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Xbox 360 S Console With 250GB HDD - Gloss Black

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Customer Reviews

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  Needs improvement

| | See all cyclekarl's reviews (3)

Well I always wanted an original xbox 360,but was put off by the technical issues,but when they redesigned it and released the slim I thought it was about time to make a purchase,it is far quieter than before and looks very nice,however all is not well,the machine doesn't like sharing an internet connect with my emac using a ethernet cable,it seams to work when I take it to friends houses through WI-FI,but the original xbox 360 worked flawlessly,also this machine eats DVD's giving them nasty scratches,so I use an original xbox for that purpose,but the worse thing is this machine gets seriously hot after a few hours use and give out a very nasty toxic smell rather like burning circuit boards and it's only 15 months old,this is totally unacceptable especially as all of my old console work perfectly even a 1977 Atari,so I believe another redesign is in order.

  Brilliant !

| | See all Carmen811's reviews (2)

I've always liked computer gaming, but I'm not hardcore about it ! But I've only played with handheld consoles, the Wii & ps3........ BUT to me the xbox blows all them out the water ! For years the xbox never appealed to me as to me it was more a console for real serious gamers, when I liked the more fun aspect of gaming. I was won over 7 mths ago when I played on my partners Elite, so I went & brought my own console the xbox 360s 250gb ! In comparison you can plainly see the design is sleeker, the buttons be careful not to physically push them as the old design, all they require is a very gentle touch or brush of the finger. It is a lot quieter & the built in wifi I do like ! If you enjoy online gaming as all my family does & you play lots of games, the 4gb should be completely overlooked it has to be the 250gb or even the special edition 320gb xboxes all the way ! It really is not as cost effective to buy a 4gb & pay to expand it later unless you don't mind wasting 10-20 pound.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Deciding im fed up with Sonys lackluster performance in recent years changing to the 360 wasnt a difficult decision and this machine is brilliant. Its quiet unlike the previous 360 machine and the built in wi-fi is quite handy. I like the smaller design of this model which means it doesnt take up much space. If you have the origional machine then i suppose theres no point in upgrading as long as your happy with it but for people new to XBOX 360 this is a must buy. Enjoy

  box at its best

| | See all blacksight's reviews (9)

it is a definet recomend from me.And my nan also got this for me as she got my ps3 slim 250gb.Anyway finely a qwit xbox if u want one get one

  Poor Man's PS3!

| | See all AdolfHitler69's reviews (1)

Microsoft have finally come to their senses and copied the PS3 to a tee. They have realised how poor the quality was with the Xbox 360 and eventually just stuck a xbox 360 badge onto a ps3. I ain't complaining though, i was getting fed up of my xbox packing in after a year while my ps3 soldiered on. Now i can enjoy great games like GOW and Halo without having to constantly worry whether the console is going to shut down and lose all my save data. Still sounds like a plane is taking off in your room everytime it is switched on though.

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  Wonderful Console.

| | See all NahNever's reviews (4)

The Xbox 360 is truly the console that keeps on giving. It has an amazing features list backed up with a fantastic catalogue of games. With this new revision it will have the hardware quality to add to that list, & now that it has The 'Kinect' it is truly complete.

Not a necessary buy if you already own the older model, but still definitely worth it.

A Definite Upgrade to The Definitive Console of This Generation!
Thank You Microsoft.

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  Does what it should have done all along.

| | See all JonnieFarrow's reviews (6)

I bought this console about a year after my Original 360 RRoD'd just as the 3 year warranty ended. This console comes with everything the Original and Elite versions were missing, such as a much larger HDD, Inbuilt Wireless internet capabilities, more USB ports, (however the PS3 had most if not all of these things at launch.) and to a less important extent, touch sensitive power and eject buttons.

The biggest plus aside from the inbuilt wireless is the apparent (only time will tell) improved cooling system. Noise wise the console runs near silent upon start up. There is a slight increase when running a game from disc, but that is to be expected.

One thing I still find rather irksome, and Sony are also guilty of this, is no inclusion of any kind of HD cable with the console. All that comes in the box is your standard component cable. You would expect a HD console to have these as standard, but apparently the two companies are too tight fisted to do so. I would recommend, if you need to, ordering a HDMI cable at the same time as purchasing to avoid any hassle.

Overall, it's nothing spectacularly new, so don't expect to be blown away. The improvements are just what the 360 had been missing all along. I wouldn't recommend buying it if you already have a functioning 360, just wait until that one inevitably dies.

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  My first XBOX360, the pro's and con's

| | See all thefed's reviews (6)

My wife recently brought me the 250 gig XBOX 360. I already own a PS3 and love it, its great for photos and the blue ray player, however most people I know own a 360 so for the online multiplayer reason I got this and I have to say im quite impressed with the online play with multiplayer on cod and left 4 dead.
What I am not too impressed with is the fact you have to pay for xbox live when you dont actually get anything extra than the PS3 offers you for free infact less. and I am dissapointed they are looking to put it up by 12 pounds, which i think is discusting. Also there was no HDMI Cable with the 360, which in this day and age should be in without question.
I am mostly happy with the console but still can not undertand where microsoft get off by charging for xboxlive.
One last thing on cod if your playing americans their internet or server is quicker so they shoot you before you have a chance.
I really do like the joypad though and Sony should really look at a re-design.

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| | See all Sladed's reviews (1)

The redesign proves to be a significant increase on the quality of the original Xbox 360 from the quality of the materials it was constructed from, to the improved build quality. The system runs much quieter than it's predecessor, is much more pleasing to the eye with the sleek black finish, and with the 250GB HDD, you won't go wanting for storage.

Perhaps the only criticisms I could make are the new touch sensitive buttons which sometimes seem too sensitive, and the price, which is still rather steep. Overall, if this is you're first Xbox, or you are looking to replace an old or broken one, then I couldn't recommend this more.

  What the first Xbox 360 should have been

| | See all MrSamSung's reviews (6)

The features this new xbox offers make it unquestionably a better deal for your money, however it has taken Microsoft nearly 5 years to add features which should have really featured from the beginning. Having said that the built in wi-fi, the super quiet running of the system and new black design do make it a great product. I have gave this product 4 stars from an opinion point of view, the new design is not as sleek as the older shape, I do like it, but not as much as the white model which came before it; its more pointy and the finish of the product is cheap in my view. The lack of HDMI cable in the box is a bummer and the power cable is a hell of a lot shorter than my old xbox so you might want to dig out that old extension cable from the garage (... oh and if you think you're going to benefit from the xbox being quieter as you shoot away into the early hours of the morning think again, the touch buttons on the new xbox make a stupidly loud 'ping' noise when you operate them)
Overall if you already have the older shape xbox and are managing with your hardrive space and have no trouble with connecting to xbox live, the more box'ey pointy design and 'whisper' quiet running of the system don't really make it a worthwhile upgrade. Overall, a better all round deal for first time 360 buyers.