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Just Cause 2 (Classics)

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  !!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!

| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

To be honest, when i first played this and saw the island and all the guns, characters and vechiels, i thought it was another grand theft auto!


When you really start to play and get into the game, it's nothing like grand theft auto, a massive island to explore, great guns, vechiels and characters. My favourite was the grapple hook, grapple hooking to vechiels or the ground when in air, grapple hooking people to objects etc.

Please note it is also very different to grand theft auto because you can ride or drive planes! There is also as i said a grapple hook!

!!!!!!!!!!YOUR ISLAND - YOUR CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!

  Excellent value for money

| | See all deadstar91z's reviews (119)

Putting some of the finer detail flaws aside (voicing/character actions), this game is outstanding and truly immersive. I got into this straight after finishing Fallout New Vegas, and I've not been able to put it down for the last 3 months. The action and controls are excellent, and it contains a nice range of weapons and vehicles. The missions can start to get a bit samey, but the open style of play more than makes up for it. The list of achievements is nice as well.

  just cause 2

| | See all jack109's reviews (1)

this game will not blow you away with graphics or amazing gameplay but its is great fun. it is a bit unreal and a bit far fetched but when i say its is great fun i mean it. the game its self gives hours of endless free foaming gameplay so if you get bored of doing the stroy mission you can go off and do as you please, this could be flying a plane or parachuting of a mountain. for the price you cant go wrong it will please all types of gamers even if your not a fan of free foaming sand box games. yoy will get hours of fun filled gameplay and just doing ridiculous things in the game with your grappling hook witch can be used to attach to cars together or a plane to the ground. so i would highly recommend this game as it is very fun but not to serious.

  bargain, amazing value for money

| | See all bagntag85's reviews (2)

Bought this for something to do over the weekend, its now going to take over the next few weeks! So much to do, destroy, explore, drive, fly, parachute. Ok so the voice acting is quite poor, and the action is not exactly realistic, buts its a lot of fun. Buy it you wont be disappointed if you are a fan of action games.


| | See all CrazyBlade's reviews (1)

Bought this on the strength of the Xbox Marketplace demo and I haven't been disappointed. Open world, destroy loads of stuff, loads of vehicles and weapons. Got 12 hours game time and only completed 10%. Amazing value for money!


| | See all FozzySPF's reviews (58)

I have the first game and enjoyed that very much.
Just got this on the 2 for 25pound deal and for that money its well worth adding to the collection.
Very sweet crisp graphics, beautiful scenary and tons of vehicles, aircraft, weapons to check out.
Love the tweaking they've done on the controls, much easier to use and target with, loving the grapple hook u can use in so many ways, never fails to tickle me when hooking a moped rider to a passing car in opposite direction and watching the chaos ensue lololol.
If you want a game with lots of free roam and fire power then grab this while its in the classics, you shouldn't be disappointed.. im not.

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  Pretty Good For The Price

| | See all MrLordLewy's reviews (3)

I bought this game due to how much i enjoyed the first game, and everything i loved from the first game has been reintroduced and improved.

The map is huge and full of stuff to find, to the point where after completing the story and having spent a lot of time exploring the many settlements, military bases, airports and many other locations i was only a measly 30% of the way through!

The voice acting in this game is a little annoying, with American characters having extremely heavy American accents, and the Asian characters having heavy accents as well.

The story although it will keep you interested in exploring and destroying government property will leave you feeling a bit empty when you eventually finish it, don't get me wrong there were times when i would stack chaos just so i could play a few agency missions back to back.

The working for factions is back from the first game and is a handy way to unlock upgrades for your vehicles and weapons. The only downside is that considering the vastness of the map you'd think they would have varied the missions up a bit rather than, ' Get to point A, Grab B and take B to Point C' which nearly all missions consist of.

Overall I'm glad i waited for the price to drop rather than paying the full 40 pound for it, for 15 pound though I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a decent sandbox game.

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  massive attack

| | See all gamer4life's reviews (2)

massive map freeroam gallore loads of toys great fun a bit repatative though but still good fun. In a nutshell for 15 squid no online play hours and hours of blowing stuff up bargain.

  good game

| | See all bec7uk's reviews (19)

just cause 2 is a really good game. missions are really fun 9/10, the island is just amazing 10/10, graphics are good but could be better 8/10.

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  Better than GTA4

| | See all DEEVOScranium's reviews (52)

Great game,lots of free roaming and that claw is just a fantastic idea as it helps you move about a lot quicker,great action,explosions and ace physics,once you complete the intro levels you can do what ever you want,i have only done 3 missions as i cant help myself but explore the lush environment,buy it now!!!!