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007: Blood Stone (James Bond)

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  This is a must have game

| | See all Jack47's reviews (1)

This game is brilliant if you are looking for a good action game and I you want a James Bond game don't get golden eye this I worth the money and if you have played spec ops the line the camera view is the same and in most James bonds you font get to drive the Aston Martin this game is definitely worth 18 quid get this game if you are bored of all your other games this is the one game that you need to get instead of playin fifa and cod all th time try this game it's fab

  Great Game for 007 fanactics

| | See all MultiGameFreakz's reviews (5)

if you are a fan of the daniel craig bond then this is the game for you!
its got alot of great action sequences and the voice over work is excellent. the graphics are amazing and not exactly what i was expecting at all. the story mode is short only about 8 missions, the car chases are very fun to play and gets you in the feel of the 007 franchise, no gadgets which is abit of a letdown but as we know daniel craigs bond had no gadgets in the movies as of yet. its a must buy for james bond fans worldwide.

  dont listen to critics

| | See all jonnyb1111's reviews (6)

Some games make a mockery of the critics. This is one of them. Brilliant game, great graphics and cinematic tie ins. And for this price!!! You cant go wrong!

  An excellent shooter.

| | See all elliesdad's reviews (32)

I loved Quantum of solace on the xbox so thought i would give this a try.
The story is nice and easy to follow and the movie segments are entertaining to watch the first time, but at least you can skip them in future games.
There are plenty of chances to run and jump in this compared to Quantum but still plenty of baddies to shoot.
The driving segments can be tricky to master but after a few tries, you will finally make it.
I hope that when the next 007 film finally gets made, another game will follow in the footsteps of these.

  gem stone!!!

| | See all marrrtin73's reviews (31)

this is really a good game,singleplayer is fantastic with some take down moves and some car chasing moments.graphics are very good and the online is not bad at all.

  Great - especially for Bond Fans

| | See all Dirtbeaver's reviews (40)

Boat chases, car chases, hovercraft chases, blowing things up and killing tons of people.. what more could we want! With a good array of weapons and takedowns this is good fun all the way through. Loses a star for the controls on the vehicles, but after a few trys you will get through the driving levels. This game is a must for any Bond or action fans!

  Blood Stone is really good

| | See all slobby's reviews (12)

Why some people say it is bad I don't know, it is a very good game.
The online is great and story mode enjoyable. The blend between driving levels and the on the ground action is brilliant.

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  Short, not that sweet, but ok to kill a few hours

| | See all mikeww's reviews (1)

Bought it at 15 quid, knowing beforehand that the reviews said it was mediocre at best. Finished the single-player in three evenings. A fiver a night is just about OK value, but the game would have been more palatable for a tenner. The multiplayer is largely pointless when there are much better and more actively played games out there. Single player is very linear, very easy, but still fairly enjoyable for a Bond fan. I wouldn't buy this if you are not. Sadly, it screams wasted opportunity all the time and when the story ends your likely reaction will be: "Is that it?" Not enough girls, gadgets or gameplay. Activision folded dev team Bizarre Creations (makers of PGR) not long after this game came out. One suspects they were encouraged to wrap this one up quickly before turning out the lights. Not as good in every department as Everything Or Nothing on the old Xbox.

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| | See all Seb100's reviews (2)

thought this was the best james bond yet and for 15 quid its a bargin its a bargin grate story mode but poor online.

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  Good on story, rubbish online

| | See all StellaArtois63's reviews (40)

To be honest I picked this game up for 20 quid and for that I think it was ok, certainly not worth more. I enjoyed the game on story mode, ok the graphics are not the best but not bad, and yes its linear but so what, at the end of the day I really enjoyed it, and on the hardest mode was challenging on more than one or two occassions.
I enjoyed this as much as Quantum of Solace story mode, but as for the online to be honest I found it was rubbish, QOS was far better.
Over all if you liked QOS I think you will like this, but dont pay to much for it and dont expect much online.

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