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Kinect: Dance Central

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  best dance game ever

| | See all kaytie's reviews (7)

this game is fantastic. full of great songs, and has 3 modes of difficulty, so there's something for everyone. easy step by step instructions make it simple and fun to play. works really well with kinect sensor, as all moves are picked up accurately. I like the workout mode because you can see how many calories your burning. one of the best kinect games available.


| | See all Musicgirl4's reviews (2)

This is a brillant game! i cannot get off of it!! Its a great way and a clear way!! Some moves are easy some are challenging! I love the characters! Mo, Obilio and Elliot are my favourite! I lost alot of weight with it as well! :D Definitely Buy It I'll be waiting for DC2! :D

  lovin it

| | See all Cabeycabey's reviews (4)

Great fun between the missus and myself and our 4 year old loves playing it too! Burn calories whilst having fun, can't ask for more!

  Incredible! Great way to utilise the Kinect.

| | See all Shadrad's reviews (8)

I should begin by saying that I am not one for dancing, but Dance Central is a genuinely great way to learn both simple and complex dance moves as well as keeping fit.

To its credit Dance Central WILL convert cynics thanks to its haul of diverse dance tracks, vivid visuals and wealth of options.

The Dance Battle mode is great for if you've got a few friends over as it gives you the opportunity to either show them your moves or to give them a solid three minutes or so to laugh at you relentlessly as you struggle to perform the simplest dance moves.

Dance Central's Workout mode is a welcome feature as it allows you to roughly calculate how many calories you're burning off whilst you bust out your best moves, which will suit any fitness goers a treat.

And finally, Dance Central has even swayed my girlfriend who has finally conceeded that gaming can appeal to her!

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| | See all 23georgina's reviews (9)

What a fantastic game, after going for the nintendo wii to the xbox and kinect, what a game. This is by far one of the best games i have ever played on. (and i am quite hard to please). Its a must buy!

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  Great for parties

| | See all MRBagsy's reviews (1)

Great fun to share with friends and jive down to the tunes. Even better if you cant dance :)

  Top Kinect game so far without question

| | See all NewWiiJo's reviews (4)

I love dancing and this product really tests you be it as a novice or pro dancer you'll find something to challenge you and this game is a real party starter, we've had several parties since buying this and everyone loves this game especially after a drink or two.

The graphics are superb love dancing with Emelia or Taye and wait till you unlock Elliot is all i'll say.

For the songs with well known dances these are incorporated normally at higher levels otherwise you feel like your actually learning a routine.

The workout option is good for estimating how many calories you burn whilst having a barrel of fun and if you get good enough the is an option to dance without the flashcards which is really good at testing your skills at remembering the dance.

You can buy new tracks from xbox live and currently we have Disturbia (good dance), Temperature (Top Notch), Word Up (love the Tug of War) and Because of you (think the calibration could be better as it struggles to match the smaller moves)

All in all the best game i've ever played, without a doubt 110% better then Just Dance as the whole of your body is monitored.

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| | See all Deftona's reviews (4)

This game really is brilliant. It tracks your moves perfectly so there is no frustration when you scream at the TV "BUT I DID DO IT!" unlike some consoles *ahem* Wii *ahem*. The songs are great and so are the dance moves, with many different styles fo you to try out and groove to. It is an excellent workout but so much fun it doesn't feel like you are exercising. It also has a workout mode which I must state isn't really a seperate mode - it just tracks the amount of time you have been at it in that session and the number of calories you have burned. But still, this is a useful feature if you are trying to slim mathematically. I have had it since just after xmas and I learn a new dance each day and peform all the ones I have already learned on workout mode. There are around 30 songs available and around 10 already out as downloadable content and is this is from the makers of Rock Band I imagine there will be a lot more available in time. You need to get this game - it really is excellent and well worth the 35 pounds or so.

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  Superb use of the Kinect

| | See all Loonymoon's reviews (1)

I just got a kinect especially for this kind of game. I've used the Wii for the last 2 years and while I've thoroughly enjoyed it it does have some limitations which the Kinect technology overcomes.

This game is so much better than Just dance or the MJ experience I own on the wii. Simply because of the Kinect's ability. It can tell exactly what you're doing so your whole body is analysed and compared to the dancer in the game. That sounds like it's going to be a whole lot harder than the Wii (and presumably PS3) dance games where as long as the controller is moving OK in one hand then you're home and free - but it isn't as the game is written in such a way that the easy level and easier dances are simple enough to get you into it.

There's no really fancy footwork on easy level but the arm/body movements are similar to that of the harder versions so it's a good way of easing you into it.

The practise mode is very good too, and really helps you to learn those moves.

The Kinect tracked me perfectly and rewarded me with very embarrasing pictures of my "freestyling".

Highly recommended.

I am enjoying this so much I'm going to order another copy of the MJ experience for the Kinect as I'm sure the technology will improve on the already very good Wii version of the game.

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