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Apache Air Assault

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all teemor's reviews (7)

This game requires a bit of skill and patience... its awesomeness in everyway for a benchmark if anyone else wants to develope a helicopter type game for the 360

  I want MORE!!

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I love flying games but the choice on offer on the Xbox360 is very limited hence I was excited about getting this game. To start with the good points first you get to fly Apaches the worlds best attack chopper and in the game they give you 3 different versions the AH-64D Longbow AH-64X and the AH-1. It has all the payloads of the real life versions Hyrda rockets Hellfire missiles Anti-Air missiles and the powerful 30mm chain-gun. Youll engage your targets in the same fashion as the real life versions fire and forget your locked on Hellfires low level strafing runs with your Hydras and tearing up ground troops and light armor from a distance looking through your zoomed in FLIR (forward looking infa red) view. Great fun with great graphics and really good flight dynamics. Funny enough the sound of the 30mm chain gun is just like what you hear on those YouTube videos. Youll fly 16 campaign missions set over 3 different locations that are clearly Afghanistan Somalia and the jungles of Columbia only named differently. You can also hone your skills in 10 open flight maps that include some of the campaign maps aswell.

Even though there are 16 missions of 3 locations it does quickly begin to feel repetitive and more work could have been put into enemy AI behavior as well as their destruction.
Online is very limited and only offers co-op mode so dont expect to go head to head against human players The co-op is also limited in the amount of missions you have to play and I finished all of them on all difficulties in a single sitting. You will finish this game very quickly and will be begging for more. They included the Russian made Mi-35 Hind gunship and a little drone helicopter scout which makes you wonder why they didnt make the game with a larger selection of other attack choppers considering you cant notice any difference except for the appearance of the 3 Apaches you do get to fly. Had this game included more choppers better online play and perhaps better level and enemy design it would have been worth the price of a top game like Black Ops or the equivalent maybe hire it first but 16 quid is also a fair asking price.

  Great flight sim, one of the best

| | See all kevwj123's reviews (1)

One of the best flight sims ever, if your in to these sort of games then I highly recommend it. The only reason I did'nt give it 5 stars is because the enemy seem to have mastered the art of shooting you when your ducking down behind cover and they have guns with the longest range of any weapon you'll ever see in any game. And be warned that wherever you crash you will respawn within that vicinity whether it be in the middle of an anti-aircraft regiment or 1000 bad guys with serious firepower, so you gotta be quick. But dont let that put you off because it's great fun and the graphics are spot on.


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This game is fantastic.
So realistic, you think you are there.
Even better when you switch to FLIR and take out ground troops....I hope they make a second version as I think that it could be improved....When you switch to FLIR, there is not much result when you take out a mobile ground unit...vehicles should explode better than the puff of smoke they go up in....Ground troops too just backflip and fall to the ground when shot through the FLIR system...C'mon...make it more realistic...I want to see bits of body flying about when in FLIR mode just like the videos on the internet....Should have more choice in missions too...but boy is it difficult....take your time in the free flight mode to master the controls even before you consider tackling the main missions and you won't go too far wrong....I only gave it 4 because of my little gripe earlier, but all in all, one of the best flight sims I have ever played...so addictive.

  Great fun, but hard to control - especially hovering

| | See all ObiMartKenobi's reviews (2)

Great game, with option to control in 'arcade' mode which is fairly easy & basic and 'realisitic'. The latter is simiar to an old Amiga game called Thunderhawk - the left stick controls pitch/yaw like other plane flight games, whilst the right stick controls RPM & altitude. You have to use both (like a real chopper) in tandem and it takes a bit of getting used to. That said, its great to have the feel of a simulator with the fun of a shoot 'em up.

You can opt for your level of realism, too. Unlike other games like Ace Combat 6 - where your single plane has +100 missiles, making the game a bit too easy, in this one you have 8 long range Hellfires. Once depleted they take 3mins to reload - which adds to the tension as you have to resort to other tactics of attack/evasion in order to survive.

2 player options are also awesome (online and face-to-face) - you can either be each other's wingmen, etc or both sit in the same chopper (one piloting and the other in the forward 'gunner' seat. Awesome fun.

Not many FMV sequences (e.g. like the COD games) but to be honest, who needs them. This is a raw, thrill-ride of a game - amazing deal at the price - so don't be put off for thinking a cheaper game means a worse game.

In a nice touch you play a British army pilot and not US - which these days is plausible now we have them too.

Buy it!! :D

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  Apache scores DELTA HOTEL!!!

| | See all ThePiratesPirate's reviews (1)

I totally agree with both these reveiws, i also played the XBLIVE demo and was quite simply blown away. the training mode is fun, the realistic, challenging. the physics are amazing and the satisfaction of piloting the deadliest chopper in the skies will bring a cheshire smile to anyone into flight games. will definately be ordering this!!!!

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  in bound and hot!

| | See all FAERUTHIR's reviews (5)

i aggree with the above review, after having played the demo on live i will deffinateley be buying the full game. the flight physics are great and yes using the 30mm HE cannon from a distance is very satisfying. there is a lot of attention to detail and with the ability to "pimp" your chopper with decals and other paint jobs then the online should be pretty good to. the only reason it gets 4 stars is that i dont know what the actual game is like yet so best not to be premature.

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