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WWE: SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  wwe 2011

| | See all jason600's reviews (2)

hi i have played all the wwe games since the ps1 but this is one of the best the roster is huge loads of game modes the online is ok but has a few bugs but the dlc is epic hope thq make wwe12 even better 5 out of 5 must buy for any fan of wwe

  Great wrestling action but needs updating

| | See all MultiGameFreakz's reviews (5)

Smackdown vs Raw 2011 is a great wrestling game, the features i like are: Different physics in matches like TLC, Some good wrestlers like Sheamus and Drew mcintyre, But this game could be updated more with DLC i mean most of the roster in this game are in Total nonstop action Wrestling (Tna)
But the most hated thing about this game is the Create a wrestler Points bar, this really limits your creating and so i download Caws that people have created via the smackdown vs raw 2011 server.

  not as good as 2010

| | See all shatteredbones's reviews (15)

ok yes the graphics r a bit better and new wrestlers are in it but all the fun features from 2010 version arent in this 1 they replaced them with other features which in my opinion arent as good, but the main thing was they basicly changed all the controls why? theres no need for it lol if i was u guys stick with 2010 its better.

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  Definitely worth purchasing

| | See all ryanlester1991's reviews (8)

I hadn't played one of the wrestling games for a long time but it was a reasonable price so I purchased it, I have actually played it more than some of the more eagerly anticipated games that have come out, the game play is good, I love being able to create my own finisher and downloading content created by other people is something I like a lot as you get to play as some of the wrestlers from my day back in the late 90's without the hassle of creating them.

  Worth a buy.

| | See all Nathw12's reviews (1)

I used to love the smackdown games when I was younger, and I've watched a few different wwe shows lately and thought I would see how the games are these days...
And to be quite honest this game is pretty damn good, and very addictive. I sessioned it for 7 hours yesterday without a break!
And there is a huge range of ... well everything!
And the road to Wrestlemania storyline is pretty cool too!

But some bad points...
Graphics.. pretty basic, pretty similar to my last smackdown game about 6 years ago!
Also I think the makers have been a bit lazy, as everything in the career mode you have to pretty much do yourself, nothing really spontanious, especially with your own made pro.
And having not played a wwe game for some time now I was very confused when trying to even just start my career, Its all a bit weird and just everything combines into one except the road to wrestlemania mode.

But, despite all that I love the game, its very fun to play and online mode is pretty awesome too, overall well worth buying it, even at nearly 40 pounds.


| | See all AJhappyhammer's reviews (5)

I used to watch WWE for years but stopped about 2 years ago when it starting getting bad, which also meant i stopped buying the games but now i have started watching it again. So i have now bought this game for the first time in about 2 years and it is great.

  Why change the controls?!

| | See all acollantine's reviews (5)

Change of controls from 2010 is a bit counter productive. However, the new WWE Universe feature is a great idea! Every mathc you play forms part of a ranking system and takes place on in a scheduled spot on a show, leading every 4 weeks to a PPV. The Road to Wrestlemania game is better and has an interactive back stage area which is much improved. Very enjoyable.

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  Change of Controls

| | See all FOSHIZZLE's reviews (4)

The game is O.K. Main bad point is the controls have changed. The controls were set-up perfectly in previous versions, however a step back has been made with this. You now have no control over ''strong grapples'' and there doesnt seem to be as many different moves. Although the Roster is huge, the Wreslemania modes are short and online Royal Rumble is pure lag. WWE Universe seems like its lacking something. The game is good for a rent, but not worth 40 quid. Either rent or stick with last years.

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  Brilliant, absolutely bloody brilliant, except...

| | See all spkhan's reviews (1)

The game is the best, new moves, new songs, new creative tools, even the fact that you can make your own Corner finisher and have your own WWE Universe mode which revolves entirely around you!
THQ haven't said some of the stuff they put on which I think they should have, such as the Elimination Chamber Online! Match Creator! Improved RTW and much more... The only thing I was put down on was the amount of stamina you get. After 1 minute your character is so tired he runs slower than the other character walks and also they have put B as pin not RS Down which is kind of annoying but You can live... another great thing is that they have taken all the nooby moves and evasive dodges off and the only glitch I've seen so far is the RR freezing glitch which isnt that much of a big deal... Anyway great game, keep it up!

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