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Dead Or Alive: Xtreme 2

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  gr8 graphics

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the graphics and detail are spot on but the online facter is there and no one goes on it ive only had 2 matches online and won them both one of them was even pikachu ;)

  It's quite good, while it lasts...

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The DOA girls are taken to new zack island, being told that the dead or alive 5 tournament will be held there. But it isnt, still they decide to stay build up a tan, have a good time stuff like that. During your 14-day vacation you can be any of the DOA girls (no new additions) and take part in around 8 games. From Volleyball and marine racing to butt battles and riding the water slide. At nights you can go to the casino to play various card games and the roulette and slot machines. The challenge of the game is to keep your partner (to play volleyball, you cant play on your own) and get all the swimsuits for your girl. When the vacation is over you start with the choice again, if you pick the same girl that you have alrady picked you will start with the same items, swimsuits and money. You also have the items that the girl has been sent as a present. example-You are tina and sent kasumi some sunglasses or other item, kasumi accepts the gift and doesn't send it back. Your vacation as tina has finished and you start with kasumi when you look at the items you will have those glasses that you got off tina.
8/10 for gameplay

Some of the best graphics for the 360. The character models are great. There is alot of complaints about the physics on the girls breasts. I dont think it is too bad until the girl move quite vigourasly then it does go quite over the top.
10/10 for graphics

The music gets quite annoying at times as thre isnt THAT many, but you can put on custom sound tracks. DOAX2 has some good sound effects and you can change the girls to speak in japanese.
8/10 for spund

A good game to play for short periods at a time but can get repetative. DOAX2 has some strong volleyball games in it and the marine races are pretty good. DOAX2 is a great game and its strongest aspect is the graphics the gameplay may seem doubting at first but is good when you get into it more and get used to the games.

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  So bad its amazing, but...

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its has women jumping around, and there not wearing much. So get the thumbs up!!! Would not recormend if you have a girlfriend who has access to your games collection...

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  "Help me! My boobs won't stop bouncing!" ~ Kasumi

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Random DOA fan here, I watched the movie and just recently got into DOA4 for the 360 and to be honest, you'll have more fun being random at DOA4 than DOAX2 as this game is WAAAAY to short and boring and quite lame.
Team Ninja must've not really put alot of thought into this game the camera view system is lame the days are too short you can only do a maximum of 3 things per day and if your partner leaves you your basically screwed for the rest of the vacation sure you can do other activities as well but why bother doing that when you could be completing DOAX4 or some other game thats more worth your time!
I only gave this 2 stars because of the graphics factor the rest is lame! Dont waste your money on this get Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion! Same price and much more fun!

  I said PINK!

| | See all Bashimitsu's reviews (61)

Like the other fella said, you ain't buying this for the volleyball or the other stuff and that's a fact.
Sadly it's also a fact that what this game is REALLY about is the thoughtful purchasing of gifts. You see if you want to score with all the babes then you have to pay attention to stuff like what their favourite colour is and what kinda gifts will make them weak at the knees.
It's no more fun than feigning interest in their day with your usual autopilot charm - "yeah, oh right, wow, I guess, *false chuckle*, yeah."
If you're looking for a full girlfriend experience then look no further but if you're looking to have some fun getting down with the chicks then this bevy of dolls are more hard work than they're worth.

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Let's be honest you won't buy this for the gameplay although it can be fun, you're buying it for the boiiing factor and you get it in spades. 4 stars for that alone.

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