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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (12 reviews)"

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  Only Just makes a 'pass' grade...

| | See all SimboSapian's reviews (24)

Hit & miss this one guys !!! Ace Combat 6 got it bang on when it was released... and is still the banchmark for flying shooters in my my opinion.
The first H.A.W.X. was good, the second is better BUT only just... the game has a much better mix of gameplay and the story, although fast paced, is very good.
I still think that a good 'replay' engine should be included with every flight combat game. I expect a high percentage of gamers with a keen interest in military aviation would be playing this type of game and a good reply engine would keep us coming back for more...

Hopefully get one in H.A.W.X. 3 ...

  Could've been so much more

| | See all snapon's reviews (10)

Going from the first game this to me was set-up as being the best flight game ever, looking at the first screen shots and previews it looked good but then came the day of release. I got it on the day (thanks Play) and fired up the XBOX. Once the game started the normal "get you in the mood" title screen it looked liked i have wasted my money. It looked cheap and rushed.

Now onto the game itself;
Graphics seem a bit slow compared to even the original XBOX games. Sound is cheap and a one man band could do better. The in-game play is easy and doesn't get any harder as the game progresses which left me wondering what was the point in moving through the levels
Plus points;
Take-off and landing is interesting and the choice of planes and weapons is good (found myself using the guns all the time tho), other then that average game which could be so much better

In short save your money.

  Games good Play is shot down with codes!

| | See all steg08's reviews (2)

The overall game is fun, dont expect real time flight sim controls or top ede graphics with this game its middle of the road at best, but for a good old fly around and shoot its all there, its basically a flight sim with an Arcade slant. Now altought you will see the multiplayer options listed these are not local they are online only - After searching through Ubisoft forums that was confirmed there is no local multiplayer only Live!

My main gripe with it all is Plays.com lack of sending out emails to support their sale of the "All in One Downloadable Content Pack" as I have ordered four copies of this game for famil and everytime had to call and raise a complaint due to Play.com not sending out the codes... You supposed to receive them via email... Dont let this put you of the game the game is worth every penny especially with the Multiplayer via Live!, and the single player has plenty for you to do. I would recommed it and calling play to chase for your codes Enjoy

  downloadable content

| | See all giorgos's reviews (2)

I am pretty sure the game is fantastic as all tom clancys' games are(even if i have not played it yet),only thing i want to specify is that the downloadable content is not inside the case of the game but is provided to the buyer via e-mail and works just fine!

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  best aerial combat game

| | See all tomster's reviews (4)

this game is great i just finnished it , its more realistic than the first one, great game overall 5*

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  Fantasticly Speedy!

| | See all gadgetboy1999's reviews (2)

This is the best Hawx game i have been on yet.Great graphics and When you are flying it is just great. Best jet game i have been on

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  Not even in the same league as Hawx 1...

| | See all Bevstar's reviews (1)

I was very impressed with the first Hawx game and when I had completed it, went straight online to purchase the sequel. Unfortunately I was very disappointed...the first thing that struck me was the manoeuvrability of the planes which feels awkward and clumsy compared to the first. Also regardless of how close to the ground you are flying it barely feels as though you are moving at all. Although the graphics are slightly improved it is still far less realistic than the first game based on the way the planes handle. Another negative point is that at the start of each mission you are not able to chose which plane and weapons package you want to use which also takes away the incentive of earning experience points to unlock better planes. I could probably witter on all day about how the sequel is inferior to the first game but let's just put it this way...I wouldn't waste you time and money and would invest in another flight game.

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  Huge Letdown

| | See all Drakous's reviews (7)

Let me begin by saying i was a huge fan of the first H.A.W.X game, and was extremely excited about a second but it has been a complete letdown.

The story missions dont grip you or excite you to make you want to keep playing. the story line seems dull and boring. I completed the story missions in a day of playing, which is quickly for a game these days anyway.

The landing and take off is a nice new feature and does add to the game but its a shame the rest of the game is alot worse than the first.

The 'Arcade' mode which says takes some of the realism out to make the game more fun is riddiculous, i played one mission on arcade and was dissapointed, to make it 'more fun' they made it so you only have self guided rockets (impossible to hit a fighter plane with) and a cannon, you may aswell just have the cannon, and you could play the story version and just use your cannon if you wanted to do that.

Survival mode is very tedious just dog fighting constantly no added objectives to try to make it more fun just more and more planes which after 21 minutes and being on wave 7 gets boring.

I played this for one day and wouldnt bother again.

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  Utterly Awful

| | See all Tychoanomaly's reviews (8)

This is the worst game I've purchased in a long, long time as it is truly awful and not worth 35p let alone 35quid. The story line is boring and un involving, the graphics are equally rubbish, and the flight model is utterly dreadful as it feels like your in a submarine and not in a modern fighter aircraft. Anyone who gives this game more than 1 star needs to have their head examined as it is undeniably a pathetic excuse for an arcade flight sim - the original Hawx is 99.99% better in terms of fun, playability and value for money.
Don't buy as there are far, far better places to dispose of your cash.

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  Definate improvement but no heading compass again !!

| | See all WingCommander's reviews (48)

Graphics are much better than the last game, but no lousy numerical 0 - 360 heading compass which is like in every basic flying game, so you get the audio instructions to goto heading 140 but there is no visual heading compass in either 3rd person & just a normal North - South ball compass in cockpit. view. still probably best ARCADE flying game 10/10 Flight Sim 3/10

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