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Fight Night Champion

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (30 reviews)"

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| | See all Konflict's reviews (5)

First let me say alot of reviews of this type always smells suspiciously like an employee of the company grabbing free PR. Let me say this is not the case. I'm gonna keep it brief and simple. This game is Brilliant. The controls are now fluid and fast making counterpunching and powerpunching happen as and when u want rather than some daft charge time or window of opportunity. If u like boxing buy it. I banged out Cotto in 3 rounds using Pacquiao. Only drawback is that the roster is mainly Classic boxers. You will not find the likes of Ryan Rhodes or Katsidis in here. I may be wrong but even Mickey Ward is missing. Barring that slight niggle this is an amazing title

  K.O. Game!

| | See all moosehead79's reviews (29)

Very slick controls help make combinations punches in this game feel more realistic. Still haven't gone through all the different modes in the game, but at the end of the day it's essentially all about the boxing. Graphically this game is up there with the best EA has to offer & the sound is pretty cool too.
My favourite part of game is the cinematic shot of your boxer crunching his oponent on the chops.
TIP - everytime the camera zooms in for a second remember to counter-punch, it doesn't have to be a power punch to KO your opponent.

  Really good game

| | See all aetmd2011's reviews (1)

I have never been into the fight night collection but downloaded the demo for this and i was amazed at how fun it is i have never stopped playing it, got it pre ordered im looking forward to the legacy mode as it looks fun and indepth where you have to start in the amatures. My presonal best is KO on Ali vs Tyson in 10 seconds my first punch of the fight.

  Looking good

| | See all se6ne3's reviews (2)

I agree with Johnny. I looks like they may have finally got rid of that annoying 'Low Blow' exploit where the stamina of the person constantly spamming the low blows does not go down even though they are blocked.

However the person recieving the lows suffers from the stamina being reduced pretty quickly. EA said they had apparently released a patch for this but the game still suffers from the same problem. For me this ruined any Multiplay as the person you where fighting would just resort to this tactic and any kind of 'Boxing' would go out the window.

Fight Night Champion plays pretty slick though

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  Awesome Dude

| | See all paulgibbons's reviews (5)

Completely Agree with Johhny Awesome game. Having played all the Fight Night this is by far the best. Can't wait for the full game to come out. Recommended based on the demo

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  Without doubt the best Fight Night yet

| | See all Johnnypublic's reviews (4)

EA have taken Fight Night 4 and have improved upon it a lot more than I was expecting. Being a huge Fight Night fan I loved Fight Night 4. However, especially playing online I hated the 'game killing' tactics some people would use. The unrealistic body-body-body punching tactics for the entire fight (where usually a few uppercuts would usually stop that in a real boxing match - the old controls made upper cuts a thumb rotating pain in the backside), and the extremely annoying arcade like special punches I also found extremely annoying. Fight Night 4's power modifier was also flawed as you could only use it on certain punches. Now you can simply hold RB and unleash a stinging left jab, or any other punch you try.

Counter punching in Fight Night 4 was also unrealistic, where everything seemed to freeze for an instant, and in that freeze you'd have to get your punch away. Now, a counter punch is exactly what it is in real life. You evade a punch, then instantly ping a counter. The new full spectrum punch control system works a dream. A simplified version of Fight Night 4's version, and surprisingly it's not dumbed down. It just works a lot faster. Very realistic boxing fights. Signature styles for all the legends of the ring and a wide variety of knock outs and knock downs, from one punch ref stops the fight instantly moments, to using a flurry of punches to chop your opponent down punch by punch against the ropes.

I really don't have a clue what Alzo is talking about. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but this is a far more realistic boxing game and a lot more fine tuned than Fight Night 4. My game of the year already.

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| | See all MythWaker's reviews (3)

The demo is amazing, having played all fight nights - which I thought 3 was the best and 4 was not as good but this is something else! You feel every punch and it play's so fluid you almost start to cry with pain when you get hit from every direction.
Awsome game and have pre ordered mine !
P.s The graphics are also sublime!

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  If its not broken...

| | See all Alzo91's reviews (9)

Fight night 1 was great, 2 took it to the next level, 3 improved the already amazing graphics and physics, 4 ruined the controls but was still the best one yet, this one? No. Why? Well something i am going to call snake arms. Beggining of the round, walk straight at your opponent and throw a strong hook, they don't block so its a direct hit- on any other fight night you would know you just landed a very good hit, but not any more. Instead, your hand pretty much rolls off of their face like they are all vaselined up and they don't even flinch a little but, not even 3 rounds in from an uppercut when they are rocked. And rocked is another issue, now when you rock them a little health bar appears, which you have to deplete to knock them down- 5 strong hooks in a row later, and they are still standing. Great. This game was one of the best out there and EA has tried to improve perfection, they failed- all they needed to do was give us FN4 and update the roster and we would have been happy.
Good points. Graphics are now, somehow, even more spectacular.
And maybe i am being a bit harsh, you can knock them over and occasionally they might flinch, but nopt a times that make sense really- hopefully this demo is a poor show of unfinished business?
I should say that it is still a lot of fun, but compared to the previous titles, it isn't what we have been waiting for.

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| | See all molemole's reviews (1)

demo is good looking foward to full game , punches seem better than ever before and it looks like champion mode is gonna be good

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