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F.E.A.R. 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all Dlubbe's reviews (23)

As a fan of the F.E.A.R franchise i can safely say this is not the best game in the series. Monolith are no longer working on this game, and after a few hours of playing this, i really did not feel like i was playing fear.
to start with, this game is not scary in any way what so ever, usually when alma turns up in these games you know something scary is about to happen, the tension is there, in this when alma turned up it felt no different to spotting gman in half life, and nothing scary followed.
the shooting system is completely different, and because this game has nothing scary in it all you end up doing is pointing and shooting for a solid 8 hours. achievements for killing enemies in certain ways does challenge you to play to a particular style, but you do this on every single level, so it does become very boring.
this game honestly feels like they spent more time trying to make the game look nice than actually making it scary.
the hordes of enemies didn't add much tension to the game either, instead it was just annoying trying to shoot enemies that weren't even that scary and just seemed to jump around a lot and waste ammo.
the ending as well is really anti climatic, the boss fight is the easiest thing in the game, and at the end of this i just felt robbed. i guess this is what happens when you move production rights over to another company. i really don't understand why people are writing good reviews for it

  If you like 1st person shooters get this.

| | See all Raregrit's reviews (6)

If you've played any other Fear games then you pretty much know what to expect, only this time around it's done even better. This is alot of fun to play, with a gripping sequence of events keeping you hooked and is very tense in places. This is a really gorey / bloody shooter so probably deserves its 18 rating, but its more atmosphere then out and out horror which i like :)

  scary stuff

| | See all CnCmad's reviews (4)

fear 3 is a real great horror / fps, it still has the ability to scare you aswell as provide a great story and lots of action packed fighting, i loved the ability to slow time and body snatch.. this game is meant realy for people who have played the previous fears but sure people would still find it most enjoyable, got to say though the ending was sort of a bit weird as in i dont have a clue wht happened :D ... but i wnt spoil it

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  More of an FPS than a horror game

| | See all simoni1's reviews (1)

I borrowed this game from a friend who said this game was A scary, fun and intense ride. So I went into this game with high hopes for a thrilling horror game experience, which quite frankly just never happened.
I played through the game on commando difficulty and the game was simply no challenge at all, for the normal difficulty setting this just didn't seem right. You can take full magazines of enemy fire and still stand there shooting back at them until they fall over. Another thing that irritated me was the health regeneration time. It was far too quick to recharge so you were virtually invulnerable making all challenge in the game go. If you were in cover for more than three seconds you would be back to full health ready to blast some more enemies and sponge some more bullets for your supper. This would happen later on in the game when you go against some actual monsters. If you just use your slow motion ability your health regenerates by the time they even make their next attack. This made it ridiculously easy to avoid death in certain parts that were actually supposed to be hard to survive. Another top tip is to use the sliding kick attack which sends enemies flying to the ground where you can just knife them and they die no matter what. It doesn't matter which enemy you use it on it still kills them.
Another thing I was disappointed about was the lack of monsters, the only real monster that can give you a fight is right at the end in one of the easiest boss battles ever. The rest of the monsters are either possessed or crazy people with wrenches, spanners and crowbars or have bombs strapped to their chests. The others are useless dog-like hound beasts that the slow motion healing tactic works a treat against when they attack in numbers which they regularly do, even though they can be killed in a couple of shots to the face with any of the weapons in the game.
The story is surprisingly short, it only took me four hours to complete on commando and even on the hardest difficulty insane it only took me two hours longer because of the stupid part where you have a battle suit and you go against other bigger battle suits with better weapons, that part was infuriating.
The games developer Day 1 Studios seems to be trying too hard to make it a horror game when it is actually better off as an FPS. The same cheap scares it throws at you over and over again get old after the first time you see them.
What I did like was once you complete the game you unlock the ability to play as Fettel who is the secondary character in the original campaign when you play as Pointman. Fettel is another one of those supernatural ghouls who can pick up enemies and possess them which is rather fun especially when you burst them open to get out.
The co-op in this game is much more fun than the single player because one of you plays as Pointman and the plays as Fettel so you can have a lot more fun whilst you murder groups of soldiers. It is a good laugh when each of you jump at something that isn't scary.
Im giving this a four star because it is fun as an FPS but not as a horror game.
In general it isn't that scary and gets rather old in parts where it just throws the same tricks repeatedly. Buy this game if you have a friend who is willing to play it with you because it is much more fun in co-operative mode rather than single player. But if you want a good scaring don't get this game unless you are the easiest person to scare in the world.

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| | See all Blackevil157's reviews (4)

Ok, this game if you ask me was amazing. I loved it.

The campaign as usual was not only scary enough to make me change my pants, but action packed aswell. There wasn't a second where you weren't being chased by some mutated psychopath with a bomb strapped to their chest or getting shot at by giant blue men that teleport through the damn walls. (lol)

I'd seriously recommend this game too anyone looking to buy well... Just a game. Lol

And it's great fun online. I'm going to be playing this until Skyrim's release. :P

  the F.E.A.R

| | See all briskiboy's reviews (8)

absolutley brilliant game.....thought the 'bullet time' slo-mo would kill it like the previous episodes but the programmers have nailed it.....this game isn't easy ,the ai is spot on,best ai since half life...a must buy for any console/pc fps gamer

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| | See all mimicmadness's reviews (3)

yes the game is good like the leveling system its different for fear for tho's that play on xbox alot dont buy its far too short for my likeing try and barrow or wait for a price drop not bad tho...

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  Best Fear ever

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

I have been following the fear saga since the beginning and have to say its been a wild and super scary ride. If you haven't been so to then buying this game would be utterly ridiculous!
The story is simply amazing and the latest instalment just keeps getting better. Paradoxically speaking the one thing point-man thought he needed to be rid of as a way of getting to Alma, appears to be quite possibly his one saving grace. All this time he has been plagued by the one thing that has been leading him to death,only to have a seemingly ulterior positive motive. This of course I couldn't possibly discuss.
Its sounds absurd but this game seems to just absorb the player into a new level of gaming brilliant. The whole feel is utterly realistic, almost like you are point man! Well I thought the graphics to Crysis 2 were pretty impressive but these are even better and I really mean it.
Point man seems to have evolved into a more sophisticated and even more deeper character. The story line and graphics just keep on giving, the wonderful lighting and visual effects are enough to make the eyes weep. The fear is on form to the max! Creepiness, horror and blood-thirsty hideousness lurk behind almost every corner and just when you thought you were all safe and happy.... Well play it for yourself, you'll see what I mean.

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| | See all Cazzster's reviews (3)

"F.3.A.R" This game is amazing & is filled with all sort's of surprises from the beginning to the end. Im hard to scare on these games but this one got me in some places of the chapters, The multiplayer is good aswell how you can rank up for single player to get better boosts and stuff.

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