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Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (8 reviews)"

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  Absolutely brilliant!!

| | See all I0mikey0i's reviews (1)

Managed to pick this up off a playtrade seller used for 20 pounds, which is a steal for this game, im pretty sure it was new because i can't see a mark on the the disc. Anyway, the game is amazing, so addictive with a solid levelling system and a good amount of freedom and good graphics, reminds me a lot of fable (the first one that is, since that was the only good one) but a lot more in-depth, maybe how fable should have been. But the icing on the cake is that your warrior can transform into a dragon; what more do you want!

  divinity 2 avoid at all costs.

| | See all Ninjahamster27's reviews (5)

Divinity 2 is not enjoyable at all with no thrills and dodgy graphics.
The graphics are like something you would see in a game for the play station.
Fighting is dull and boring with no reward at all.
The game play is not very good with a glitch round every corner.

I strongly advise not to waste your time or money on this dull game.

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  A great adventure, exploration, action and rpg game.

| | See all player360's reviews (3)

Please note that Divinity II:DKS is the much revamped, reissued game from the previously rushed released Divinity II:Ego's Draconis; released 1+ years before Divinity II:DKS...DKS has now been polished in all areas with improved graphics and sound, stable smoother framerate, improved revamped gameplay mechanics with many previous game bugs now removed(though expect a few here and there on game this scale). DKS also includes the well received Flame Of Vengeance expansion pack. DKS is a good old-school (with modern development)rpg mix of hardish adventure, action, exploration (be warned directions/pointers are very limited)..and surprises!. This is not a game that leads you by the hand(Fable III), because of this, makes the game a much deeper experience. Discovering new areas or paths, exploring dungeons/towns/characters/secrets, completing many of the hidden quests; with plenty to do within the main and fairly varied side-quests (unlike many other rpg's that usually involve going from X to Y or kill ???) give a feeling of satisfaction by discovery and completing them yourself. Divinity II: DKS may not have the most involving story - don't let that put you off!!- what you do have is a vast adventure, interesting and sometimes funny characters(for wrong and right reasons), game progression, decent crafted fighting mechanics (make sure you level-up and use a form of strategy), a large open world to explore, quality graphics and atmosphere, secrets to find & solve, character rpg building...and not forgetting dragons!. The game does have faults and maybe feel a bit to overwhelming for people use to games like Fable, Mass Effect; that direct you at every situation; DKS leaves the thinking to you!. The game may disappoint in certain areas, but, it is also very well developed in many areas and overcome the not so well developed sections. Divinity II:DKS is a well produced game that will please those who like to explore and discover, achieve and accomplish, dabble in role playing and character skill building without being overwhelmed with tips/hints. A game that will appeal to those who wanted a more polished Two Worlds I, a deeper larger Fable III, a third view perspective Oblivion and a bit of Diablo action and looting...A quality Rpg and adventure for deep adventure seekers!

HINT: Make sure to save very often, esp before going into the unknown areas and before large or main battles - this is due to the auto-save working fairly randomly.

HINT: Make sure to check every areas on the map for secrets, hidden areas, side quests and looting. There's plenty to discovery that requires adventuring and exploration and are not shown on the map or hand-leads you there.

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  Amazing RPG

| | See all PandaDrunk's reviews (27)

I bought this game as soon as I finished the demo because I was so impressed at how hard the demo was.

If you need your games to hold your hand and tell you to go to A then B for quests and story then this is not for you. You find quests all over the place and you need to search every inch of the map to find everything, and as an old school PC RPG player I love this idea because it gets you into more battles and your ass kicked a lot.

The fights are hard and even when you are a higher level than the monster they can outnumber you or just get a lucky hit that finished you off.

Some people say the graphics are not up to par with other games, but I personally think they are good enough to impress and the other parts of the game more than make up for some of the slight detail issues.

Easily worth 5 stars because the game is long and story great with some very hard boss fights.

Add the fact your getting a free add on and its a sure buy.

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  Very solid, but not without some frustrations.

| | See all SimianWonder's reviews (15)

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (DKS) is a rather old-school RPG at heart.

First things first, despite the improvements since the release of Ego Draconis, DKS is not a great looking game. Some of the environments look quite nice, but the character models are pretty terrible, especially facially, and the way your hero moves makes it very difficult to really immerse yourself in the game. Case in point; jump off a 200ft cliff, he (or she) will get into the falling animation and then... nothing. They stay locked in that single frame until they hit the floor. Oh, and hitting the floor doesn't hurt one bit apparently, regardless of the size of the fall. There's no tumble, then pick yourself up, the land on both feet and carry on. It's just weird, and I find it very odd that no one mentioned such a thing when they were reworking the game. The frame rate is a bit choppy in places too, especially when it gets busy.

For the most part though, gameplay is pretty solid. It's a massive, massive game, and while I doubt many will need the claimed 100 hours to go through it, I don't doubt that you could easily put that and more into exploring the world entirely. It's not an easy game either, the regular 'normal' difficulty providing ample challenge for the most part. In many ways, comparisons with Oblivion and Fable seem appropriate, having the former's huge open world and the latter's black/grey morality infused throughout. Your choices in the game really are significant as well, much more so than in most titles that try similar things, and you'll have many life or death decisions to make.

That said, it does have problems. Your Hero is mute, making it hard to really feel anything for you in-world avatar, and most of the characters, even the big bad, are underwritten, as though the game expects you to like / hate key characters just because. Bioware do this sort of thing so much better.

So, it's a good game. Yes, undoubtedly. However, it's still not as polished as perhaps it could have been, there are still bug and it still crashes occasionally (usually whilst saving, which is very, very annoying) and it's definitely not as good as the likes of Oblivion or Dragon Age: Origins. Fable... well, Fable's much more charming, but much shorter too.

Ah yes, the Dragon. Almost forgot. No, you don't get your Dragon Powers until a good way in, probably fifteen hours or so and even then, they're a little underwhelming. Still, it's a nice gimmick.

The score then? I'd like to give it three and a half stars, because there's loads to do, and it's clearly had a lot of work put into it, but the slight sense of scrappiness to it still pervades, and the reasonably frequent glitches do take some of the shine off.

So, three stars it is. Good, but not great, and those hankering after a really good RPG with dragons would be best checking out Dragon Age, those after the best RPG on the 360 should be looking at either Oblivion or Mass Effect 2.

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  The BEST Xbox RPG

| | See all Ommadawn's reviews (10)

This has been one of the biggest gaming surprises for me.

I bought this expecting a poor, run of the mill, no depth RPG. I couldn't be more wrong.

For me, it outshines those big titles like Oblivion and Fallout. The gameplay is smooth, it has a no fuss interface, it's controls spot on, levelling system is fun, no grinding whatsoever, 100's of quests, etc, etc

I could go on and on with praise for this amazing release. Oh, and the devs have done an incredible job updating the graphics for the Xbox.

The only glaring downside is the loading times when exiting buildings. It can take up to 30 seconds. It's not a deal breaker when the game is this good.

I highly recommend Divinity 2. It's without question the best game I've played this year (if not the last two years).

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  Why do the best bits happen near the end!?

| | See all mum8l35's reviews (4)

Overall a good game, enjoyed the gameplay, although fighting can get a bit samey as it's very much button bashing hack n' slash!! The story was ok and the cutscenes are graphically impressive. But why oh why do you only get to be a dragon when you get to the final area of the game? Half the reason I got this game was because I thought this would bring another aspect of gaming to a RPG but it falls short as it's too near the end! Overall a good game but I can't help feeling slightly robbed dragon wise, lets hope the expansion fills those gaps for me!

  A great package and deal!

| | See all BentleyBros's reviews (7)

Definitely one of my favourite RPG's on the 360. Divinity II is awesome! At first it may seem like your traditional RPG with you running around completing quests, slaying monsters and looting corpses. But eventually you get the ability to transform into a dragon...which is as fun as it sounds and It definitely helps the game feel more original. Technically there are a few hiccups and the game doesnt look amazing, but it's an improvement over the original Divinity 2 that was released before. If you're a fan of old fashioned PC RPG's, you should pick this up. It can actually be quite difficult at times though, especially if you dont level your character properly. That shouldn't put anybody off though! If you want a game that will keep you entertained for ages, buy this! You do get Divinity II Ego Draconis and the added Flames of Vengeance on one disc. Thats two full games!!!