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EA Sports Active 2 (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (16 reviews)"

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  wast of time

| | See all ice5urg's reviews (17)

this wii not recognising movements. the voice doss not work you just shout at the tv all day with no responce so you after get up and use your A button again and again the hart monter is always wrong sat still with 120bpm.. was made for the wii and rushed out for kinect so may be active 3 will work fine

  This is a must buy if you want results!

| | See all Ash3004's reviews (1)

I was a bit dubious about buying this because of some reviews. When I first had a go, it did have a problem picking me up during the floor excercises. However, once I went online and registered, I was asked to download an update, which I did and the problem is solved. Instead of trying to pick you up with the sensor, the program just asks you to follow the trainer. Problem solved.

I used to go running and do light training. This game gives me a better workout over the 30 minutes than all the miles I have run over the years. Want to get fit? Buy this now!

  Not Bad.

| | See all ljeh92's reviews (8)

The exersizes are great. They really make you sweat and you feel you really have to push yourself.
it keeps pausing itself during a workout which is really annoying and it keeps losing you, floor exersises are always interupted by the sensor not being able to pick you up..
This is day 5 and i dont want to go on it anymore because i hate the interruptions.
If you can deal with these then yes, its a good fitness game!

  Does the job but...

| | See all charlie346's reviews (1)

I have been using the program for 8 weeks now. So I am almost through the 9 week program. It does work and can give you a good workout. As I say I have used it now for 8 weeks. However, it is not a polished program. It does have bugs and it can be very frustrating. I feel for a product of this price, it should work smoothly. It does complain if you get too close and by too close I mean 6feet or less. 7 feet or more is ideal. This can be a problem as if you take 7 feet plus your height you get an ideal range of 7-12 feet. This is why the floor excersices were a problem. So they "solved" this by switching off the detection when doing floor excercises. I think this was poor excuse for a fix. I use the system with up to 8 feet of space. When lunging and running it is easy to get into the 6 feet range and then it complains and says step back. I have got used to just ignoring it. value for money I think it is retailed at a price that exceeds its worth. I have also switched off the trainer prompts and comments, as I got annoyed with all the fake americanisms!

But that all being said with continual use and watching my calorie intake, I have lost 4 inches off my gut. I now have a flat abdomen and am nicely toned. I'm really pleased and it works which is why I have given it 4 stars, but it does so with many annoyances.

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  Awesome Game

| | See all james203's reviews (2)

I was abit skeptical to buy this after reading all these reviews but now i can say im glad I did. I do alot of sports and recently returned from injury and this has been great breaking into sweat and definitely feeling it after every work out. definitely worth buying.

  EA Sports Fitness

| | See all Nik198952's reviews (1)

I have to admit firstly it can sometimes lose you but litteraly all you do is place your hand over a button and it finds you so its not annoying. I only have a small living room and it managed to get me pretty damn tired.

It provides excellent work outs and motivates you like you would expect there is plenty on it to do and its fun which is the main

All in all definently worth getting your body will be sorry you did though :)

Have fun

  Have to agree with the poor rating

| | See all Johnnypublic's reviews (4)

Does not recognise you most of the time. Does not track you especially when doing anything involving you laying down (ie press ups). Constantly pauses itself. Only giving it two stars because if you ignore the awful 'Kinect Compatible' nonesense it does give you a good work out, but it's despite the Kinect sensor, not because of it.

I'm selling mine and buying Your Shape.

  Ea Sports Active 2 (Kinect Compatible)

| | See all DanVella's reviews (1)

No where near as bad as you may have read! I have had Your shape, Get fit with mel B and Biggest Looser and this is the best! The others are just lots of strectches and squats. Active breaks you in gently with some basic warm ups a bit of jogging, bike riding and lots of good excercises with the resistance band. 2 days of using it and i feel fitter and toned but with out the days and days of aches and pains i got from using the others. If your a bit overweight and want to lose a few pounds and tone up whilst having fun then you should buy this TODAY! Oh and over the the half hour sessions i've had the kinect camera has only lost me a couple of times and the voice commands work fine!

  A rush job that doesnt work (out)

| | See all oodaks's reviews (8)

First up, credit where credit is due - the Heart Rate Monitor is great, works perfectly, and provides realtime feedback, which in turn makes exercising more interesting. All good so far.

However, it is an excercise tool, and it just doesnt work anywhere like it should. The devil here is in the detail - all Kinnect games are all Kinnect "game/title", this one is merely in brackets like an after thought - thats because it is.

This title was not built for the Kinect, it was built for the Wii and PS3, and this is just a hack of that for the Kinnect - a straight up way for EA to get more money out of something already done.

Does that matter? Massively. Heres why. The tracking is poor. However, that actually doesnt matter, as long as you can get on with your Workout. Well, you can't. It just randomly pauses, for no reason at all, and you constantly have to yell at it to try and activate the voice command, and when that fails, and it often does, you then have to reach for a controller to hit the A button.

It often pauses when you are just holding a stretch - you havent gone anywhere or moved or turned the lights off - it saw you perfectly fine you for the first 15 seconds of holding the stretch, why then does it decide it cant see you and pause!!

Its random to, and it just disrupts your workout by breaking your rhythm while you stop and get it going again - the whole point of this title is an exercise tool yet it stops you all the time from exercising! No one would tolerate a First Person Shooter if you couldnt do any First Person Shooting!

To qualify my review - I have plenty of clear space (move the coffe table and couch out of the way), plain carpet and wall, good lighting, a healthy heart(the monitor is not registering a heart attack or flatline), and a very mild accent. I have other Kinnect titles that perform amazingly perfect and dont randomly pause all the time.

One more thing - EA couldnt even be bothered to license some decent tunes to work out to - music being widely used by most people to aid exercise. You can add your own tunes, but again, its just another point of how little EA done to get this"working" on the Kinect.

I have used a friends "Your Shape : Fitness Evolved" that is a proper Kinect built title, and it shows as it is mint - 1,000,000,000 x better.

EA, this is a disgrace. I will stick with it only becasue I have already handed over my cash, though will move to something better as soon as I can.

We can only hope EA do it properly if a Sports Active 3 ever gets made.

If you havent brought this, please dont - go for "Your Shape : Fitness Evolved" or wait until EA do a proper version.

There will be no "Update" to fix these problems, as its at the core of the games engine - no chance some patch could fix it.

I give it 1 Star for the Heart Rate Monitor - hopefully when SA3 arrives I will be able to use it with that and it wont be a complete waste of my cash.

EA, "its NOT in the game" this time.

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