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Forza Motorsport 2: Limited Collector's Edition

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Simply Superb

| | See all Rusty8's reviews (2)

After owning Forza 2 Since its release, i can say it is one of the finest racers on the XBOX360, still years down the line i am still playing it.

The ability to upgrade a choice of so many cars, with engine parts, brakes, suspension, and most reqarding of all paint and bodykits (though it seems like the Big guns in Europe have killed the fun with not allowing you to put bodykits on them I.E BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo.)

My favourite little gem of the game, was being able to swap engines. Now i know that this is only possible with a few car models on Forza 2. But just imagine this, Forza 3 any car can have an engine swap, obviously the more extravagant the more expensive, how much longevity would that afford the game??

Excellent choice for any car enthusiast.

  great game

| | See all ormie84's reviews (2)

What a game !!! Bought this for £10 best £10 ive ever spent grapics are great online is good fun and loads of cars to choose from buy this game you wont be disspointed .

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  Seriosuly good game.

| | See all Kraybee's reviews (7)

A must have for any keen Xbox Race fan.

You'll be stuck to the screen playing this and upgrading your car to the max and watch how each little modifcation will effect handling and power.

You will NOT! be sorry for buying this.

FOr the Beginers this may not be the best for your first game, you may need a little experience with racing lines to fully enjoy the game.


| | See all hetfieldisgod's reviews (23)

What can I say... this is the best simulator ever! I really thought Gran Turismo was the best, until I purchased this! I'm hoping GT5 will be as good or better, but Forza 2 has a beautiful reaction to crashes with great effects on damage and realism on driving! A wide range of cars which look to spec is great for any car fan!

Brilliant! A must buy!

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  Realism at its best

| | See all CASgamer398's reviews (89)

Don't get Forza 2 if you are expecting to drive round corners at high speeds with no repercussions. Forza makes you wanna drive like a pro.

To start with this game takes a bit of getting used to. Especially if you are used to games like PGR or driving in the likes of Crackdown, GTA etc. If you have driven a real car before then I think that makes this game even better. The cars handle excellently. Just like real life. Getting round the track in a good time will take a combination of practice, skill, and good judgement. if you take a corner too fast you will hear a lot of tire squeel and just perfecting this is a task I love. Honestly once you start playing this anytime you oversteer you will be disappointed in yourself. Having said that it is possible to take driving aids off so that you can drift round corners and have to pump the brake like you were back in the 80s. The graphics are very clean, nothing spectacular that jumps out but they suit the game well and are very good. The car damage effects are also amazing I was suprised when I crashed into the wall one time and destroying the whole left side only to find that not just the body work was mashed up but the steering was pulling left as well. Your car will also slow down and give off smoke if you don't take care round the track.

The customisation levels are immense in this game. Anything from tyre pressure to window tints can be apllied to make your car just the way you want. One of the best features of this game has to be the custom graphics option. You can add a crazy amount of layers and save them as a design so you can potentially design let's take santa for example(someone most people should know of) and actually make him and stick him on your cars. To top this off you can even put them in the Auction House if you have Xbox Live and buy other peoples cars. Honestly the stuff people have made is crazily creative.

Remember this is all about the realsim and having been my first realistic driving game I can say I am hooked. Excellent game with many options and should keep you involved for a long long time if you take advantage of these features. Probably my fave driving game to date.

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  Forza good

| | See all LoRdSkeLeToR's reviews (16)

First of all i dont think its worth paying extra £10 for the extras on this. you get 3 cars and a book on the cars, tracks and the making of forza 2. its nice but not worth the extra money. That said this is a fantastic racing game and will keep you busy for a long time. So many cars to choose from let alone upgrade and decal to your liking. Yeah the graphics maybe arent the best ever seen but there still great and i dont know about you im too busy driving the car to notice anyway!! I think you got to be a driving fan to get into this though and this may stop some people (those who like juiced and need for speed). This is for realistic racing. I gave this a 4 because its too much money for the extras and its not everyones cup of tea. But If you love racing you must buy this.


| | See all Halo3master's reviews (7)

good game i ant sore it is the best game on xbox 360 tho great grafix great cars great every thing but is still ant the best game

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  The new best driving game

| | See all glimmerung's reviews (3)

Ok, let me get this out of the way first: the demo reminded me of when I started playing the original Deus Ex. With that game I thought, 'yeah, ok, but it's a bit dull'. Well Deus Ex (not the sequel) blew my mind once I got into it and the full version of Forza 2 does much the same (and it doesn't take long to get into either).

It is a sparkling tour-de-force, a marvel of content over style (for once). One of the reviews I read said the graphics aren't all that great and I have to agree. I was a little disappointed at first, and having seen Dirt's graphics, I started to think that maybe I had bought the wrong game, but the feeling didn't last.

Once you start driving you realise what this game is all about. Let me put this in context: I was driving an older American muscle car round Laguna Secca and getting pretty peeved as I kept overshooting and hitting the barrier. But (and this is crucial) I wasn't getting peeved with the game, I was annoyed with the car. Driving a different car round the same track is a completely different experience. In fact, every car drives differently. Even if you change the tyre pressures they drive differently. You actually feel the subtleties in the handling. And that's with the joypad (some achievement). I'm told that with the MS steering wheel it gets even better.

But there is something else. This game is hardcore. It's designed for petrol heads. Well, I'm no petrol head, but I'm still enjoying it. I'm not saying everyone will, but I think that if you like Gotham, you will probably like this.

Faults: as stated, the graphics could be better. They're not bad, just not cutting edge. Apart from that, all I can find wrong with it is that sometimes the menu system could be a little friendlier, but I'm reaching here.

In short, this is the new best driving game on the 360, and possibly on any platform. I would give it five stars, but I'm mean and I don't want the developers to get complacent.

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| | See all Aji621's reviews (23)

Most Addictive Racing game ive ever played, most realistic racing game ive ever played, Absolutly fantastic


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  Get your race on

| | See all Brettb's reviews (1)

Having obtained a full version of this game the other day, I can truely say this is an excellent game. Graphics are superb, excellent choice of cars and upgrade options. True race fans will like this game. Can be slighty repetative based on the fact you race, earn money, do your car up and then sell it. A must own!!