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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

Being a lover of oblivion I had to buy this. By the way I am reviewing it when I played it when it had alot of glitches etc. I clocked 90 hours gameplay over 3 weeks that is how good this game is. The graphics are amazing, the level system is amazing, the map is amazing. There is so many misc objectives and side quests you cant imagen the amount of time spent needed to complete them all. Also new to the elder scrolls is the Shout skill which lets you weaken/blast/minipulate your enemies and also helps alot with the dragons. The dragons are very hard which is why its good they put the difficulty option in so you can change it. There are many cool looking weapons and the scenery is truly breathtaking. There isnt many bad things I can say about this game other than the glitches that were on it when it first came out, causing me to loose out on one main achievement after doing 47 / 50. Also doing a whole dungeon for nothing as a pathway glitched blocking my way. But those are fixed no doubt so whatever you pay for this, if you love RPG's, you'll LOVE this. Just try not to get too addicted... one of my TOP 5 games ever!

  Say goodbye to your social life!

| | See all AndyHead78's reviews (2)

Just over 70 hours into the game and have barely scratched the surface. Oblivion was big, this is massive. Changes in the gameplay from Oblivion have made many areas of the game easier and more user-friendly, improving the whole experience. I absolutely love this game, which will keep me occupied for many, many more hours. Only one gripe, and you'll know when you meet him..."Everything's for sale"!

  Must buy game.

| | See all SeanForbes's reviews (2)

The fifth instalment of the Elder Scrolls series has a lot to offer, with a vast open world full of dungeons and treasures, UNLIMITED side-quests, and an action packed story line.

Trying not to give away any spoilers, you are Dovahkiin, a hero born with the blood of dragons and here to slay the mighty dragon Aludin and stop him from destroying the world. With tonnes of game content and storyline's to follow, Skyrim will consume hours of gameplay.

This is a must have game for 2012.

Only downside in my opinion are that it can be a bit repetitive and predictable, but that shouldn't stop you from buying this game.

  Superb,just one thing tho....

| | See all chillies's reviews (2)

As has been said in previous reviews,the scale of the this game is astonishing both in terms of playable area and game depth.Take a bow Bethesda.

Which begs the question,is the game so huge that it at times overwhelms the player with options?You can go anywhere,do anything AND follow the main story path which leads to having more things on your todo list at the end of the day than what you started with even tho you've completed loads of others.Like i said,HUGE.

If you are prepared to devote a sizeable part of your life for the forseeable future playing this game then buy and enjoy,you will however be finding yourself ignoring phonecalls,avoiding friends,leaving work just a little early.....

5 star game but if you are the "i'll just go on the xbox for half an hour" type of gamer then it ain't for you because this game deserves far more from you than that.

  Skyrim is Impressive, Even if it's not Perfect

| | See all JustGreatThings's reviews (7)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers everything you've come to expect from the series: An enormous, detailed and vibrant world to explore at your leisure, dozens of quests to become embroiled in, a beautiful soundtrack and of course, a completely forgettable main questline. Allow me to dwell on that latter-most sentiment for a moment. Skyrim has, quite possibly, the dullest, most mediocre main story in a game that I've played in a long time. Despite the infinite potential that a story filled with ancient dragons and bloody political feuds had, Bethesda decided instead to just throw together a muddled, hackneyed attempt at something epic, with the ironic result of a pathetic distraction that never manages to get itself off the ground.
Thankfully though, riveting story-lines have never been what made The Elder Scrolls such a cherished RPG series. No, what makes Skyrim so unique is its world. The sheer enormity of what Bethesda has created here in the province of Skyrim simply cannot be overstated. It's almost frightening how quickly real hours slide by as you become engrossed in Skyrim's virtual ones. Honestly, half the time I don't even know what I would be spending my time doing. Picking flowers and hunting elk, probably. And it's therein lies the true genius of Skyrim. What makes it great will never be its storied moments or scripted scenes, no, what makes Skyrim so special is the things you do yourself. Little memories like stumbling on an alchemist's woodland camp, or uncovering a beautiful hidden glade, all of these little stories you forge yourself are what make the experience a whole one. Not some rubbish about a Dragonborn.


| | See all squirtyshaz1's reviews (3)

This game is mind blowing, so many places to discover so many missions to complete. So far I have played over 100 hrs on this game which is more than any game I have ever played before and I'm still finding fantastic missions and new locations. The game looks stunning and there is so much attention to detail. I absolutely love it and it will take a lot of effort to ever beat the magnitude of this game FAB!!!!!

  Simply unbelievable!!!!!

| | See all PrivateRyan76's reviews (9)

I'm not gonna spout on like others.....just simply buy it its the most unbelievable game I have ever played!!! The Bogs Dollox...so much to do... Ive logged over 20hrs play time so far and havent even scratched the surface!!!!

  Great game but..

| | See all KreemK's reviews (68)

This game is epic but as good as it is, it's without a doubt THE most bugged game I've ever played. The main problems I've encountered are with encountering enemies whilst wandering around, killing them and then later on in the game you may get a mission to go back to that location and kill them - the game doesn't respawn them so the mission cannot be completed. I've also had a handful of lockups and the pointer (which is supposed to indicate where you need to go) is unreliable at best. However, if you're prepared to put up with all of that, this game has some of the best graphics I've seen for a long time - the scenery is just stunning in places. It's got a great character development system and the ability to craft items and upgrade them is simple and a lot of fun.

Fantastic game - it just needs an update that deals with the mission problems.


| | See all grayskunk's reviews (9)

I have been playing computer/video games for nearly 25 years and this is my favourite game of all time, the complaints about the load times I get but for me waiting 10seconds occasionally can be annoying but to be honest the game is just so good it is worth the wait.
It is basically Oblivion with nobs on, the making weapons is better, as is the potion making and add into that you can take animal skins and tan them to make leather strips to then use to make armour is amazing, I have always loved the element of free roaming Oblivion and Morrowind allowed and Skyrim is no exception you can go off and treasure hunt and if and when you feel like going back to the missions you can, watch the skies traveller!!!


| | See all CravenCottager's reviews (9)

Hated Oblivion. . . . . graphics were poor, gameplay was slow. Skyrim on the other hand. . . . . . faultless. For the size of the game you really cannot complain !!!! Graphics and gameplay are awesome. I really cannot explain just how big the game is, I have clocked up over 100 hours and there is still plenty for me to do !!!!