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Driver: San Francisco

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all 1chippy1's reviews (8)

I had forgotten how good the old driver games were so this really took me back. Fantastic graphics and scenery and loads of action makes this game really good fun. Who cares if the story is a bit far fetched, the shift mode really adds to the gameplay and I think this will be copied to death. A must buy!


| | See all Whitewash's reviews (2)

You have never before seen a game like it with replay value as it has the highly coveted New Game + option

  Good game

| | See all aidanb680's reviews (2)

This game is very good, it has a very good story. However the story is too short, and some of the side missions thrown in (which I guess are to try to make the game longer) are infuriatingly difficult and at times have you ripping out your hair. Everything else about this game though is very good. Such as graphics, and the ability you have to switch cars.


| | See all TomAlouette's reviews (1)

I love the driver series and this title is definately the best one. The graphics are stunning, I was blown anyway by them when I was playing in HD. The switching between bodies is a very handy attribute, especially in certain missions.

You cannot get out the car and walk around like previous titles but I don't think it's something that is needed in the game, especially with the switching of bodies.

Very good storyline, lots of side missions to do after the story mode has finished. Overall a fantastic game and certainly one to add to your xbox collection!!

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  Fun game, Fast racing

| | See all nickwin's reviews (11)

I played the demo of this and to be honest it left me a little cold. I however had gift token so I took a chance - I'm glad I did. The Demo did not give the open world nature of this game, the fun side missions, the good story.

The multiplayer is well thought out and great fun, tag is my fav!!!! One more good thing is they put split screen in which a number of AAA's leave out.

  Pretty good overall but not a classic

| | See all ruisleipa's reviews (8)

First of all forget the people who write reviews based on a demo. A demo is just that - a DEMONSTRATION - so it makes no sense to review it as a full game. Now that I've played the full game I give this title 4 out of 5. The graphics are alright but not brilliant. The 'open world' is rather lifeless but you don't think about the lack of textures or the identikit crowds of people when you're blasting through SF at 100 mph.

The plot is pretty fun and the voice acting enjoyable. The graphics during cutscenes and of your main character are excellent, some of the more lifelike I've seen. There's a lot to do and hundreds of side missions if you want to rinse the game, and although they're kind of predictable after a while they're good fun for short periods when interespersed with the main storyline.

Main problems are the eventually-boring side missions, a ridiculously exasperating 'boss fight' at the end and the occasional graphical glitches and low resolution textures. Otherwise, especially given that we've not had a decent racing game for a while, Driver SF will fill a nice hole in your games collection. Finally if you're worried about buying it, know that this title is much better than the last driv3r...

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  A modern take on a great classic!

| | See all Jimmyt29's reviews (2)

Excellent game. Brought it a few days ago. Wasn't sure at first but the ability to be able to jump from car to car is a great idea. I feel the graphics could be a little better but game play is great and it makes me want to keep playing on and on.

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| | See all alcaponi's reviews (1)

i've played the demo on Xbox 360 and I keep on playing the demo i've pre-ordered the game and can't wait

is there any one who knows if you can walk out of the car if you do please say it

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  Demo Review

| | See all JezzaVR6's reviews (2)

Its been a very long time since the last Driver was released. Its safe to say that the last game in the series was (graphically) a little disappointing even for its time.

The latest demo available for download on the 360 showed a far superior graphics engine and some great game play (as far as you can tell from a demo).

Whilst the graphics arent mind blowing, they are much improved - comparable i think to some of the newer Need for Speed games which is not to be sniffed at. In fact, buildings and surroundings actually look better in my opinion. Its nice that the cars are going to be based upon actual manufacturers cars too.

The gameplay retains a lot of the good tyre squeeling fun with what seems to be a new twist - Tanner can shift from one body to control that of another. This means you can take control of other cars and control what they do (get in the way of the baddie you persue!?).

From the short demo the game looks set to be a lot of fun, retaining the best bits from previous Drivers we all know and love with a new look and feel that some of the old Drivers needed.

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