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Kinect: Fighters Uncaged

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (10 reviews)"

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  Great Workout!

| | See all MagicSpike's reviews (1)

I'm not a committed gamer - I'm a flabby middle aged man. This is the best workout I've ever done and is 100x more fun than the dedicated fitness programs I have.
I don't give it 5 stars simply because sometimes it's frustrating that you think you should have dodged and it doesn't respond. Then when you move forward, it does a headbutt, right into the guys fist!
There are a few other small quirks that for a hard core gamer might spoil it, but I only got it for fitness reasons.
Warning - when I'm tired, the players kick my ass and make me feel like a little girl!
Get fit or get PWNd!

  3/4 star game where the positives outweigh the negatives

| | See all n0thingf4ce's reviews (4)

This game is probably a 3/4 star game

I didnt expect much from this game, so when i played it i was majorly impressed, which helps a lot

Bad points

Its a pity that there is no movement around the levels as that would add a great deal to the game ( I hadnt even thought about it until writing this review, then i realised id tried, it didnt do anything, and i didnt care much). Also blocking/dodging attacks is limited and there are only 3 motions to do so,which yes make it less complicated but at times bobbing your head back to avoid a foot to your stomach doesnt quite make sense

Linking up combos is the one thing which can prove tricky as its all about timing with the virtual character, the game hasnt been designed to pick up a fast double jab, and as such it wont. However moaning about this is pathetic as with controller based fighting games you will experience the same sort of thing where hitting x a thousand times a second only results ina single attack. this is something which will improve with time with the kinect but for now its not too much o =f a hassle if you actually get into the character.

Also theres no multiplayer, but if there was i reckon it would be pretty horrid

Now for the good points

No buttons, it really does feel good not having to sit down with a controller, and fighting games seem really suited towards motion control. As such all attacking motions are intuitive and easy to master (thankfully when kicking your opponent in the head you dont actually need to raise your foot that high, although if you do it still picks it up. So good for all fitness levels)

More strategy in this fighting game than just button bashing, you need to consider the opponents state of mind, exhaustion level and concentration. As well as the usual blocking, dodging and counterattacking it adds up to one of the most realistic fighting experiences

Addictive - this game is different from conventional arcade style where you fight one enemy and move on to the next, in this you have a choice of six fighters you need to thrash in order to gain crowns which allow you to advance to the next division. The more convincingly you beat them the more crowns you get... simple. This gameplay style greatly reduces the repetitiveness of fighting the same person over and over as you will become competitive.

Opponents all have their own fighting style so its not as if you are fighting the same person in a different body, which was a relief as i feared that would be the case.

Overall a pretty decent fighting game, and as a first attempt its not half bad. Its nice that they went for a full body fighting game instead of a boxing game, but i think that a purely upper body fighter would allow for more depth and precision with the strikes, but i admire that they decided to do kicking as well as it adds more elements to the fighting,
If your wanting a more unrealistic(/fun) fighting game with special moves etc power up heroes would be a better game, cant comment on it though as i've just bought it, and have only played the demo so far.

summed up as a decent game with plenty of replay value, at a low cost.

  Not as bad as they make out

| | See all zeeman1's reviews (1)

I was reluctent to buy this game after reading all the negative views, but due to the lack of other titles for Kinect, I couldn't resist going for the bargin price offered at play.com. Having played the game for several hours now, I can honestly say it is no way near as bad as the reviewers make out. Yes it is a bit slow, the moves don't all execute as expected and the training process is frustrating to begin with but as a first title for the mature audience on kinect it is really not that bad for what it is.

The game is still very playable and gives you a really good workout. I sweat more with this then I ever have using EA sports so for that alone it is really worth the price. The game itself can be challenging and once you start setting yourself goals to earn more points it becomes very enjoyable. If you have a kinect, I would highly recommend buying this title, especially at its current price.

I wish this game was given a fair go and not so badly slated upon release, as the poor sales of this game may have been a reason for other developers not making similar titles.

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  Not the best demonstration of kinect.

| | See all wizzzzzzzzzzz's reviews (1)

I was conivinced I would buy this game after seeing the trailer, sadly I was very disapointed. The game lacks career strory(which is acceptable for a fighting game) it is also repetetive and does not respond to complex actions. Also training mode is absoulutely impossible, could have been a great game :(

  Fighters Uncaged review

| | See all Sejinho91's reviews (2)

I was excited to get started on the game the day i bought it, but sadly it wasn't all it cracked up to be.

Fair enough, some parts of the game are fun and its cool that the controller is sat on the coffee table while i'm consistently kicking this poor punk in the groin with no controller apart from myself.

The camera is quality with other games but doesen't pick up your movements so its a slog just to pull off a decent hit besides punch, punch, punch, punch, little kick.

Average rating, good fun but nothing special.

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  not a bad game

| | See all hilldog007's reviews (1)

theres quite alot of effort needed to be able to make all the strikes work properly, and to dodge enemys attacks puts a hell of alot of stress on ur back having to bend backwards alot of the time during a fight. But on the good side the feeling of deploying that last uppercut to the boat race of ur openent is enjoyable good game on the whole.

  Pretty bad

| | See all LeonBPL's reviews (1)

Fighters uncaged is not what it's aiming to be as the realistic fighting game it is advertising itself as, it is over the top and has no point to it whatsoever.
SOMETIMES the Kinect sensor manages to catch a few body movements for you to be able to punch or kick, but most of the time nothing happens and you end up feeling stupid and cheated.
Right now the 'Fight night' series is much better with the traditional controller but i do look forward to any patches made to Fighters and/or a completly new game that manages to pull off what it is advertising

  future of gaming!!

| | See all eddie1254's reviews (10)

had 3 games with my kinect and i didn't play any other game the same night!! also a really good workout :) feel tired after awhile.

fighting moves are as you would do in real life and experienced no lagg at all as the other reviewer did! maybe positioning of kinect bar.

only gave a 4 star as the range of fighters when u start is limited so keep fighting same 6 till you move on!

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| | See all EpicGAMER's reviews (5)

so i bought the kinect got this and 3 other games.

this is an okay game. its the most playable at the moment out of the games i have as the rest of the kinect games are like WII sports etc. family type games. this is the first one thats not aimed at familes..

the imediate issue with this game is lag im not talking a millisecond like it is on the other games. its a good 2-3 seconds lagg, which as you can imagine makes it hard to do combos. but other than that the games alright.

you dont really have time to pick shots and when you do by the time you guy has actually done it uve been hit a good couple of times.

overall its an okay game you find your self just waiting for the opponent to attack you so you can dodge and then attack. as this is the only way you can hit them, the rest of teh time the computer block your attacks.

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