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Forza Motorsport 3: Ultimate Collection

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all 14Jimbo's reviews (185)

These Forza games just keep getting better!!!

With more cars, race tracks and a different style of career mode, this game just keeps getting better!!!

A must buy if you love Forza or racing games!!!

  pretty good

| | See all bennnA7X's reviews (1)

the game is really good it has got more cars and more tracks, but it dosen't actually unlock all of the cars some of them are still left locked. to be honest that dosen't actually matter to me because there are so many other cars to use you wouldn't need them anyway, all in all 10 out of 10 for me however the graphics are so much better in forza 4 its life like. so if i'd had the chance i would of got forza 4 but forza 3 10 out of 10. job well done.

  Okay, this isnt all DLC but not far off...

| | See all Aliensurfer's reviews (12)

Xbox Live Connection is required for this indeed, it delivers some very cool tracks, including Benchmark Circuits (great for tag), Sidewinder Circuits (some really nice custom tracks) and my personal favourite...the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuits which is awesome, it does feature 7 of the DLC Car Packs, just misses out car pack 8 which is 400 points (4.25 minimum payment for 500 points) from the game markeplace so the cars this does NOT include is the Ford Sierra Cosworth R500, Mercedes Benz Evolution II, Delorean DC-12 etc. but features hundreds of new cars and for 15 quid is a bargain might want to mention aswell a minimum of 5 Gigabites of Hard Drive space is a must to install the 2nd disc and DLC but all in all the most amazing driving simulator since PGR4 do buy from here and enjoy =]

  The best game for 6 Months

| | See all plumman's reviews (12)

Did anyone say this game is rubbish? Firstly it it has much better graphics than it's big rivals GT5 and Shift 2. It is very realistic and it was my first ever xbox game. When forza 4 cames out it will be the game of the decade. Finally it is only for xbox 360 so you can't by it if you haven't got one.

  best racer out ther

| | See all EnglishDeath's reviews (132)

Been a fan of Froza since the series started. Always enjoyed it both visually and gameplay.

This version it's possible to get all the achievements which is a rare thing.

Graphics are to die for.

I have GT5 on PS3 and I play Forza 3.... Nuff said

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  Forza 3 Awesome game..But

| | See all JayCarroll's reviews (1)

This has to be THE BEST racing sim currently on the market! It has all the indepth engine and car set-up fiddling that can keep you busy for hours to make this even better the game explains the tweaks for you and makes it easy to shave those few extra seconds off your laptime.
I absolutely love the graphic creator and have made a dragon-age origins car and a variety of Disney characters which makes me chuckle everytime and although there is not many cosmetic modifications to the cars you really dont mind as the rest of the game is so deep and rewarding.
The career has a HUGE variety of races which you can complete by racing through a career/season calendar which at the end of each month it lets you choose just 1 of 3 pre-determined events which i found dissapointing as i felt forced into racing out of my class too soon, I was happy with my fiat 500 F class car dont make me choose a class A event. You can get round this by just choosing from a huge event list but you dont get to do this with a season set-up on a calendar and gives it an empty feel :(
Overal fantastic game and HUGE variety of cars!

  best forza so far

| | See all arsenalsimplygreat's reviews (35)

im very pleased with this racing game i havent got bored with it the campaigne is the main thing im impressed with the online is ok. the amount of cars to choose from is a good thing and the amount of dlc available

  not very fast

| | See all whyshouldyou's reviews (13)

I know some people think this is the god of driving games on the xbox. but not me. i like driving a fast computerized car to give me a bit of a buzz and a thrill. i have 3 other driving games and forza is the slowest driving game out of the lot of them. the cars are nice to look at in the garage and you have a lot of them to choose from. but even the bugatti veyron the fastest car in the world feels really slow to drive in this game. so i have to say to any future buyers if speed is your thing you'll just not get the feeling of speed from this game.
1 star for car graphics, 1 star for car handling, and 1 star for large choice of cars.
its not a bad game but just too slow to get me excited about it.

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