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Deadly Premonition

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  So bad its good

| | See all BigGorm's reviews (43)

Have you ever told a really terrible joke and when your friends sit and think for a moment about the true awfulness of it they actually start to laugh? Well this game is the epitome of that scenario. I am not going to sit here and argue with someone who tells me this game is bad, i know that it is, but there is something really likeable about this game. Yeah the script is bizarre the controls are terrible but i enjoyed it. I am in no way saying buy this because it is bad, i am saying buy this because you may be pleasantly surprised and come out at the end of the game with a smile on your face because i certainly did, here's hoping they make a sequel and make it just as bizarre.

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| | See all wezley7's reviews (1)

read all the reviews and the underground hype decided to give it a go myself... only played maybe 2 hours and i had to switch it off.. i dont have time in my life to waste on such a terrible game.. it plays and looks like a very bad playstation game .. and the game camera is unforgivable you cant even see where your aiming as your persons shoulder takes up half the screen! im sure the story is decent but ill never find out!

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  very funny and easy to get into

| | See all cindertoots's reviews (6)

i love this game although ive only played 2hour on it i found it a good game to get into


| | See all 80sSoundtrack's reviews (4)

In a gaming world where only Call Of Duty, and Call Of Duty clones are praised by gamers it's hard to find a gem, but every now and again you find a game that breaks that. Deadly Premonition is just that, first off i would say it's for a true gamer. By this i mean that, if graphics and dated controls bother you don't play it.

The Graphics are very PS2, but it somewhat works with the game. The game is very Silent Hill esque and when im playing it reminds me of Alan Wake.

It gives a nice break away from the norm of casual games that are on the 360 now, so give it a try if you are a true gamer.

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  My Favourite Game

| | See all metallicgooner's reviews (7)

Deadly Premonition is like nothing I've played before. There are so many games like call of duty that offer nothing more than predictable storylines and graphics over gameplay. DP throws away everything most triple A games aim to create and makes one of the most imaginative, engrossing and loveable games ever. It has a brilliant story, interesting characters and so much charm you'd have to be souless or just ignorant to not love it. The fact that it's a budget game means that it's a great price and things like dated graphics can be so easily overlooked when you embrace the game's charming weirdness. Simply, every gamer owes it to themselves and rising star games to buy this.

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  Not good enough!

| | See all bertiebubble's reviews (23)

Though this game has an okay storyline and some decent tension, it really dissapointed. I can forgive por graphics if the gameplay is good, but it isn't. I can forgive poor gameplay if the control mechanism is half decent but again, it really isn't.

Yes there is a resi evil 1 and silent hill 1 quality to it, but there is the problem, its a game 15 years out of date and just doesn't live up to the standards of todays games, wouls have been great on the ps1, anything after that just wouldn't be good enough!

Very dissapointed! Do not waste your money as there are much better games out there for the same price or less.

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  SO SO SO Under-rated!

| | See all Bing182's reviews (4)

As many people have said, the graphics are poor, controls are poor etc but there is just something that keeps you hooked. The storyline is awsome (So far and Im about 12 hours in), its makes you want to just play and play! I have just received my copy of Dragon Age 2 and Im waiting untill I have finished this game until I play DA2, that itself should say how good this game is.........

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  Totally Underated

| | See all detolhead's reviews (34)

Yes the Graphic are poor,Yes the controls are Poor. But the game is great. Think Res 1 think Silent Hill 1, think Farenheight, Think Shemue,Mix it all in one POT and yes you have a great game.The poor controls add to the tension. DESIGN INTENT. Give it a go and dont be put off by first impression. A ugly Duck turns in a manificent Swan.In my Top ten of best games I have ever played.

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  What do you think Zack?

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Woeful graphics, clunky controls, random music on soundtrack and awful driving.

If one word could sum up this game..... BRILLIANT!

I'm addicted to the story and the characters. You really do feel like you are playing a twin peaks style drama.

I really can't put my finger on why this game is so good... maybe developers are starting to do what they really should, and start paying attention to story and character development.

It is a shame that the budget was so low and it shows in the finished quality.

I'm sure this would have won game of the year had the graphics had the budget to be amazing.

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  Interesting but flawed

| | See all deanlowdon's reviews (468)

The first thing that will strike you about Deadly Premonition is the poor (particually by Xbox360 standards) graphics, this is a budget title make no mistake. For at least the first half-hour your opinion is unlikely to change as you are forced to try and shoot an endless parade of repetitive enemies using controls that would not feel out of place in the original Resident Evil on PSone.

However give the game time and it will grow on you, this is basically Twin Peaks: The Video game, with lead character Francis 'York' Morgan forced to interact with a series of bizarre characters in an attempt to solve the murder of a local young girl. There are moments of genuine comedy and the crazy cast will draw you into the story until you really do want to find out just what is going on in this town. Whether you will enjoy this game or not basically depends on whether you can overlook the outdated graphics and controls, but it is certainly not like anything else I've ever played.

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