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Viva Pinata (Limited Edition)

Rating: U (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (5 reviews)"

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  Think only babies can enjoy this game, think again!

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I bought this game with many doubts about enjoying the content. But I found out it was a great game. it has fabulous, creative game-play, which is full of strategy. Certainly a good addition to anyones game collection.

  Totally Original!

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Probably THE most original yet bizzare game i have ever played! Viva Pinata is one of those games a 5 year old could play whilst the 55 year old is calling for a go. It looks amazing, funny characters and a pretty simple objective. Build a garden and make it work. Simple yet addictive. A must buy for anyone with a 360. I love this game and couldn't put it down. Anyways, who wouldn't want a moozipan hopping about the place?

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  Original fun.

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Viva Pinata is a game that appeals to a wide audience, unlike other games. Really anyone can get into it and have great fun.

Basically you take control of a garden and by meeting certain criteria you can advance as a gardener. This attracts more Pinata to your garden and unlocks some cool stuff. The graphics are excellent and really colourful. Gameplay wise you control a cursor which you can move around and selest different stuff. There are many options available and even after many hours of gaming you will stuff have plenty to unlock. The achievements are laid out well and add to the lifespan. You can even send stuff to your friends online. The only downside is it can get a bit repetative constantly romancing Pinatas(to make baby Pinatas) but you don't have to do it a lot if you don't want. There are loads of Pinata species to discover and getting them will require a lot of work but the best part has to be seeing your garden created and customised by you. The options are endless from adding ponds, trees or even growing crops to sell to improve you bank balance.

Both me and my girlfriend have spent hours improving our gardens and discovering new things. It still doesn't fail to surprise us. I would highly recommend this game to any game player, even the hardcore gamers. I am really into my FPSs and I still play this game.

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  I didn't think i would like Viva Pinata, Boy was I wrong

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On paper a garden simulator sounds like the worst idea ever for a video game, but there is so much more to Viva Pinata than what it shows on the surface.

Essentially you start by designing a garden but once the wild life starts visiting the game slowly reveals the depth of the gameplay and the sheer variation across all aspects of the game.

Must be played to be truley appreciated, and must be played by everyone.

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  Fun - Colourful - Addictive - Funny - Appealing to all

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The same game as the standard version. This one comes in flimsy colourful case with a DVD containing some of the Viva Pinata cartoon series for your kids to watch and the Lego Star Wars Demo.

It is better value, but all the content on the extra disk is downloadable off xbox live.

So, the game then...

I got this game for the kids but I have thus far racked up the most hours play.

The game synopsis is you are a gardner who must build the best garden to attract pinata - Who are colouful paper animals who must attend parties and be smashed to bits for the candy.

On clearing the garden you'll start with Whirlms then you have to meet some challenges to get them to do the 'romance dance' and make more pinata until you get a master romancer award. We were shocked and laughing out loud as our kids watched the cute romance wiggling.

Doing this will progress you to higher levels attracting more pinata and have the ability to grow better plants which attract more pinata.

This is a fantastic game by Rare. Aimed at your kids who will love it, but bright enough and colouful enough for everyone to play and get involved.

Does it get repative - A bit, but the original concept is great. It is highly addictive and as so much happens and you'll want to get that better spade, better watering can. All the Master Grower awards etc.... There is 50 hours of gameplay here.

A great feature is if your kids are stuck for money, items or pinata. You can send them a crate with what they need from your game to help them out

Got Xbox live? You can download the entire TV show in HD for the kids to watch as well.

Worth a look. A must own for familys and kids

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