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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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| | See all Ste1995's reviews (2)

Wow! just Wow! I was a little apprehensive at first as when i first bought it i wasnt a big fan of RPG's, but this game converted me.
It is a combination of action and story telling. And very good story telling indeed!
You find yourself in the shoes of Hawke, surrounded by an army of darkspawn and people in need of salvation. There are hundreds of quests and on the standard game you can eaasily clock up over a hundred hours. Not to mention the 70pounds worth of extra content which will keep you playing for a few more days.
Combat is fluent and gory. You'll find yourself decappitating darkspawn and jumping onto the backs of trolls before severing their spinal chord with a single blow.
Narrative is also excellent! you get very attached to the characters, find friendship and even love(in a virtual world of course).
Character customization is also innovative. Not can you be the standard, warrior/archer/mage classes but you can customize them to your liking.
18pounds for 100pounds worth of content. Bargain!

  best fantasy rpg on xbox360 (safe for oblivion)

| | See all AndreCascais's reviews (4)

bought this with high hopes.
at first was a bit disapointed. the graphics...arent amazing. very average actually. oblivion has better graphics than this and that's a 5 year old game.
but, and this is the biggest but ever, this game has amazing mood.
really, only took me a couple of hours to stop noticing the graphics.
this is the closest you can get to a grownup's lord of the rings.
the combat system works perfectlly, the choices system is very good, it does a good job at feeling epic, and has amazing characters.
only faults with this game are 1-crafting system...very simple one, i like to thinker. 2- i never browsed so many menus in a game before.sometimes, you'll be fighting the menus instead of the blight (only on consoles, wich is the reason why i let this fault of the hook). 3- somewhat short...finished origins in 35 hours...a week...having come out of oblivion...still, this is a game made for multiple playthrus, different races, different origins, diferent decisions. i think you'll have to play this 3 times to see everything.
very very good, worth every penny.

  Great game :)

| | See all Stargate1990's reviews (2)

5 stars for dragon age origins all the way, story graphics classic RPG feel :P etc, the reason for the 3 stars is that i havent been able to play the DLC and DA:OAwakening, i do not have a hard drive i use a 20gb flash drive as my main MU (Memory unit) and i did not know before purchasing the ultimate edition that i cannot install the dlc on my flash drive, im going to get a hard drive soon, anyway 5/5 for the game the rest? read other reviews :)

thanks for reading!

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  Amazing game with amazing price!

| | See all XxLJL09xX's reviews (2)

This is well worth the buy, not only do you get the game which takes about 30+ hours to clock but you also get every single DLC, yes EVERY ONE which will take you fair bit of time to do for just 20 pound.

All the DLC is great, you will save yourself alot of money buying this than buying all the DLC from the XBL market place. I have had this for a month now and still have not done all of the DLC 20 pound for a months worth game is just too good to miss.

I will now talk about the game pros... The pro's of this game is the amazing dialog, never have i felt so involed and attached to charcter's in a game, the voice acting is just amazing, the combat system is great too, many side missions to keep you entertained including compainion missions which i really liked because i would find out more of their life stories.

Only con i can think of is that the main charcter does not talk but keep in mind this is not a major con at all, just hoped the main charcter would talk. This game is deffo worth the buy there is a reason why it was game of the year 2009.

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  Very very very! Good Price

| | See all SharnofTheDEAD's reviews (2)

This is awesome, if you love long games you will probably clock in over 100hours with this and for 18quid thats pretty good yes? well this is the best part, currently on market place, the main expansion for Dragon age is 2400 points, thats more than the game on here, not to mention you are getting all the DLC!! which is around 40 to 50 pound and a great game in itself! it's money well worth spent on this product, the chracters are wonderful, and gameplay is addictive. 100s of quests, 1000s of items, 10000s of enemys, its great fun!

So if your looking for a incredible adventure, for 18pound you cannot go wrong!!

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| | See all Robsauce's reviews (2)

Amazing deal, you get approx 50pounds worth of DLC with the game for such a cheap cheap price. Takes roughly about 5GB of space to install.

** DLC comes on a 2nd disc, which can be re-used to install DLC onto other consoles. Installation code/key isnt needed.

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  Excellent game, look at all those DLC'S!

| | See all martyMcfly182's reviews (1)

Great game as previously mentioned. Just make the guys aware who have a 4GB XBOX (New Version) a hard drive CAN be purchased 250GB too and can be inserted into the xbox. Look at the side of your xbox and you are able to take off the panel and there is where you can insert the 250GB hard drive.

  Awesome value for money

| | See all HollowDigger's reviews (1)

1. Game and all DLC in one package.
2. Hours upon hours of gaming
3. AMAZING value for money.

This game is not easy to begin if you are an RPG novice, but through persistence you will get in the mood and all will go well.
DLC pack add to the story, though some of them are rather short and, if purchased separately might feel expensive. Not the case here! You get ALL of it for less than a classic line game.

Regarding the packaging, my case arrived with little breaks (I've SEEN post officers throw around packages left and right, so I guess unless the case was made of steel, only a miracle could prevent that).

The one game I'd recommend without a shadow of a doubt. Great entry point and the sequel is coming up. Let's hope they give DA 2 an Ultimate edition as well. :)

  awesome game awesome price

| | See all shmeaski's reviews (3)

Bioware have yet to fail me with a game! I am about half way through the game and the game is just pure genius, the story is greatly written I can't wait to find out what the DLC has in store for me, like another reviewer I too have a 4GB xbox, flash drive and not hard drive as xbox call it, microsoft are very unfair for saying it is a hard drive when it cannot be used as one, luckily an external hard drive can be used (in 16GB partitions) so not all is lost for me.

  to pugwash

| | See all poollard's reviews (3)

the reason it is saying to insert the hard disk is because you dont have enough room on your 4gb console the only way to overcome this would be to buy a hard drive for your xbox even if its one of the old ones you could take it apart and slot it in.

other than that the dragon age game is brilliant