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Mortal Kombat

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  What the series needed

| | See all Curtis17's reviews (13)

This is the game all Mortal Kombat fans have been waiting for. Classic 2d fighting, every fighter you could want and many game modes, including the awesome story mode retelling the Mortal Kombat story and story ladder, as well as test your might/sight. Also many unlockables, cheats, modifiers, fatalities/babalities. It goes to show that sticking to an original formula can really pay off (hint hint CoD) and this game should really be in everyones library, whether your a fan of MK or not.

  Good Times

| | See all hotspur96's reviews (18)

This is fighting game of the year story mode is great taking it from the orginal games. The Xrays are awesom with different ones for everyone. i also own MVC3 and i prefer Mortal Kombat.

  Great game

| | See all TooTall64's reviews (2)

Despite never playing MK I gambled and picked it up soon after it's release. I must say it is a brilliant game. A very well made story allows newcomers to the MK series understand who's who and each chapter focuses on a different character allowing you to experience multiple fighters.

The challenge tower offers 300 challenges ranging from killing x amount of enemies before they reach you, defeating an opponent within a time limit, having to 'test your might' and many more.

Online is enjoyable, especially king of the hill allowing you to watch and rate matches until your time to fight arrives. There are tons of unlocks to be had using 'Kurrency' and the classic arcade ladder mode ensures plenty to do.

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  An immense visual joy to play, just needs a couple tweeks.

| | See all SAMBOOFKERNOW11's reviews (17)

Storyline: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10
Replayability: 7/10
Learning Curve: Not massive surprisingly, like all fighting games it takes time to master however the basic combos and super moves are simple enough to be performed within half an hour of gameplay, it'd probably take a full hour to blend them into combos.


- The graphics have been overhauled as you'd expect, giving some visually-pleasing cuts, bruises, blood, guts and backgrounds. High definition violence is the best kind, after all.
- The storyline in this game is fully explored in the best way possible, in previous Mortal Kombat installments, I for one found it rather difficult to keep up with the directions of the storyline in terms of what is canon and what is not. This game is canon and explains everything neatly.
- The fighting system has become more simplified for me at least, and the addition of X-Ray moves in all their bone crunching glory and their easiness to pull off is just so fantastic.
- None of the characters are recycled, and their movesets vary wildly so it's not a case of you master one, you master them all, it takes time to figure out your main and play them well.
- A wealth of modes that surprisingly do add a fun twist to the fights, and the achievements are few and far between in this game, so expect to spend a pretty solid spell on it.


- I feel as though the fatalities aren't quite as imaginative as they once were, I mean sure: they are somewhat pleasing and are great at making the squeamish sulk, but they don't entirely do it for me.
- The roster isn't massive, although they are slowly addressing this with DLCs.
- Shao Kahn isn't playable, but you do fight him a lot. And yes, he is rage-inducingly broken.
- A one-use code for the online is a sucker punch for second hand outlets.

The Verdict:

So yeah, this new High Definition Mortal Kombat is a titan in the fighting game sector of gaming, a visually-pleasing gore fest for all the family to enjoy. Fast paced, crisp backgrounds and simple controls mean that you don't particularly need to be any good to win, just spam a lot. Speaking of which, same with all online fighters, there are spammers, disconnectors and the like, so don't expect too much from the online outside of what you do on other fighters. So to finalize - it's great fun, but there's is room for improvement. And there will be improvements, the ending of the story mode is a cliffhanger.

  Great MK game

| | See all FirstClassDelivery's reviews (3)

Really good game, very violent, great fatalities, lots of hidden content and loads of things to do. Love the new tag mode, and love the character animation, and the fact that you cant win just button bashing - they have also made it easy to hit combos even with an xbox controller. I'm a huge MK fan and I loved the story mode.

Online is okay for me, although sometimes a bit laggy and has a lot of spammers, but if you're good, you can own them :)

Loads of replayability, love the characters and move combos.

Only thing that gets annoying is the fact that challenge tower takes ages, and isn't very challenging until about level 185. Also, the bone breaking x ray moves get annoying as there is only one per character, so in challenge tower or story mode when you keep using same character, it gets little boring.

Overall, I recommend this game, hopefully the DLC will be out soon and won't dissapoint.

  Its back and stunning!

| | See all northy's reviews (91)

Welcome back MK, you have been missed. This is the daddy of fighting games and takes me back to my megadrive days!
Your favourites such as sub zero, scorpian, kitana are all here and the Fatalities are nice and gory as they should be with MK.
Buy it. Buy it now!

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| | See all Tyronei's reviews (3)

Simply fantastic! I have to say that i haven't touched a fighting in game in years. They were all just abit boring for my liking but this is most likely the best beat 'em up game there has ever been. Must buy for any gamers collection!

  great beat em up!

| | See all sparky356781's reviews (7)

this game is a great addition to the mortal kombat series, it has all the clsassic moves and fighting style of the old mortal combat games with the added extra of better graphics and more fluid gameplay, if you liked it before you will love it now! 5 star!

  destroy's Streetfighter

| | See all Toonarmy666's reviews (86)

I was brought up with a megadrive so remember the original MK game. On the megadrive, to get the gore you had to enter a secret code, thankfully the latest edition is uncensored. It stays true to the original's format but has been revamped with new sub games and challenges. The story mode is basically cut scenes then you have to fight to get you further into the story although it wont allow any fatalities in storymode. The other sub games are great fun too, tagteam, pick 2 fighters and 2 opponents and switch between them to defeat your opponents.
Practising fatalities is a handy addition, its shows you what buttons to press. It only lets you practise one though, the others are unlocked in the game. Shang Tsung I think is the most interesting fatality so check him out!
Its the gore which sets this game apart from its rivals - theres loads and with new slow motion x-ray attack you get to see bones shatter, teeth fly and blood spraying! There are plenty of unlockable moves etc in the game to keep you busy. This destroys streetfighter on every level and is very addictive. For any fighting game fan, this is the best.


| | See all leadly's reviews (2)

Just as I remember from the days of mega drive. Grpahics are great, gameplay is amazing. A truely great game that all fighting game fan will enjoy. it's just a shame i'm as bad at the game now as I was back then!