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PES 2008 (Pro Evolution Soccer 7)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (372 reviews)"

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  best football game there is

| | See all Mrschance's reviews (3)

I have just sold PES 2011 and bought this, its a great game, great playability which for a football game is what counts.

loads of people still play this on line, which says it all

fantastic game and at todays prices a must have bargain!

  so disapointing

| | See all glen117's reviews (29)

Where to start pes 4 was the greatest pes ever but jump to pes 6 and then it got less and less stuff and licenses and then pes 7
With even less licenses and no pes (which is money) one of the best things about pro was the pes. You needed to win matches complete cone challenges and win cups and you got enough pes to buy the training park to use in exhibition matches or to buy new players new hair styles and much more but this game has none of that it just has players and classic teams and you must win cups to unlock them. This has not much to offer if you parfer more stuff and pes which most people do especially if they played pes4.
Even some pes fanatics like me felt we are being hard done buy.
But for the good bit if you are a pes fanatic you should see buy this and realise that the game play is good and theres lots of cups and teams and it's very fun with the far better graphics in the series.
But the game play might get boring as its to easy to score even on hard diffeculty and the goalie will usualy dive stupidly for instance shot from far out and most of the time he will instead of fisting it he will stick a leg out even if its going in the corner this usualy only works if he is very very big. Manu vs helsinki you being helsinki and put it on hard difficulty is the way to get any challenge at all.
The graphics, sometimes good game play, master league and the fact that you cant give it minus stars on here is the only thing that saves this from getting lower than 1 star.
Its not good and not bad.

  meh....... is this xbox 360?

| | See all DAZZERQPST's reviews (43)

Me and my mate are FIFA fans admitally but this game excited us as we loved the new feature of being able to dive and that works well and rarely works but does heat up the compitition between mates especoially if it works (bout 1 / 10000000) chance lol Which si good we wouldnt want loads of unfair advantages.

GAMEPLAY = Poor the shirt pulling and dives are good but cant save this. The players are unresponsive. You have to battle with the game for it to do what you want. The shooting is acceptable. Overall the gameplay is same old. Not bad but were next gen now!

GRAPHICS = Poor, this is next generation! The players look good and so does the grass etc. But its the way they haev put it together with very poor draw distance the player can look good and the grass hes standing on but then around him will be a messy playstation 1 style blur, poor. Small glimpses of next gen but it just makes the other large glimpses look even worse.

LONGETVITY = You wont play this often. You are basicly unable to edit teams kits now as well really. You may go bac the odd time as its PES but really FIFA 09 will out do this and be the one you play because this will frustrate you in a second. (I do ove it though that they show a celebration then replay then show a little of the celebration liek on TV) sorry irelevant!

OVERALL = Same old, just it all feels worse being on a next generation console.

  Simply the BEST!!!!!!!!

| | See all 4uTyeRe's reviews (3)

I've played loads of football games in my time never have I come across a game as good as PES 2008, it is amazing!!

The graphics are very good and the gameplay is exceptional.

This game is a must buy for everyone, not just football fans, but football fans will appreciate it a lot more.

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  And I'm a Pro Evo fan

| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

Avoid at all cost if you intend to play online. It laggs like nothing else. Super lagg. You score a goal, it lags then suddenly the other team gets a penalty. This is not exagerated, it is just one example of THE worst lagg ive evr ever seen in a game. Konami want shooting for it. Brilliant in 1player, but comp scores far to ofter from corners.

Hold off buying the new one till the reviews hit google

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  best there is.

| | See all Zalignor's reviews (9)

this is the best football game there is. sure, it's not perfect. but it still pretty bip good.

as for the PES vs FIFA... FIFA has always had the superior 'around the games'-setting. PES has always had the better on the pitch-playing. and when it comes to the lovely game of football that must be the most important thing.

people say that the ball run loose and the players run after the ball automatically. I say those people haven't figured out how to play this game. the controls for moving your playing buddies are really good. the fact that they can loose the ball, stumble around and miss a theoretically unmissable shot is not bad; it's real. those who want their players to complete every 60 yard crossing and shoot for the top corner every time can play arcade football (FIFA - even though it has improved).

the everlasting struggle with fake names and weird kits is not really that much of a pain. you can edit. edit what you want. and as much as you want. for me being able to choose your own squads for the national teams is a really enjoyable detail.

of course it could be better. more licenses and better looking menus. but this is not the most important thing. I give this gave a strong four thanks to the best gameplay there is. if the PES team can fix the menus and make the career mode a little better, I will rate the next PES a 5-star game with just one word added to the rating: perfect.

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| | See all aiden2511's reviews (1)

dont buy this game its rubbish and fifa isnt much better the gameplay is average when you cant let a ball run for a goal kick or throw in becase your players always try to get the ball the advanced player intellegence is for under 10's with nobody knowing what your players are going to do and if there was a minus 10 star rating this game would get minus 12 its bab only hope pes 2009 is miles better

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  Massive letdown

| | See all NickNack774's reviews (12)

Well what can i say where has it all gone wrong Konami?Terrible frame rate issues online and offline.Poor edit mode lack of stadiums.Far too easy to score even on high difficulty.Gameplay doesn`t quite seem right i. slide tackles seem a waste of time.Graphically its a letdown.It plays an o.k game of the football but the lag issues do seriously affect the gameplay.Come on Konami please sort this out

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| | See all FunkeeMunkee's reviews (31)

for starters, ive never understood football, or even liked it tbh, and that came to the games aswell, until i picked up pro evo 6 a few weeks ago, then today, i picked up pes 2008. pro evo 6 had poor graphics, but for footy noobs like me, easy gameplay with simple controls. i played the demo of fifa 08, after hearing fifa was a far more superior game, boy were they wrong, the demo was crap, the controls were too extreme, the ai were too clever, and it was too realistic. Now, i bought pro evo 2008, id heard a lot of bad stuff about it, and yh some of it was tre, but alot was just from niggly footy fans who wanted a totally true-to-life footy expeirience. The graphics on PES2008 are big step from PES6, in the right direction, sur it needs some improvements, but what game doesnt? the teams, again as in PES6 are prety stupid, since when has man utd been called man red?? and they got the kit wrong aswelll!!! lol oh well, its just a game after all!! the music is much better!! no more silly arcade music playing on the menus!!

okay, just a quick overveiw


decent graphics
fun gameplay
easy (if you set the difficulty right!)
easy to pick-up-and-play
music is actually quite good!


teams havent got the right names, and some of them dont have the right kits!!
graphics arent amazing, but still better than pro evo 6

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| | See all kobilee's reviews (8)

you would think in this day and age that lag would be very limited online. i bought this game the day it came out and the lag was very bad i sold it after about 2 weeks as nothing had changed the only thing that kept me entertained was the masters league which was pretty easy. i bought this game again a week ago and cant belive nothing has been done about the lag games just are not fair i have bought every pro evo and iss ever made i feel very let down. pro evo 6 i shall be playing..