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Mortal Kombat

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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| | See all CravenCottager's reviews (9)

AWESOME. Been a long time since I've had a MK game and man this brings back memories !!!! Pretty much all classic fighters are there along with new X-Ray moves which look fantastic. Not sure if the Tag team feature is new as I have not owned all games but it's a nice touch !!!! Plus something that I remember playing on the very first MK . . . . . TEST YOUR MIGHT !!!!!! If you like Mortal Kombat games then this is without a doubt a must buy !!!!!


| | See all Alzo91's reviews (9)

This is MK at its best, its what all of us MK fans, and beat em'up fans have been waiting for.

They have gone back to the games roots, a 2d fgihting plain making every move effective, unlike previous titles.

There are 3 areas to look at

1) Arcade Ladder- This is the basic arcade mode, defeat 10 opponents and you win the tournament and get a video. This mode is the same as it has always been. There is one bonus which MK fans will love, and that is the difficulty settings actually vary hugely. On begginer, Shao Kahn is as harmless as a puppy, on hard... Forget about it.

2) Story mode- This is awesome, the most in depth story ever in a fighting game. The best bit? You only do proper fights, none of this run around with 2 punches and kicks rubbish. It pretty much re-tells the story from MK1-MK3 with very minor changes. It poses some hard tasks such as taking on two boss characters by your self, up to defeating Shao Kahn himself, all of which are amazing.

3) The challenge tower- this is fairly easy up to the 200th challenge mark, where it becomes insane. There are old challenges like test your might/sight aswell as strike and luck. Test your luck is a randomly generated game from a slot machine. For example, it chooses first your opponent, then up to four random abilities, such as armless, headless, dark, rainbow, vampire, boosted strength/ health and many others, sometimes it will benefit you, sometimes it will make it imposible. Not having arms or your head can make it very difficult when you only have kick moves. This will take you roughly 10 hours alone, depending on your skill.

There is only one criticism I have of this game, and that is that some fighters are not very well balanced.
For example, Lui Kang has two easy combos, XXX and AAB, the trouble is, he has an attack for foward X and forward A which means you can't be moving forwards to do them, which can mean your opponent can open up some distance and you will miss, leaving you open. And Johnny Cage's X-Ray move is a Parry, and they have to hit you or it won't work. And some characters X-Rays have to be activated right on your opponent and others go the whole length of the screen. This sucks, but you get used to it.

All in all a very solid game, not just one of the best fighting games this year, but a definite contender for best game of 2011

P.S. from the ending its very clear that there is going to be a follow up.

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  mortal kombat back to its roots

| | See all bigjim28's reviews (2)

A very very good remake of the classic game it has all the classic moves and fatalies and some brand new moves such as x -ray moves . The graphics are very good the game as gone back to its roots which made it a classic back in the day its is a must for all mortal kombat fans and fighting games fans ..

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  Very impressed

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

I would like to rate this game highly as it is very well made. Such a fluent fighting system, great animation, superb detail on characters, amazing backgrounds and what can on be described as bloody AWESOME fatalities.

Very polished with interesting unlocks as you earn MK points.

Online suffers lag, but it is new and just needs a minor update.

Very impressed and I've not been impressed with a Mortal Kombat game since the 80's

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  Best fighting game since Soul Calibur 4

| | See all Jacob1006's reviews (10)

Fighting games are a difficult genre of game to get right. I enjoyed Tekken, never got to grips with street fighter and loved soul calibur, but there was always one game I never owned because of the big 18 age certificate and that was Mortal Kombat. Now at the age of 20 I decided I'd finally add one to my collection.

The game itself is brilliant. Characters moves and combos are relatively easy to pull off so you can instantly pick up and get into and there are harder 10 hit combos which take longer to learn for the more experienced players. There are X-ray moves which look and sound amazing and really add to the violence of the game.

The story mode lets you play as different characters for each chapter so you get to try out everybody and find your favourite, for example I've always been a Kung Lao fan but after playing the chapter where you control Cyrax I now love to use him.

There's the ladder mode where you fight progressively difficult opponents, a challenge tower and a new tag mode along with the story mode and a Krypt to spend your hard earned money.

The only reason I haven't given this game a 5 star rating is due to the online mode. It takes a long time to find player and ranked matches and when you do there's quite a bit of lag, even when both players have a good connection. There's also a mode where you can join a room with many other players and can challenge players in the room to different game types, however this is very hit and miss as a lot of people will decline your game invite if you have a superior win/loss ratio.

Hopefully an update will be brought out for the online play to make it just as good as the 2 player vs mode and then this will surely be one of the greatest fighting games ever.

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  Welcome Back Mortal Kombat

| | See all Deakins's reviews (6)

This is the real return to the roots of MK.
Not like the other games ( in my opinion ) that came after MK3.
One of the main things which made MK was the BIG uppercuts and the low sweeps which are here in bucket loads.
Loads of classic secret characters and bonus stuff, you can even have some on the old classic MK tunes playing on certain levels!!
It has one of the best story lines in a game, its got everything there in it and if you liked the first movie well youll just love it.
If you like your MK1 MK2 & MK3 then just click the buy button right now, it really is that good you wont be disappointed i promiss.
So what are you waiting for? there are FATALITIES to be done!!

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  Da dogz b*****s!

| | See all jame1984's reviews (2)

Now im not really into my beat em ups but this game has got to be the best fighting game i have played for a long time. For all you beat em up fans, this one is for you, nuff said!

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  Back to Basic's

| | See all Bamo1873's reviews (1)

I managed to get this game a week ago and still not put it down yet. This is probably the best Beat 'em' Up since the original Mortal Kombat Trilogy and the early Street Fighters. Its back to basics with more of a 2d feel to it so its easier to pull off combo's and they look slick and not jerky like 3d fighters. All the original fighters are here from the first 3 Mk's. All their famous finishing moves, babealities, etc and loads of great arenas such as the bridge above the spike pit, the walk way over the acid bath and the tree's with faces on them plus many more. This game is a must for any Mortal Kombat fan and it gets back to what Mortal Kombat is all about (not fighting comic book hero's or training up monks).


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| | See all lukelarne's reviews (76)

this game is just stunning and it is so refreshing to see it back to its original state. all the fatalities are amazing. this game is a must buy

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