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Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (278 reviews)"

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| | See all PrincessP93's reviews (1)

Game is brilliant, campaign is amazing, but zombies and multiplayer that can be accessed through xbox live is superb

  Worth trying out!

| | See all JBizzy's reviews (3)

This game has an excellent story mode, so if you prefer offline games this is the one to get as there is a lot to do. The online feels like too much is being added and even with all this you still end up getting bored. For me and a lot of my friends the only thing that keeps me holding this game is the zombies!! Such a laugh, the zombie maps are worth getting, but beware the game creators have annoyingly put the price for map packs at 1200 points, which means your paying over 10 pound just for a zombie map because the online ones aren't much to play for. Worth trying out though personally MW2 is the COD game for me

  Great Solo Campaign, Excellent MP and Zombies!!!!!

| | See all SilentMessiah's reviews (8)

With all the fan boys on here spitting their nonsense on how Black Ops is unbalanced on multiplayer.... yadda yadda, its hard to get a decent, un biased review on the game for what it is.

TreyArch have done a smashing job, the solo campaign is hugely immersive, good story line linking in with true life events and putting that fiction twist on them gave it good depth for me.

Game play is fantastic too, on the campaign you get to pilot lots of diff vehicles with some awesome fire power! Good range of guns and the levels are fantasticly huge at some points! Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, both in story line and game play.

Multiplayer - For me at first I could not see past MW2's MP. But when you get past it, it is a huge load better! No tact insert glitchers to ruin the game! And with Hardcore modes for the best modes, it is a great game (apart from shoddy campers).
Wager Matches is a great element to be added in too! Cant help but feel cheated when you get Tomahawked on Sticks and stones in the last second of the game! But makes it a hell of a lot more exciting than MW2 (which is still a great MP experience) when your constantly bombarded by Killstreak rewards by 5 year olds "Levelling Up" and being asked constantly to private servers to do the same, none of that nonsense here!

A must buy for the single Player Experience alone. Unlike some of the reviewers here, I still try to find the time to sneak a game or two in after almost a year on, so the re-playability is defo there!

Get on this, forget the haters and enjoy the game for what it is, you wont be sorry you did!

  Definitely the worst Call Of Duty

| | See all TJarvis's reviews (2)

This game has nothing new in comparison to 'World At War' and 'Modern Warfare 2', and, after a few months the novelty wore off and everyone became bored of playing it. For the game to be more successful it needed totally new features; instead we received the usual treatment of different maps, kill streaks and weapons.
It would have been more of a success if it wasn't part of the Call of Duty franchise we all love and have such big expectations for, but unfortunately - it is.

  A great game but has some draw-backs

| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

This game is a must and should be played by everyone who usually likes this type of game but I found several bits of the game that bothered me.
The game is very fast paced with bullets flying everywhere which makes it very exciting but you always seem to survive so it seems to lack a bit of realism. Also it is absolutely pointless to pick people off from any distance as enemy's will not stop appearing until you advance. For a coward and someone who enjoys the sniper role like me, this makes it very frustrating. The helicopter flying section is also poor and disappointing.
Weapons in the game are primitive and the good ones seem to be very rare during campaign.
Even with these points i feel that the game was still exciting due to its fast and frantic format and the story comes from a whole new angle but i feel if you want a serious special forces game then it still has to be Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon 2 or Rainbow 6 Vegas (these are now old but still unbeaten in my opinion).
Like I said: Worth a play but not worth the hype it has received or the price it was released at.


| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Disjointed story-line which is very easy to lose interest in. Multi-player is beyond pathetic with the franchise once again following the kill streak guff. Kill-streak points encourage camping or underhanded game-play. They are just playing to rank addicts to keep the servers full.

You will be rewarded for going prone in a corner and waiting for people to walk through a doorway and shoot them, you won't be rewarded for bold and attacking play.

Boring, boring, boring multiplayer.

Can anybody tell me what was wrong with the points system on COD 4?....... nothing perhaps?

  It is underrated

| | See all MaidenPhanTom's reviews (11)

This game is soo underrated. First of all this game does not have as bad multiplayer as everyone says it does, The campain is AMAZING! and I have bought all the map packs to this as I love zombies. the only reason I did'nt give this 5 stars is because...I dont know...it felt like it had something missing. But dont let me put you off this game buy it, Ignore all the stick about it and buy it if you want a solid game with alright graphics and if you just want a good time playing a good game.

  not the best of Cod's!

| | See all Edonn14's reviews (6)

the days of treyarch making good call of duty games, is over cod black ops. is based in the cold war era and has a emotionless boring campaign, now to stop being negative, the nazi zombies, the comeback of nazi zombies has been improved by more exiting fast paced maps, if youve ever play cod 5 you would know how der reise is just camping on that balcony where as these maps are more runny you have to think non stop to survive. now to the graphics the grapics of cod 7 are not the best and are not as good as is father cod 6, the explosions however are pretty nice to look at as your enemy is blasted across the floor. dont forget combat training where you can play against other bots to have fun basicly. FOR SOME REASON IS NOT PLAYABLE OFFLINE WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT THEN. well if you buy it have fun!

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  Treyach can't quite match Infinity Ward

| | See all HenryMo's reviews (16)

There are 2 areas to look at with C.o.D. Black Ops (B.O.): the single and multiplayer. Unfortunately the two are of a much contrast.

The single player is worth paying the money in my opinion. Based in the Cold War Vietnam era of the 1960s, one can relate to the missions and people who feature in the storyline. The storyline one of the best you will play from a CoD title, and does well even seeings as a chance of a sequal is unlikely. As a one off, the storyline is gripping and runs on flashbacks and memories. This different approach just works. Graphically, the single player is really crisp and precise, and every landscape is well designed. One crucial point is that the run-and-shoot approach doesn't work on this title. Often one needs to stand back from a situation and think about how to hit the next checkpoint. This adds to the authenticity. The continuation of the Zombie mode is not fun on your own, it is with a group of 4, fighting for survival.
However, it isnt perfect. Even though the storyline is actually quite long, can still be completed in a few hours on an easy difficulty mode. Also, the lack of a Spec Ops option leaves the experience lacking and a bit shallow. MW2 was a huge hit because of Spec Ops addition.
Now, the multiplayer, for a 'Codder' since MW, is a big disappointment. It runs on levelling up to level 50 and one can prestige 15 times. Both are wrong: it should be to level 55 or 60, because at 50, you dont spend that long on a prestige and you glance through them before you really spend any time on them, and 15 prestiges is poor, 10 is a much better choice.
The picture only gets worse. The maps have been poorly designed and are really annoying to play on (Only the maps Nuketown and Array will fill you with any joy) and the graphics are terrible. MW looked better than B.O. It really is a mystery how the clean-cut, well-finsihed off single player graphics have been lost. What one ends up with is a pixilated mush of colours and graphics. Even from a distance, the landscapes look fuzzy and PS2-esque.
However, the 2 most frustrating things will leave you wondering why you waste your time playing online. The hit detection is just shocking. The cross hairs will be on someone but the bullets wont, and i dont say this as someone who is bad at the game, seeings how i have a KD of over 2.4. I dont know what went wrong and i dont know why it hasen't been patched! The same goes for the weapon damage. Very rarely will you get a one-shot kill with a sniper rifle, and often you will be scoped in on a players upper body, but the shot will miss by some distance. The whole experience fills you with frustration. The last negative point is the server the game runs on. The connection time is slow, and the host selection is awful Often you will enter a game where only the host has 4 bars. Then, even if the host change system activates, it takes around 20 seconds for it to try and find a new host, or it gives up and disconnects. Often, an even worse host is selected. The situation is made worse when you get into a good game with no lag, but the game will suddenly end with the error of "The server disconnected" or "Connection to the host was lost". How can this be, when MW2 and even WaW never had this trouble?And it isnt like the server is about to blow through so many people online (the peak players online is about 4-500000). MW2 seemed like a much more pleasant experience.
With all this aside, the new additions of multiplayer are welcome. The level of customisation is the best so far in any CoD title. Being able to even select the reticle design and colour is pleasing, and the ability to design your own emblem is rewarding.

B.O. is a missmatch and one should stick with MW2