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Forza Motorsport 3: Ultimate Collection

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (14 reviews)"

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| | See all marrrtin73's reviews (31)

usually i dont play lot of car games as i prefer 1st person shooters but i bought this as it was cheap...but now i love this game and now i also preordered forza4 as this game is amaizing .................BUY IT BUY IT

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  A dream to a car enthusiast...

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The graphics are extremely good on this game yet they seem to have more colour and contast than needed to make it look realistic, which to some may be annoying but to other allows the game to be more intersting to look at... Either way its damn beautiful thats for sure. The gameplay is smooth with no screen tearing and no framerate issues at all, and the Cars and Tracks all look very nicely rendered to the same levels of detail you would expect in a forza game, not to mention there is over 500 cars and 100+ track variations on this game (even though the career only used about 10 tracks locations out of the 20 or so which does seem odd). The cars are amazingly modeled with photo mode and showroom shots looking breathtaking, allthough while your playing in game, the cars seem to have a blacked out interior and a little less detail, but this is hardly noticeable. All the cars feel different, and grip, suspension, wieght and many other things are taken into consideration while racing (you can see these in realtime as you play in the telemetry which is cool). This means the game is much more deep than other racers, you can use a fast light car one race and get to the point where you can really push it to the edge in corners and straights, then move to a heavy car and find you have to get used to the limits of that car, it makes the game feel much more involving and deep. Career mode is good but a bit samey near the end and once you get to a certain point, you will be start doing races with 12 laps with the laps being around 3-6 miles long, and these can take immense amounts of time to complete and do make you loose interest. The car collection is awesome and saving up for that favourite car makes it so much more rewarding. You can fully customise every car to the extreme, with over 3000 layers being allowed on every area of the car for decals, you can create your own from shapes or just find some nice basic ones. Tuning is great fun too, if you test your car and simply tune it while doing it, you can come out with amazing results which may be more to your driving style than the original was. The game has free mode where you can simply jump into any car and do a quick race, hot laps, drifts, drag races and more. This is probably the best and most fun area on the game for me, because its so easy to just pick up and play and you have a massive selection of cars. The difficulty is another thing to mention, the difficulty settings are brilliant, you can turn assists on or off as much as you would like and this means anyone can enjoy the game. You can turn them all off and get no reward added to your winnings but the game will break for you and help you stay on the road. Turn them all off and you will be fighting to stay on the road when you push a car and it means you reap benefits and bonuses after the race, its a great way to allow anyone to play the game even if they do not play racing games or any games at all. The online is quite good too, with a ebay-like system auction house allowing people to sell and buy the cars they spend time customising. The races were all pretty good fun and lag free for me, but occasionally it would get annoing that one car wanted to make a crash test at the first turn. Thankfully the online does have things to stop idiots ruining the fun, such as if you drive the wrong way, you go ghost mode and soon get kicked. Uploading certain decals you make or tuning settings and getting photos onto your computer are also nice additions. The damage modelling is not that bad, its basic for some cars and great for others, like the interior camera positions which are sometimes a little odd for some cars, but fine in others. However, the game is great and easily worth a buy.

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  A must buy for anyone with Xbox Live

| | See all Phi11ip's reviews (8)

bujubanton I agree 100%

I bought the Limited edition at launch and traded it in for this without hesitation when it was released and it was well worth it.

You get all but 1 of the DLC released since it's release (the classic car pack was released days after this released) that's an extra 100 cars and an extra track.

But what you also don't get is the VIP status (T10 send you free cars every now and then and you get a [VIP] logo online), the limited edition cars (Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Lamborghini Gallardo Supperleggera and the Porsche (997) GT3 RS), the pre-order classic car pack and limited edition tracks (The snake named tracks from FM2, Benchmark Ring) you have to buy them off the marketplace for MS points to get them

Apart from the lack of DLC which came with the Limited Edition you are getting 3 exclusive cars, the Koenigsegg CCX (absolute animal), Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (very fast and a laugh) and Lexus LFA (focused track car).

In my eyes you should buy this (17.99 is a bargain) and buy what you want of the marketplace for a small fee. I recommend the limited edition car pack

If they charged 24.99 for everything it would be 5 stars, but 4 is good enough

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| | See all bujubanton's reviews (1)

I bought this because all the previous dlc content is included plus some exclusive ones.I have no access to xbox live so have to do without the stig pack (3 extra cars) as I was looking fwd to the Lexus Lfa thats a shame.Plus some cars are still locked from manufactures,one from Porsche,Ferrari,Aston Martin-that is a bit tight and deceiving ,ultimate edition this ain't! Just a few days ago,turn10 announced the community choice classic pack (including De Tomaso Pantera & DeLorean DMC-12) as I was saying ultimate pack this ain't so in a nutshell,they are greedy & LIARS!

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