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Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (106 reviews)"

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  Best football game yet.

| | See all robatron's reviews (63)

I've been playing FIFA 11 for nearly a year and I think it is the best football game yet. At first I found the midfield battles scrappy but once you get used to the game it's excellent you have to make yourself space sometimes by going backwards which is more realistic. Unfortunately whilst last years cheap goal chipping the keeper has been sorted there is a new cheap goal when 1 on 1 with the keeper you can often pass to your strike partner for an open goal, otherwise the gameplay is perfect.

  The Definitive FIFA experience

| | See all JakeHayes93's reviews (5)

This has to be one of the best Football games for consoles since the days of the PS2, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, truthfully they are nothing special, but the real focus is gameplay with this game. Many a long night has been spent with friends playing FIFA, for the first time in this generation of consoles I believe that hours can be spent on a FIFA game and still every time you load it up you can expect a fresh experience.

A special mention should be given to the much improved and now free Ultimate Team mode, I highly suggest it and encourage anyone who is sceptical to just give it a try.

The game isn't without its flaws though, online matchmaking can be poor at times and there is no in game punishments for 'Rage-Quitters' so it becomes a common occurence for people to leave games when your winning comfortably.

Conclusively I reccomend this iteration of FIFA over all others, don't hesitate go and buy it now!!

  Absolutly Disgusting.

| | See all GreenA's reviews (4)

I class me and my pal as 2 of the best modern greats of the fifa series. no matter what level opponent we play they lose. But we can be beaten (yes belive it). not playing online ranked matches or pro clubs, no simply by playing the offline mode. The ' Intelegent; passing = broken. The AI = Broken. The shooting = Broken. The Tackling = Broken. The refereing AI = Howard Webb. The terrible servers give you a loss for people leaving online games while your winning (obviously). The Goalkeeping = Broken. Corner Kicks = unblanced. Its not a skill based game, the worst you play the more luck you will recieve. waiting for fifa 12

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| | See all eddiemc17's reviews (1)

A great game!! I actully dont like playing fifa 1 player, it gets very boring and very sickening.. But i play non-stop with my brother and we have some epic games, so i love the game and its well worth the money! Also good online, some good leagues you can enter for free and get a good reputation online! A 5 star rating from me.

  10 is better.

| | See all Rhys0501's reviews (2)

Fifa in recent years has trended to improve year after year, however, for me this one feels like a step back. They really shouldnt have bragged about changing the passing system when releasing the game becase they ruined it, passes go to the wrong player all the time. In addition the AI is poor, players will run towards the same ball and fall into each other leaving the ball boncing away and two of your players on the floor...most annoying thing in the world!.. You notice these things alot more when your losing (bad work man blames his tools I know....) Still it's fifa, and its the best football game ot there...but please please make some changes for 12!

  Excellent game!!

| | See all lukeAc's reviews (5)

This game is very enjoyable and very simple and easy to play, it has much to offer such as manager/player manager/pro career mode options. New updates, such as players kits managers money leagues teams stadiums. The ea servers are very good. You get laods of people online to play with which means you'll never get bored of the game. You can create ur own pro, play as a goalkeeper, play online with 10 other people as a team.!! win online cups and make the leader boards. Keep it up E.A


| | See all TimosParma's reviews (4)

Best game in the series yet! It's worth having this game just for Ultimate Team! 5 stars all the way!


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I have long been a massive fan of the Fifa series of games as they are streets ahead of Pro Evo. This game continues the high standards of recent years with the excellent gameplay, graphics and of course the always brilliant career mode. One feature that has been greatly enhanced in my opinion is the online play which is much more improved on past games. Love football then you need this game. Enjoy

  A real shame

| | See all shadowplayer's reviews (5)

I must say I was thinking hard about what to say about this game but Clarkeyy's review sums it up pretty eloquently.
Also I think they person below needs to read Clarkeyy's review a bit more carefully before commenting, the sentence reads 'Opposition players will more often that not finish a game with a 100% passing rate, 100% tackling success'. He is saying that often the opposition WILL finish games with 100% tackling/passing success, which is just ridiculous.

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