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Xbox 360 S Console Bundle With 250GB HDD + Kinect + Kinect: Adventures! - Gloss Black

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Much better than i thought

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I already have a ps3 but i decided to go for an xbox after recent events that have happened with ps3 and i have to say its a clever piece of kit especially with the kinnect and the voice recognitionon. Controller is a bit heavier than ps3 controller but soon get used to it. Although you dont get a hdmi cable with this bundle you do get a headset which connects to your control pad, you also get 1 month free online which is really good. Ive downloaded a few demos for this just to give me an idea what the games are like. It also seems really quick on downloading compared to the ps3. The graphics such as mw2 are no different than ps3 even though ps3 uses blueray. Only thing thats better on ps3 is the trophies/achievements but apart from that xbox does offer more than ps3 as you can relive all your old xbox games where as there is no backwards compatible for ps1/2 games unless you buy the ones that are available from the store a bit of a con. Overall im very impressed with what Microsoft has achieved. 10/10

  michael s

| | See all batslayer's reviews (1)

Great product but why is play charging 50 pound more than everyone else ? Also you could buy them separate for cheaper !! Kinect rules !


| | See all 123abc's reviews (27)

loads of fun for the family & woke up with rather sore legs this morning. Played for around 4 hrs first night between us all.

Space requirements are a little exaggerated here, the game measures your position to be either 'good' or 'best' I have been playing at around 5ft from the sensor which is 'good' & would require another 2ft for 'best'.

You obviosuly need a fair bit of space but nothing like the 8ft+ previously mentioned just to play the game. Ive read that mounting the sensor above the tv provides extra space, so will get the bracket when available this will provide me with the best experiance in what i would say i medium sized living room!

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  Xbox Kinect, space requirements

| | See all Avatar2009's reviews (2)

I sent a 'review' to play .com before I bought this machine warning of space requirements, but it was not posted.
Now that I have the machine, I wish I had listened to my own advice.
I have rearranged the furniture, but still coming up short of what I need....(8 feet to 10 feet from the sensor.)
All I can do now is wall mount the Tv and the Kinect accessorie to free up some more floor space...(or get rid of my sofa)
All in all it's a great device, but the room needed to play it to its fullest level is the main and only drawback so far.
Measure before you buy .

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  Great Product but...

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Right, Before you buy this you need "ALOT" of space to play it, i have a big bedroom and i had to stand way back near the door, its good and fun and i see the potential in it, however i was dispointed you don't get the Kinect Sensor Power Supply with this but you get it with the kinect stand alone edition, so i ask how do i take this to a friends and play it on my normal xbox360?, well i have to take the xbox360 slim, xbox slim powerbrick & Kinect itself, in america they are already selling stand alone Kinect Sensor Power Supplys but here you can't buy them as of yet, i hope soon you will be able to because its just stupid how you have to take the whole lot to a friends, sort it, good product, very easy and very enjoyable 9/10

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