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Fuzion Frenzy 2

Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Very Underated Game

| | See all ArcadiaX's reviews (8)

Fuzion Frenzy on the orginal Xbox was a very fun party game with mini games that were very diverse from racing , to speed challenges. Fuzion Frenzy 2 comes with 40+ mini games that just as fun , though you can take game online the servers are pretty much dead so if your a hardcore achievement points player you might want to buy a buddy one and for price like this worth it. asides from the pointless show host the game is blast.

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  the best drinking game ever!!

| | See all blahblah's reviews (7)

This game is great fun when you have a few mates round drinking.The games are nice and short and anyone can pick up the controller and play even if they dont like computer games. We play so that if you lose you have to do 3 fingers of your drink then if your 3rd 2 fingers etc etc. Even more fun once you have had a few!!

  Great for two people

| | See all LiamMc's reviews (29)

This is a great little game. It has many different little mini-games for you to play and works very well over X-Box live, lag free. But you can't really experience what this game has to offer. You can win or lose a match by a point second or a single point. May i point out that i hate to lose, but losing if funny on this game, a barrell of laughs.

  Not as good as Fusion Frenzy

| | See all eskiboi20's reviews (2)

Still a great game but not as good as the original doesnt seem quite as addictive.


| | See all mrkosher's reviews (43)

its a good game simply because it appeals to everyone in the family, its fun for family nights in and there are a varied number of minigames to do so you could be playing for a long time another plus is when you go through the main challenge you can easy unlock achievements so just complete the game. nobody plays online tbh so don't get if you want it for online play but for family fun its worth a buy.


| | See all Robbluenose's reviews (11)

It's a fun game that appeals to everyone aged 7-70.
Positives: Easy to play, wide variety of games, graphics good for HD TV, good price, addictive
Negative: Quite a lot of the mini games are locked unless you go through the main challenge

  Fun for all the family :0)

| | See all himynameisben's reviews (7)

A good game to play with others, as there are so many different mini-games you get loads of different ones each time you play so you basically learn how to play before each mini game.

Not for the gamer however, the lack of competitiveness and overall game play isn't that satisfieing and no-one plays online. However the 1000 points are incredibly easy :)

So good for parties and friends.

  Brilliant Game (When Drunk)

| | See all feisar1's reviews (40)

Play this game after coming home after a few bevvys with your mates it makes perfect sense, my mate is the one who has it but its dam fun, not as good when sober mind hence 4 stars.

  Average game

| | See all CASgamer398's reviews (89)

The only good thing about this game is that the family or whoever can easily play it together. Now even that might not work out too well if you get fed up winning.

The game is pretty bland. Repetitive music, speeches from DJ and the fact the only reason you are playing is to win( unlike some other party games where you can go around a board and buy stuff and the likes.) There is no gameboards here you are just picking a planet and playing the mini games to win. The cards also make the game very unpredicatble which is sometimes annoying, or they can fall to your favour. All in all it doesn't make for a great 'gaming' experience.

However the mini games themselves are half decent. Some of them you will love more than others. Some of them are just adaption of others. There is fun to be had. Just get a a 360 extension hub and a few more players and you can have a decent, if not long lived fun game. The graphics are more or less made for HD only as you will see way too much blur. On HD the graphics are ok, there is some nice arenas in there.

This game is not really suited to the 'hardcore gamer' but more the casual gamer, and a few of their friends/family.

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