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Fable III: Collector's Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Best one out the 3

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First you have to have liked Fable. Some people are saying there are no weapons? My advice is if you actually play to game and explore. Do side quest and played it online there are lots of weapons. I have around 105 to choose from at the moment. The weapons you get also can be levelled up by doing certain tasks. Theres lots of spells but I felt they wasnt as good as Fable 2.

The story is too short and doesnt explain anything about the Spire and what happened in Fable 1 and 2. It feels like they went a different direction with the story. Bad idea. That side of the Fable story will more than likely end up as DLC.

The cloths on this one are a lot better than Fable 2 but not Fable 1. Some good missions and the extra content you get is ok. It could have been better. I didnt think it was worth the money after I had completed the game. Only because the story felt left behind and rushed.

Im nearly at 1000gs for it and have enjoyed it. Fable 3 gets abit repetitive in places but the graphics are much better and also the music. Both together create an amazing atmosphere. The game play can be a bit boring unless you start mixing combos may it be with guns swords and magic spells.

The packaging is just awesome. It looks like a real old school book and the extras are great if youre a fan. Theres also a lot of collecting to be done here. If you liked Fable 1 and 2 then get this game! Deffo worth it but the story does lack a little.

  and so our story begins

| | See all Tinkerbell66's reviews (40)

I loved fable 2. I put hundreds of hours into finding every weapon exploring and just having fun. You wont belive how exited i got when about a year and a bit ago i was reading my x box magizine and their was a page of fable 3. I had more hype for this game than reach. I was so exicted and being a fan of the second one i got the collectors edition that was a bad move for me. Before i tell you the contents of the collectors editon let me tell you about fable 3. The game has framerate issues. They are very little weapons its harder to interact with people. You carnt pick what u do it gives u a random good and evil option when interacting with people. The game was dull and felt rushed. It took me 6 hours to do that includes about 10 mintues of exploring as it wasnt fun to explore and about 4 side quests as there were rubbish to. The yellow trail that guides you to your assigned quest dissapears quite often leaving you standing in the middle of nowhere. Instead of a simple pause screen they decided to add the santuary, A place were you can pick your clothes and wepons and magic. It is more complex than the simple screen in fable 2. They made it harder not easier. Co op on this is better i must admit having your own screens is a good idea and it works. One thing that dosent work is if someone goes to their santuary you have to go to and you carnt get out unless you press the pause button but then that just takes you to your santuary. I paid 60 pounds for the collecters editon. So i paid 20 quid for a book style case for the game a pack of cards and a coin. It was not worth it. Utterly dissapointed.

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  Fable III: Collector's Edition

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I've been an avid fan of Fable since it first began, all three games are unusual, unique and really draw you in to the gameplay. One thing to note about Fable III, compared to the 1st and 2nd game, is that it is slightly different in many areas, which at first really put me off it while I was playing. But after allowing myself to adjust I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Got used to the changes and alterations, doesn't quite have the same flow as the previous two but if you give it chance it is enjoyable. I think it's just more difficult for the big Fable fans (like myself) to adjust to the new game, perhaps it is easier and obviously less noticeable to anyone playing this game out of the set as their first Fable experience. I've given it 4 stars because I think it could have been a lot longer, finishthe game was over far too quickly, though you do have the option to continue playing the basic game after the 'main quest' is over.
I'm still a fan, just a tad disapppointed :]

  history of fable

| | See all newvegasmanic's reviews (1)

Been there since day one of fable where you start off in a village and it gets attcked by bandits used to watch my uncle play it as i was young

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| | See all iheartbaddies's reviews (1)

I love all the Fable games and if you do as well, you will love this. The packing is beautiful and the extras are really good too. I the only thing that bothered me was that the main quest was a little short but there are tons of quests and extra things to do so didn't effect me to much. I would recommend this to anyone that loves Fable and RPGs.

  Chocoblock full of funky fun

| | See all RHopkins's reviews (1)

I have really enjoyed this game ! if you want to play a game to relax and immerse yourself into a world that isn't our one it is just great, but i do not recommend spending extra on the limited edition as other than the nice box the bonuses aren't really worth it. the pack of cards i haven't even opened yet but i'm sure they're great if your a card enthusiast. the metal coin you get is nicely made and good to hold but still quite useless :/ the in game content you get is a house (not a new region) and some new outfit and skin for your dog. the house i have only been to once, the outfit is in my opinion not great and the dog breed is a boxer dog. these bonuses aren't really that big once playing the game. but GET this game it is really fun.

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  Fable III: Collector's Edition

| | See all ferdster66's reviews (1)

Great to see this series progressing to even greater standards. If you love the previous no doubt this will leave you smiling. Yes there are a number of bugs but since these should be fixed in a DLC it not anything to get too wound up on. One note on the collectors edition. When you open your box, you may notice that the coin is missing. Don't panic (ok I did), its there but wedged. Push the tray back in and give it a thump it will drop. See the lionhead forums for more info.


| | See all vincenzosalerno's reviews (4)

just got to say.. WOW greatest game ever made but then agian i have been a major fan of fable since the off . if you like rpg's....even if you dont you will love this game its awesome. got the L.E and that is really good but the game on its own is just as good i just got it because i have never botherd to pre order any game but this game is worth it!! A* in all areas!!

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