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Forza Motorsport 4 (Kinect Compatible)

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (26 reviews)"

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  Beats bottom

| | See all hotchillimum's reviews (1)

This game is so fantastic. My friend has got gt5 and i had gt5 prologue and goodness me forza beats it. Shame there are no porsches, only a couple of rufs (modified porsches) all in all a superfandabbydoobytastic game

  Well done on a great game yet again!

| | See all Denboy1's reviews (3)

I was slightly worried on how they could improve of Forza 3 but 4 really is worth the money.
Improved graphics combined with an increase in difficulty has made this game a MUST BUY.
Lots of additional features and menus (I won't go into them all) and it looks like they have really thought about the additional extras.
Shame it's missing the last car standing in the online play (Forza Sunday will never be the same again!) but it has been replaced by car footie!
Great game, buy it now!!!!

  Fantastic Game

| | See all AntonyJD's reviews (31)

Its Forza 3 but better in every way, car detail, physics, tyre dynamics, vibration feedback, camera shake, extra tracks and cars all help to make Forza 4 an emmersive and exciting simulator! (I was very dissapointed in the demo as the cars felt numb but the full game feels MUCH MUCH better so dont be put off by that)

  Best racing game, this generation.

| | See all SuicidelDave's reviews (2)

Forza 4 had a lot to live up to. With Forza 3 being haled as one of the best racers on Xbox the team at Turn 10 had one hell of a challenge ahead of them. They had to not only satisfy a hardcore racing community but also create a game that welcomed new comers while still being the top dog in Racing Simulation. What they created was motoring perfection. This game is fantastic with a wide variety of cars to chose from as well as difficulty settings that allow anyone to pick up and play and finally a reworked career with rewards you in your own way. Add to that a detailed online mode and a highly addictive rivals mode and you get a game of immense stature. 5 out of 5, best racer hands down.

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  Still the king of drivers. But maybe feeling a little tired.

| | See all mustang1969uk's reviews (3)

First things first, if you played 2009's Forza 3 then Forza 4 won't be too much of a suprise. Upon loading the game for the first time you are asked to do a race in the cover car (the beautiful Ferrari 458) so the game can gauge your experience level and playing style. After that it scans your XBox to see if you were a VIP on Forza 3 before gifting you some cars and credits to your account. It might well be worth buying the VIP pack for Forza 3 (on LIVE for 800points i think) if you havent already as you get the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Lambo Gallardo Superlegerra.
From then on its pretty much the same affair as the last excursion. Sure the menu system has changed a little bit to add in the XBox LIVE Rivals section and there is AutoVista mode but essentially the core game is pretty much unchanged from Forza 3. The cars are still top notch virtual recreations of the real live equivilants, the in car music is still awful (thank God you can switch it off) and the AI is still slightly dodgy (cars still randomly engage in a spot of off roading instead of simply taking corners) despite Turn 10's claims to the contrary.
The game is still the best driving game out there (and yes i also own GT5) but to me it feels as though they could have done a little more to the backend of the game rather than just tweaking the menu's, adding a few new cars and getting the Top Gear licence.
I think Forza 3.5 would have been a fairer description.
But will you like it? Well that depends if you liked the predecessor? If so then yes...if not then no...

  forza going bacKwards

| | See all stephkat's reviews (7)

i did have worries when turn 10 announced they were including Kinect into forza 4, ( totally justified it seems)

Ok gameplay, single player ai appear to have catch up ability, and is just so boring ( but i find all single player events boring)

now down to multiplayer or as i now call call it noob fest,

you would think 16 player would make for great racing, let me assure you it WILL just make you want to bounce your controller of the wall, you will be lucky to survive the first corner without some noob not braking and T boning You,

so multiplayer is a big disaster which is a shame as its what forza was looking for, but its just down to who can barge the best skill has left the building.

kinda really disapointed as i am a forza veteran, and was so looking forward to this game, maybe when all the noobs to go back to call of duty or kinect sports then it might be worth playing HERES HOPING,.....roll on battlefield 3

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  Most realistic driving game out yet

| | See all ThomasJT's reviews (3)

Forza has delivered again in my opinion and is one of the best driving games out this year. They have added more cars and more ways of modifying your car to suit your driving style also the tuning of cars is much easier to understand for people who do not known all about car parts. All you have to read is the text to the right of the screen to roughly understand what the modifications will do. Also there are new race types that challenge your racing skills make the game even more playable. The difficultly setting is easy to use and can be easily modified. The graphic are the best I have seen in any driving game so far. Overall this game is the best so far and if you are considering a driving game I would high recommend it.

  ps3 man

| | See all pu551bo1's reviews (5)

i'm a ps3 man but bought an xbox after seeing the forza advert, and oh my god i haven't been let down!! only done a few races and this not only thrashes gt5 it laps it in all areas!!!!

  Bigger, better, brighter, longer

| | See all ArcTrooper1773's reviews (1)

All in all, an improvement over the last instalment, though an undertone of GT5... 'homage' drifts in and out (much like how windows is looking more like mac OS over time). Bigger means everything. Bigger car list and bigger event list mean more choice. More parts are available for the tuners and more stickers for the painters, more opponents for racers and more multiplayer for those who just don't find the AI quite enough. You can see where they're coming from, after a while - the AI is supposed to adjust to you, but it still seems to trail.

Better looks at where it matters. The feel is improved through pad or wheel (and you even find some semblance of a feeling through the mystic ghost-wheel of kinect). Telling the game what you want to do is *very* cool, although still easier to do with controller when it's already been ingrained in muscle memory from the last 10 years ("turn, you cow" still doesn't work, either!). The lighting is better, Autovista is just a dream, and the models look somehow better placed in the world around them, if a little garish in the light.

And that's where brighter comes in. You thought that new Star Trek film had a lot of lens-flare. Not even close, especially on Turn 10's much-touted new Alps track. A point well made by my inexpert father is that if the line to tell you where to go disappears in the reflection from the road, chances are you haven't thought enough about lighting or colours used.

Longer is just as it was above. More events to choose from means a lengthier experience, though there are much fewer laps in each race - not quite as satisfying, but then again less boring on that track you just really *hate*, and for the same sense of accomplishment on crossing the line. Longer also is the career progression, ramping up driving xp three times and xp for cars a whopping ten times - credz mean prizes, kids, and you get them in abundance with each of these levels. Spend less, too, when your upgrades are free after a half-hour hooning around in one car.

All in all, could have been worse. Not quite the GT5 killer they wanted, but then again, GT5 was not exactly the climax for driving games they'd hoped for either. There's a much greater sense of ownership, here. While it would be nice to auto vista your own cars (you're limited to around 30 in the game itself, all specially-modelled extra-high-poly versions of the ones that you can drive in the game. Except the Warthog. Damn, warthogs around the top gear track would have been *awesome*), it's still nice to peer into the boot or under the bonnet, start the engine, watch it explode in the "explore" mode (do it with the Mclaren F1, but make sure you've got a towel handy - drool ensues).

five for five is mainly down to that extra sense of feel on the track and ownership in the menus - there are some moments you look and you double-take at the car you built, indistinguishable from a real one bar the bright pink paintwork and green wheels, squatting low next to that Toyota Hilux in the top gear studio, and the smile you get rarely drops from your face, however brainless the AI can act.


| | See all PublicDisturbance's reviews (33)

It's an ok game. More of the same from the previous Forza. Lighting effects are moderately better but make the cars look too shiney and unrealistic. The rest hasn't really changed, textures are muddy up close, the new levels are reliant on photo backdrops to try and appear realistic. Graphics are still average on the whole. People praise this as one of the finest looking xbox games but I come form a PC gaming background so i'm not as easily impressed.

They've made the game too easy with bonuses, too much cash payouts, 100% discount on parts after levelling up your car level and random exp bonuses. By an early level you're rolling in cash, and with the choice of cars per level up everythings made too eays from the start. It's just a dumbed down experience to cater to the console kid generation.

The car handling is somewhat nicer but it's still not a challenging game with all the assists off. At least you can remove the rewind feature which really did remove this from being a simulator in Forza 3 in my opinion. Still it's a shame that, as with any console game, anti aliasing is none existent as is really required when playing on a large screen.

All in all it's more of the same. Certainly preferable to GT5 as this is actually a finished game and doesn't have "premium cars" and other's simply ported from the previous game. But it's a short lived game. Half way through the races and character levels in a solid days gaming due to all these exp and cash bonuses....boring.

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