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The Sims 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  PC gamers beware

| | See all Alzo91's reviews (9)

Firstly, if you have the sims 3 on pc do not buy it on console, it sucks in comparison.
The main thing that annoys me with this game is that you can't free roam as easily, instead transfering from section to section. This may seem a trivial complaint, however heres the reason why it makes a huge difference. If you have more than one sim, and you take one of them away to another section, the ones in the house taake matters into their own hands. For example i cam back to find that my sim had ordered 3 pizzas... even though her to do list was packed with long tasks and i was gone for about 10 seconds, so how they arrived before i went back i don't know. to solve this i put the sims will at minimum so they don't do anything on their own. This still doesn't work as they just stop doing anything when you leave, except for get out of bed if they were sleeping... which doesn't help because they'll be in a bad mood when you go back.
The only other problem is targeting, its very hard to do anything quickly as you have to choose from 5 objects every time you click on the fridge. don't want the blender, no i don't want the microwave, or the dishwasher, hence why the target was directly over the fridge. This makes no odds to the game. This also makes putting stairs in unusually difficult, adding extension to your house and roofing is virtually out of the question if you want to build your own.
Other than this the game is excactly the same as the PC version.
The loading times are good, the graphics are good and you can still doing all of the fun stuff from the PC version, although it can be frustating doing most of it due to the above problems.

In conclusion, a reasonable port of the Sims, but would only suggest it for real sims fans, nobody else would be able to put up with the poor mechanics.

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  Brilliant game!

| | See all dave21081989's reviews (1)

Really good game, lots of cool things to keep you busy, would highly recommend it to anyone.

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| | See all LoneDeranger's reviews (6)

I have to say that i'm really disapointed that there isn't a "jump in jump out" option for a 2nd player. Years and years ago, me and the wife spent hours playing this on PS2 and we were so excited to hear of its come back to console.

How guuted were we that its 1 player only, surely it wouldnt have been that difficult to add a "jump in jump out" option, considering you can control multiple sims at the same time. I've even heard there is no chance of it being included as an update or patch.

I feel this game needs this option and until its included i can only award a poor 2 stars!

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  Would highly recommend

| | See all Kirstycakes2's reviews (1)

This game is a must-buy if you're a Sims fan.
The graphics are good (however, if you have played the PC version, you will notice they aren't as outstanding - as expected on console).
More clothing, hairstyles and furniture, which is great.
There's so much to do, you don't really know where to start!
As a review has already stated, it's so addictive - you end up on it for hours! And best of all, the performance compared to the PC version is perfect. And it doesn't take about 30 minutes to save!

My only problem was with the actual delivery of the game (whether this was a fault of Play or not, I don't know).
I pre-ordered this item nearly 3 weeks before the release date... yet my game didn't arrive until today - which is a whole 4 days after the release date.

Apart from that... I would highly recommend this game!

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  Fun Game

| | See all chemaboy's reviews (4)

I really am enjoying this game. The graphics are great and the game play is fun and easy. There is so much to do, you can end up playing for hours. Buy it, you wont regret it.

  My Wife loves it

| | See all kaw203's reviews (1)

Game looks brilliant, plays really well and is very controllable (surprisingly). Well worth the money, we also got some dlc with it in the box

  Better than previous console releases

| | See all juicejonesz's reviews (61)

Ok I'm a big sims fan so was looking foward to this as my laptop cannot play sims 3 i decided to get it for console.

There are 2 bad points with the game these are that there is no free mode, for example you cant just build a house like you can on pc, you have to play through the game and earn money then you can build a house, and like previous console relaeses it has a build limit. I dont know how much you can build as i havent got enoght money to try this but unlike the older console releases you can build an upstairs.
The game can be a little slow but if you have enough space on your hard drive you can install it and it runs fine. Graphics look good and you can customize pretty much everthing to your own taste. A nice touch is that you can walk around town.
so overall i have given it 4 stars and not 5 because of the build limit and lack of free mode. but other than that worth a go, the misses has been on my xbox playing it all day. (oh thats another bad point)

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