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Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Amazing gameplay, but lacking in variety.

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I assume if your reading this, then you know what the game is, and what its about, So I'm not going to go in to any of that stuff.

The game plays alot more smoothly than the previous game. Performing lengthly button combo's has been balanced out to be a difficult but rewarding task. Air Combo's are very fun to pull off, and are a good addition to the game.

To be honest though, I'm going to talk more about why the game doesnt deserve 5 stars and only 4: Its really lacking in variety. REALLY lacking.
I don't have any gripes with the game having less characters than the previous game. What annoys me, is the extreme lack of game modes, and the extent in which you can customize those game modes. There isn't a game mode where you can just say 'Okay, I want to be these 3, and I want to fight these 3 people.' Only can you do that in 2 player, where you need to be fighting another human player, and In order to do it in single player, you have to go in to training mode, and fiddle about with the settings. And after that, who ever wins the fight, there isn't even a victory pose or any thing, the fight just instantly resets.
The lack of customization in Online private matches also bothers me. It doesn't allow you to have infinite time during a match and other players in the lobby can not spectate an on going match. Why are these features not included? They were in MVC2, and that was and that was an Arcade game!
Out of the box, without any DLC, there's only about 3 games modes: Arcade, Mission and Online, and I suppose training mode. Why does Capcom expect us to download and wait for game-modes that are evidently already on the game disc.

Overall, dont get me wrong; This game is amazing fun, and great fun to play online, or with a friend on the same console. Get it if you're a die hard fan of the series. If you're unsure about it, I would recomend waiting for maybe a price drop, or wait until the future DLC comes out. Also, if you don't have access to Xbox Live, I wouldn't recommend this one. Not being able to download future DLC will really lack the experience for you, and you will find yourself getting bored of this game quite quickly if you just stick with the offline modes.

Also, 5 pounds Per downloadable character, Capcom?!

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  Brilliant - if you understand 2d beat em ups

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This game is pure class!

Clearly Capcom have created a game fior its long term fans, people like myself that grew up playing streetfighter in chip shops, learning how to block and throw fireballs while others watched on waiting for a go.

If you are too young to reminsise about the glory days when beat em ups were THE genre of choice, and think consoles started with the Playstation and Xbox, then to be honest Capcom doesnt go out of their way to teach you the basics, and its alot to learn.

With a better tutuorial I could recommend this to Noobs but as it stands its a fantastic 2d beat em up - easily on a par with SF4 thats poure fan service to us old timers (im in my 30's) who grew up on SNES's and Megadrives.

This game has depth as well, lots on top iof the flashy graphics with a deep fighting engine to keep you hooked - if you have the skills

Go get it if you wanna game that places fun first and realism second. Just know your quarter circle motions or be prepared to be beat down fast.

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In my opinion this game is fantastic! the only people who are moaning about it are the ones who arent good enough to string a combo of more than 3 . If you dont like hard fighting games this isnt for you. But if you want a game where you can have a lagh with your mates then this is perfect.

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Never been one for fighting games but love Marvel comics so gave this a go.
The graphics/animations are the best representation of Marvel Characters EVER in a video game, honestly, its just how you would want them designed. The mechanics of the fighting are fairly easy to get into and the more you play the better you get, online can be demoralising but keep at it, not everyone out there is a whizz kid! Playing at home offline versus is a blast and mission mode is great to master moves and unlock goodies. Just bought the DLC for 400MS for Steve Rogers SuperSoldier, Thor Classic and Iron Patriot! Beautiful! Shadow mode is free DLC where you can try beat the makers of the game! Can't put this baby down! Go Get, see you online - mrcheekychops

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  Fun drainer

| | See all Alzo91's reviews (9)

Like Ignota says, this game isn't much fun, however this is only true for online play.

Offline- Amazing, you can do all the crazy combos that capcom has always offered, but you can be happy knowing that you don't have to in order to win, what more can I say?

Online- Well I can say that this is the very reason why the Streetfighter and other capcom fighters are so boring. The fact that you can perform such incredibly long and stupid combos means that the first person to attack wins, every time, without fail. And that is boring, you might as well go make a cup of tea, wait for it to cool and drink it if you miss the first hit.
This isn't fun, and what makes it worse is that even if your opponent knows that they can easily defeat you with 1% health left, they will still choose to perform these combos at the start of the round every time.

To be honest, this game is for people that love the satisfaction of winning over and over with no variation of gameplay, as opposed to brawling it out and creating a spectacular fight.

Like i said, like all capcom fighters its great fun offline, but a real bore online. I would suggest waiting for MK in April as this has the breaker system to prevent this and much cooler fighters (in my opinon, and although people will try to get the one combo ko still)

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  Don't believe the hype

| | See all Ignota's reviews (5)

This review is primarily for people who have heard alot of hype and are wondering if they should buy it or if they should see elsewhere. I am a casual gamer so this review is mostly for people who are not super hardcore fighting game fans. I didnt like this game and here is why:

I have other hobbies and I have friends and a social life. So I dont play videogames 20+ hours a week. I especially dont like if a game is more of a chore than fun, and makes you practice tedious comboes for hours and hours and you have to learn the framerates of all the moves in order to enjoy the game on the most basic plan. And if you STILL dont get significantally better than a buttonmashing n00b, then the game is epic fail.

This game is like that.

All the Marvel vs Capcom 3 hype got to me and I bought this game. After spending a week with it, I am regretting. I played for 4 hours straight the day I got it and didn't understand anything! I have played everyday for one week now (totally 20+ hours!) and I am still not into the game or (the most important part) having the slightest fun.

I have read all the info in the booklet and read for 10 hours on Shoryuken.com and read other giudes at IGN.com to get the knowledge of the workings of this game and I have been in the practice mode a lot, but still I am not able to fully understand how to play it. You can buttonmash to victory a lot but there is no enjoyment at all. If a game is this much work to enjoy then it is nothing for me. This game is too much of a chore!

The game is an epic fail for casuals because its so fast and furious and everybody is all over the place and everything is so frantic, its not fun nor understandable at all! The over-the-top cartoonish visuals and flashy special effects are just plain confusing and seizure-causing.

And the Simple Mode is totally useless! Whats the point of that?!
The booklet says its for newcomers so you dont have to learn hard combos and such. It's not like you'll be better on normal mode or understand the game more. If anything, it confuses you and you don't know how or when to connect which moves. And besides, what is the fun in just pressing one button (yes ONE button for all regular moves and ONE button for all special moves) and the game playes out all the moves and connects them perfectly. But half of the moves are unavaileble so a pro in normal mode can easily beat a n00b who is palying in simple mode.

The gameplay is a bit broken too. You can kill someone in one combo!! Yes, ONE combo is all you have to do and the damage is so big that you can kill opponent before they even get to do anything! This goes for every character, not only Sentinel. When x-factor is activated (you press all four buttons and the character will glow making him stronger faster, jump higher etc) so you can combine attacks where comboes before were not possible. Sentinel can then kill you in three hits!! Bad choice from developers to include this.

Capcom really held back alot of content, because everybody knows they will make you pay for DLC to get some more costumes and some more playable characters. As matter of fact, only one day after releasing the game, Capcom announced such a pay-for-DLC pack with a shadow mode and some costumes. They will surely milk all the suckers that buy this game!

I gave it two stars because the production value of what is on the disc is good and I know the hardcore community seems to like this game, but for casuals this game is nothing special.

Dont buy this game if you are not hardcore fighting fan. I suggest you rather get Tekken 6 or wait for the new Mortal Kombat Kombat or Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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  great game ruined by no longevity

| | See all scottBWXE's reviews (49)

i was a big fan of marvel vs capcom 2 and couldn't wait for this to come out. its stayed true to the series (ott special moves, intense combat and stunning graphics). the arcade mode is pretty short but the edition of online multiplayer is welcomed. i only gave it 3 stars because there's not a lot to do in the game unless you want to play online constantly. there's literally just arcade, online and misson mode which gives u challenges to perform certain combos with characters which got dull quickly. i was expecting some kind of survival mode just to mix things up slightly but alas nothing. the other major gripe i have is the lack of characters. you start out with all but 4 characters unlocked. i unlocked the other 4 within a few hours. in MVC2 there was a host of characters to unlock as well as alternate costumes which you had to purchase using points gained from winning battles etc which gave it a lot of replay value. all this has been removed.

With a bit more content this could have been a classic like MvC2 but it's just far to lacking in replay value

  Play it, play it now.

| | See all CaveTroIl's reviews (3)

I haven't played any of the previous Marvel Vs games so i've no idea how much it differs from the previous titles but this one is a keeper. Fantastic multiplayer for any beat em up fan with a ton to unlock and incredible replay value! No fight will be the same. I can't recommend it enough.

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  Action Packed Adrenalin

| | See all RedOrban's reviews (2)

I played This Game At The Euro Gamer Convention in earls court a few months back , and it was one of the attractions that u had to wait a while to play & now I know why. This game is fast paced and full of brilliant & colourfull graphics a must buy for any beat em' up fan ...see u online pple :D

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