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Battlefield 3: Limited Edition

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (58 reviews)"

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  Best War Game since Operation Flashpoint!!!

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This is so much better than call of duty.
The single player campaign is totally enthralling and takes a good amount of time to complete.
The best thing about this game is the online multiplayer. The maps are huge and well thought out. Modes such as Gun Master (where everyone starts on a level playing field with the same gun) and rush (where you have to advance as a team through enemy lines) are so addictive you just can't stop playing them.
If you like any free roam or 1st person shooters then you will love this game. If you are a big fan of the military games then you will probably wee yourself as you won't be able to leave your sofa to go to the loo!
However, be warned that this game is so good and there is so much to do that everything else in your life gets neglected.
Even the weapons and vehicles are the latest technologies such as the F-35 stealth fighter and Havoc helicopter.

  Single Player Review

| | See all Antnos's reviews (4)

This may be very obvious, but don't buy this for single player, it has a boring short storyline, little to no control over what happens, everything is scripted, as in move here, shoot him, press this button... which is surprising in a game designed for open world multi-player.. If it's multi-player you're after great, but others avoid..

  Excellent game, just give it chance

| | See all RicardoTubbs's reviews (14)

I must confess to being a fully fledged BBC2 fan boy - I loved that game so I was always going to buy this. However the first few plays of BF3 I thought that it was utter tosh. Its hard to put a finger on, there was jsut something about the way you hop over obstacles that left me feeling sick, the graphics seemed confused and the most annoying bit was getting my backside handed back to me on a bullet ridden plate all the time. 8/9 hrs of play later and I have realised how wrong I was. The game is much more detailed and involved than BBC2, the levels(?) / maps encourage far more creeping around and hunting down, the weapons are harder to handle but more rewarding when used correctly and the gun battles over disputed flags are awesome. Wrestling over a contested choke point is much more involving that BBC2 and the rehashed class systems, although odd at first, really seems to work. Going prone adds a lot to the game - snipers are unbelievalby annoying now, but i guess they would be in real life(!), but on the other hand crawling around an objective really adds to the involvement.
The game moded are fantastic as well with the classics still there but with a few extras- team deathmatch introduces the chaotic bloodbath that CODers would like.
Dont make the mistake I did - this isn't BBC2 updated, its BF3 - its a different game with similar but differnt skill to learn. It isnt perfect - the knife attack leaves me swearing and launching controllers across the room as I stand behind someone hammering the button but achieving little more that a back massage for the enemy soldier before he turns and guns me down, my eyes do hurt a little from the perhaps slightly over detailed scenes as they move rapidly past and I remain to be convinced by the jets as I cant really fathom what they add (perhaps I need to simply get better with them) so I'd give it 4 not 5 stars. It is definitiely worth getting as its an immense game, but it will require a bit of patience to get into and get some stuff unlocked to help you find your feet.

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  A* for developer efforts

| | See all n1ntai's reviews (13)

You can tell the developer has put in a lot of effort and really built it from the ground up. Incredible graphics (for the dated tech) and an excellent number of weapons and gadgets. This game is the epitome of strategy and teamwork and that makes it much more rewarding and fun. Expect the usual Battlefield characteristics but in this instance exceeded expectations.

I don't understand how some people reviewing here think MW3 has better graphics! I thought they were worse than Black Ops imo. Don't take some of these jokers' reviews seriously. If you want an arcade run n gun experience buy cod, but take a look at its reviews first, then realise you're making a mistake and buy BF3 like most other converts have.

The new map pack of remakes has done the former titles proud. A must buy addition.

BF3 over MW3
360 over PS3
(I own both)

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| | See all angelus388's reviews (1)

Well i now own both this and mw3 and have to say that this is the worst multiplayer game ive ever played. i used to have bad company and that was ok online but this is just naff.
If you want a game that is ten times better looking than this and plays fantastic online then go for MW3 or go back to bad company as this has people who just camp on spawn points and it is just a poor game.

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  The new FPS King!

| | See all NEWBKILLA's reviews (3)

I have always played both BF and COD. I bought both MW3 and BF3 on release day and to some it up, I now have 3 hours game play on COD and 28 hours on BF3. The campaign is really good but a little short, the co-op is entertaining and the multiplayer is great all round with far more options than COD. The graphics are really sharp and up todate where as MW3 looks only slightly better than MW2, which was fine 2 years ago!

I would give it five stars but its not perfect, just really good.
Give it a go.


| | See all Ayres95's reviews (1)

I Wasnt expecting too much when i bought the game mainly out of so many friends playing it and giving it Rave reviews, so i bought it to see what all the hype was about. The game is brilliant, the graphics are fantastic but the way the game plays is second to none. It has outgrown my expectations and blown Modern Warfare 3 from the water in a beautifully crafted game.

  Excellent Multiplayer

| | See all masterchie118's reviews (1)

Single player is only average and just a run though till you get to the real action online.
It looks great and plays great and the ranking, weapons, teamplay and fun are superb. If you had the fortune to play BF2 on PC you will know how much fun this game is. Sadly i play on xbox360 and the graphics although excellent are not at the modern PC level and it only supports 24 players versus an incredible 64 on PC.
Being smaller teams can make for more close action but I would love a crack at the mayhem of 64 player down the line when i get a good spec PC.
Great game, takes time to master so don't panic if you are getting slaughtered early on.
Most of the players are experienced vets from BF2 or BFBC2 and the like.
Give it day or so and you will be collecting dogtags and making serious headshots.

Only problem is it may kill your social life and or relationship!!

Cracking game, can't wait for the new or even old maps to launch on 13/12, Wake Island was always epic!!

Good times, GET IT!

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  Great Game

| | See all Funkmastersam's reviews (3)

This game is deffinatly worth buying, it has an amazing mulitiplayer and with the great maps it feels like a proper warzone. With that in mind though when you first start out it is difficult and you may struggle at first but once you pass that first stage the game gets amazing. Overall i find the multiplayer better in battlefield but the campain is not as good as the multiplayer. I would suggest that if you dont have online that you buy the new COD instead because there campain tends to be better but the online is not as good as BF3. Overall this game is outstanding online a must buy

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