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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (67 reviews)"

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  10+ hours in

| | See all Superfly10101's reviews (2)

im happy to say that even after 10 hours ive gone nowhere, progressed a little bit in the story and am loving it. This game is HUGE. i met a talking dog, lost a drinking contest and found myself on the other end of the map the next day, The mission 'Journal' is very good especially for those players like me who tend to wander off the beaten track and forget what you were doing.

  5 Star treatment, but flawed

| | See all gjallarhorn's reviews (32)


Truly graet landscapes!
Great atmosphere
Lots to see and do
Beginner friendly
Beautiful sunsets, aura borealis and beautiful lighting on seas and waters.
Graphics generally, for the size of the game, are acceptable.
Sound effects (particularily when drawing and sheathing a sword) are excellent.


In-game chars have poor animations
Strange that in remote villages and towns, the local accents go from American, to Scandinavian to English. It is utterly strange for say asome parents in a town to speak one accent, and the children another. Ruins all the work done with reeling the player in with the background stories and culture of the game.
Dialogue is really not good enough. Bethesda ought take a leaf out of Bioware's Mass Effect franchise.

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  Best game in history!

| | See all amandame's reviews (2)


I have always said that Oblivion was the best game ever. And this has just topped it in so many ways.

The amount of different paths that you can take is literally endless, and there are so many new additions since Oblivion with numerous new faction quests as well as keeping with the old and beloved ones such as the Dark Brotherhood and the new version of the mages guild and fighters guild.

Just get this game, simply the best game ever.

(P.S get the strategy guide, since the skyrim uesp wiki is not complete the strategy guide is so useful.)

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  Game of The Year

| | See all Bendosh's reviews (68)

This game is stunning.

Everything has been improved over Oblivion, the combat is stunning with the ability to duel wield spells and weapons.

There are 9 major cities in the world which all differentiate from each other, from snowy towns to swampy town.

The dragons randomly spawn around the world and attack you which makes a nice feature.

There are TONNES of quests which will keep you entertained for well over 100 hours.

Every time the player uses a weapon or a spell or skill in Skyrim, their profiency with that item or in that talent goes up. Once their overall XP hits the next level, they're able to assign a talent point to the skill of their choosing.In this way, the game rewards the participant for playing in exactly the way they want to. If you want cut your way through the land using just a sword and shield, the game will ensure you become more proficient in doing so. If magic or sneaking about in the dark are more your things, you'll get better at both the more you do them.

On top of weapons and spells, the player has an edge over most opponents in the form of their Dragonborn "shouts". These are magical powers that are acquired by reading runes carved into the walls of dungeons and caves the player will encounter, and which are unlocked with the souls of the dragons they've killed.

  The sky's the limit.

| | See all DjBradderz1's reviews (1)

And it really is. Whatever way you look at this game, it's a cut above the rest. The amount of customisation in this game is, to be quite honest staggering. Right off the bat you will notice that the game has improved ten fold. The graphics are much better in comparison to Oblivion's, although this was to be expected. Combat is much smoother, both from a 1st and 3rd person view. The dual wield feature allows you to combine sword and magic, double magic etc and these can greatly improve your odds during battle (or decrease them, if you get it wrong!) The improvements on the 3rd person view may seem insignificant but they do a lot to improve the game. As one who played Oblivion from a 3rd person view (or tried to), the movement of the character left a lot to be desired - it's a lot easier to immerse yourself in a game if what you're looking at is more realistic than not. But i digress.

Those who have already played the game will have noticed the addition of 'perks' to the levelling system - not surprising, the game being made by the same developers of the Fallout series. That said, the perks are a breath of fresh air, and enable you to really get to grips with what you want you character to be. Do you want him to be a smooth talking, masterful pickpocketing archer? Or would you rather him to be a magically potent warrior? The combinations are literally endless, and you'll soon realise you'll be making more than one save on this game.

One of the best aspects of Skyrim is the spontinaity of combat. You can be riding across a plain, watching a group of giants herd mammoth (quite a sight to behold), and a dragon will swoop in out of nowhere, dispatch of the other creatures before turning it's attention towards you. And despite the various expletives that will run through your mind at that point, you'll realise that Bethesda really went to town on this game.

Another thing you will quickly establish is the map - IT'S HUGE. To ride across half of it (taking into account the various battles) took about 40 minutes. When you really think about it, that's quite substantial, and you could be forgiven for thinking it'd get tedious. Of course, the fast travel option is available, but there's more than enough to keep your attention even as you just wander/ride through the wilderness.

The various guilds give you plenty of choice should you want to specialise in a particular trade. Without giving too much away, there's plenty of bonuses to be obtained should you go through a guild's quest, some much more startling that others!

In all honesty, there are few things to genuinely complain about. The loading times can be quite long at times but, this would only be a problem if the gameplay itself wasn't worth waiting for - and it is. There will be the odd occasion where you'll walk through a village and see an NPC hanging out of a wall, or stuck on another NPC but, to be quite honest, these do little to take away from the fact that Skyrim is a truly awesome game.

One warning: be prepared to call into work sick, as it's very easily to lose track of time while playing!

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  Awsome A+

| | See all AmbitiousTerror's reviews (3)

I have been playing this game for 2 days now and cannot put it down, the graphics are absolutly stunning, the world is huge and full of thing to explore, i have to say hats off to bathesda the game play and variety of game is unreal i have only unlocked about 3% of the game in just over 36hrs of game time. This is a must for RPG fans or Action Adventure Fans as it blends the leveling up with action game play superbly.


| | See all Jammy2791's reviews (13)

WOW, actually got this on the 10/11/11 due to early delivery. The game so far has been fantastic, the level of detail, to the new faces of characters, with far more indepth selection on your characters face. New layout of menu's, maps and skill pages are great, along with a far better 'Faviourite' selection which allows you hot key as many items as you want. Far more ways + combinations to key your enemies, as well as cool finishing moves. i understand this review it short, but it's only been a day into an otherwise epic game !

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| | See all shauniep's reviews (1)

All I can say is wow! it got here a day early! and it is so much better than I even thought it would be I would definitely recommend this to any gamer and not just rpg fans! :D

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  A must buy !!!

| | See all baggio76's reviews (2)

Although better in many ways than oblivion, they have stayed true to what bethedsa do best. It feels like you have been here before only much better. Brilliant !!!

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