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Child Of Eden (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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| | See all n0thingf4ce's reviews (4)

This is a genuine masterpiece, i play with kinect so not commenting on controller based gameplay.

this game really does confuse me though, for some reason i find myself shooting brightly coloured "evil" pixels along to some trippy music with no understanding of what the hells going on and yet i cant get enough of it.

For a tenner its a bargain and i cant recommend it enough,

watch videos to get an idea of the gameplay, but at the end of the day unless your playing it yourself you wont be able to cast an opinion on this game, for instance i thought the videos of it made it look pretty poor, but decided to give it a chance and have been blown away

big negative is that its too short. it should have been made around twice as long ( you really can complete it in just over an hour), or new levels made available on XBL or a sequel or something, but it is very replayable, i find myself thinking, hmmmm.... iv got 20 minutes spare... and end up playing a level and enjoying it

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  It's a funny game!

| | See all Torpedo131's reviews (3)

Yeah..nothing to say! It's a very funny game, best with kinect if you have it.
DVD Multilingua...gioco completamente in italiano!

  Ok i guess

| | See all Supernewt's reviews (18)

I had looked forward to playing this game when it came out, it was somthing different that used kinect to its fullest...or so i thought.

Although i have had some hours playing it ill be honest and say this game isnt really worth buying at full price, its unique style of gameplay and great music are fantastic...however its just lacking that somthing special to keep you playing and getting your moneys worth.

I would say that its well worth a look if you see it cheap enough, on sale or somthing but its no AAA title and thats very apparant.

For those intrested story is a little week too, very few games i can recommend other than this as it is quite unique but keep and eye on the Indie market, they are wonderful and innovation!

  Sensational graphics

| | See all atari001's reviews (1)

Such a fast flowing game, a joy to play a game like this without button bashing a controller. Shows what the Kinect is capable of and has the ability to take your mind away from the "on-rails" effect. Just annoyed I paid full price for this and it is now down to 17.99 GBP! You'd be mad to miss this at this price.

  Just one word: Stunning

| | See all SnowDragon's reviews (1)

The motion detection is even better than the kinect control. Visual and graphical stunning and mind blowing. It will take a min. or 5 to get used to the controls, but than the game raves you through the levels, with the stereo on 10 and the beamer on full....

  Works Great With Controller Too

| | See all AngeAlexiel's reviews (1)

i'm not a kinect fan already, but i loved REZ which is available on XBLA, REZ is the prequel to child of eden that was released on dreamcast and then PS2.... child of eden works great with a controller. it's a unique experience beyond gaming, all the world testers said the same .... it's Amazing. you will not regret it, and great replay ability.

  WOW!! A Legal high!!!

| | See all Wrecked's reviews (2)

This game is mental!!! I got addicted after 5 mins once i had mastered the controls. The Kinect Sensor works perfectly and the graphics and sound tracks are brilliant.My Kinect has been gathering dust for months but this game has changed that!!! If you have Kinect and am bored of FPS and Zombies i recommend you buy this game!! Best played late at night on your own so you can really get into the zone...................

  This is what the Kinect is all about

| | See all veedubjunky's reviews (1)

Like others have said, when you first start playing it all feels a little awkward, but within half hour you have mastered how to control it and it turns in to one of the most pleasing gaming experiences available on any console, Visually stunning HD graphics make this game a must buy with or without Kinect

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  very good just a bit strange:)

| | See all pauldalt's reviews (12)

frist this game works properly with the sensor ,i do think its better with the sensor as you can play it on a normal controler to but not half as much fun................its a bit oddd to start with but when you get used to it is a gem of a game the sight and sounds rival any game i just think its a bit samey in places........overall very good a must to show off ya kinect sensor

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  Child of Eden

| | See all Tinkergbe's reviews (1)

Mind Blowing!!! Best Game fo Kinect yet!!!!! Essential buy for all Kinect owners.

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