for any sims fan never had freezing but i also play this game uloaded to my 360 hard drive saves work fine for me ;)

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  Don't bother

| | See all LuckyDucky1's reviews (44)

Personally I wish I had purchased this second hand. I love sims games but this is frustrating especially at its current price. The graphics are jumpy and patchy..saving is a bit hit and miss..and just when you get successfull the reaper comes along and kills you!! ?? Then you have to start again with a new charecter. I tried...I really did...but found this game a huge waste of time.

  Don't buy this at the moment!

| | See all Faintjo2's reviews (1)

I have had the game since Christmas and am on 'week 10' of it. As already mentioned in a previous review, there is a bug at the moment in the saving once you get really into the game. I have spent a lot of time on it and have built it up but i cannot go any further as i cannot save anything - it freezes and will do nothing. Therefore it is sat on the shelf awaiting EA to fix the problem which if you look on their forum, they still haven't done.

Whilst the game is good, right now i wouldn't waste your money until they re-produce the game that will work for you! It is a shame but it seems like an extremely common problem and it is very frustrating!

  Fab game but freezes and doesn't allow saves-EA's fault !!!

| | See all roversfan2003uk's reviews (3)

This is a really good game but EA seriously need to produce a patch for this game. I got the game for Xmas and was up to week 7 in gameplay, and the screen started to freeze, thinking it was just our Xbox I didn't do anything about it. However, by week 15 in gameplay the game doesn't allow saves so it's a pointless exercise playing the game at all. The EA website sheds some light on this situation, and for 2 months apparently, they have been producing an update to solve the problem. This patch has still not appeared so, although I was really enjoying the game and would have recommended it, I would now give this less than one star if possible. Check out EA's website for more information.

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  It's whatever you make it...

| | See all freshlyb's reviews (1)

Having not played The sims since the original on PC, I wasn't massively sure what to expect on this console port of the most recent copy.
Though I haven't played the PC version, I would assume its fair to say any game of this platform are always more accessible and better played through a good PC and so a 4* rating seems more plausible.
However the console version is more than playable and very enjoyable once you get to grasps with it. I would like to suggest this game is more like marmite, you will either love or hate it. It very much depends on the type and style of gaming you enjoy. I love fast action paced games, however still enjoy a slower game which is quite light hearted from time to time to break my gaming genres up.
Don't get me wrong this game offer high levels of dynamics on how to play it, you can be as realistic or as creative as you like, enflicting evil or real life situations at your peril if you want, so the game can be whatever you make it.

But if you purely like the gameplay of games such as COD etc, this may not be the game for you, for those who like something a little different to break away from the standard shooting, driving etc platforms now and again, I would recommend this game and suggest you make it your own and tailor its gameplay to how you view gaming most enjoyable.

  Not as good as on PC

| | See all PrincessShelley's reviews (1)

I've been a fan of The Sims since the original version came out on the PC over 10 years ago. I decided to get the 360 version to add to my collection so I could play on a screen bigger than I have on my PC. The graphics are great, and are exactly what players have come to expect from the series. However, the gameplay is somewhat lacking compared to the PC versions and the controls, even for an experienced player, can be quite cumbersome and take a long time to get used to. I sometimes find it incredibly frustrating trying to select and item within a house, for example. If you have a PC capable of handling the game then I'd recommend getting that version. For those who don't but would like to try the game, this version will be ok for you.