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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (Game Only)

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all michael2k8's reviews (3)

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!! It's amazing!! After gh3 this game went down hill... But OMG these game is amazing its back on its roots shame there won't be anouther one since this was the last one but it went out with a BANG!!!! Must buy!

  Love it!

| | See all Laurix83's reviews (1)

It's a fantastic guitar hero, very funny with the new character's stories, fantastic songs, as usual. It's a little different gameplay, and I have to admit that if you play in normal is quite easy to win all the stars, because of all the new super-powers. The worst part for me is the heavy rock songs at the end of the game, too dicult and very noisy.

  Warriors of Rock

| | See all Mirrorkissers's reviews (23)

As a big Guitar Hero fan, I was pretty upset to hear that WOR would be the last in the series. I think, potentially, they could have done more.

Anyway, I'm not a massive metal fan but having looked at some of the song choices for this game I was a little intrigued and bought it.

I did enjoy the game, and what GH have done with this. They pad out a decent storyline, with excellent graphics and interesting characters. I just thought it was far too long. In the first "boss battle" if you will, you have to complete an Overture by the band Rush, which took around half an hour, maybe even more of solid playing to complete. This part of the game made absolutely no sense to me, so I was a little disappointed that they had done something so self-indulgent.

The game itself is also more technically challenging, even on the easy and beginner settings, you can feel the difference.

Although I enjoyed most of the game, it did become a little repetitive and I felt myself getting bored after a while. Some nice achievements and avatar awards to be had though.

Overall I'd give it a 3/5. There was so much more they could have explored with this game than just traditional guitar hero fare, which this essentially is, with the addition of juicy graphics.


| | See all Benjo280's reviews (1)

Guitar hero has finally sorted itself out. This is so much better than any of the rest, i love every song. Guitar hero 3 is the only other one that even comes close to this. A must buy for any other metalhead! :D

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  Great new entry for the dedicated fans

| | See all b00nBE's reviews (2)

The new Guitar Hero has a great selection of songs for the people who love metal and rock. This is a more hardcore game than the two predecessors. The track selection allows for great gameplay with addictive songs and improved note charts, but people who do not love metal or hard rock will not find a lot to like.

The new Quest mode is fun but far from revolutionary and the first playthrough will take you probably less than 4 hours. Quickplay+ gives lots of replayability, but will again be mainly attractive to the dedicated since it's quite complex and caters primarily to those that love leaderboards.

Back to the roots indeed, but at the same time this strategy has not brought any real innovation. Also the production values are fine, but nothing that comes close to The Beatles: Rock Band, something that would be expected seen the lack of other new things to enjoy.

With Rock Band 3 around the corner, it's enough for the dedicated fans but otherwise would recommend waiting for RB3.

  Guitar hero is back!

| | See all JoeTbh's reviews (1)

Guitar hero is fun again! Back to its roots (well guitar hero 3), there's an epic quest to take part in and all the songs are fun for the guitarist.

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