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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

Rating: 3+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  Tiger woods PGA 12

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When I first got this hated it, I only bought it as 10 had been taken offline. However once i got used to the differences, the annoying caddy it has to be said now i can't stay of it, one annoying feature is that you have to rebuy any courses previously bought. Why can't EA at least give you a discount for courses previusly purchased. In 13 they have juggled game courses and DLC so you have to buy again the same courses in 12.
Good game once you get into it, difficult to start with but if my mum can get good at it then so can anyone

  Very enjoyable

| | See all Lyon1986's reviews (1)

If EA had jus realesed another years tiger woods with no aditions everyone would be moaning about their money grabbing, now they have added a caddie which makes you take a bit more time and play it like a proper game of golf everyone is moaning aswell! Can't win with some people, but the graphics improvement caddie addition, the fact your carreer heads towards something and the feature of saving your golf round when ever you want to, i find this a great update!

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  A definate hole in one...... with a BIG downside!

| | See all JimmyKoll's reviews (11)

Ignore the haters, first of all the Tiger Woods franchise has required a much needed face lift for years, and we've finally got it! The whole layout is better; they really have stepped away from the gimmicky look to its predecessors. This is definitely more of a golf-sim.
The new caddy feature is good, sure to begin with he doesn't really offer any "game winning" tips, but it is a nice touch, and I'm sure once you start to master courses his help will be invaluable.
Road to the Masters, this is basically you're season game mode which has replaced the Skills mode & PGA Tour season, and is (in short) a combination of both of them. It looks nice and plays nice too.
Sponsorships - gone are the days of having to pay 15,000 XP for a cap, or 32,000 XP for a golf ball. Basically XP is what it stands for now (X-Perience), the XP you earn is used only for upgrading your skills/ All all pro-shop items are free, depending on what sponsorship deals you've achieved. Basically each sponsor (i.e. Calloway, Taylormade, Nike, etc.) have 4 levels of sponsorship, and to complete each level you need to complete certain objectives (sink a 25 foot putt with their putter, chip in with their iron, etc..), and each subsequent level you complete you unlock more gear.

THE DOWNSIDE, there are a massive 34 (I think) courses on Tiger Woods 12, which is great ("but what's the downside I here you cry?"), well the down side is you have to download 16 (I think) of them, which will probably cost in the region of 20gbp+.

In summary;, the game feels, looks and plays great, but I do feel a bit cheated by having to pay for extra courses, which may I add you need to 100% complete you season - if you don't have them you have to skip them and lose valuable player points. Still I am going buy these, because I love the game, and as for the 3-click complaints made by other gamers...... who the heck still uses this prehistoric system, analogue all the way!!!!!!!

Thanks EA & Tiger - 8.5/10

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  A bit Disappointing

| | See all DiceDuP's reviews (8)

In TW'11 I used to enjoy switching between 3click & stick control "on the fly" using 1 button, which was useful for putting. '12 forces you to go into the main menu each time. Box says "Additional 14 courses!" but you have to spend at least another 17 quid to get them via DLC. Not getting them results in you having to skip lots of events to progress.

The facial features of every golfer is a step backwards from '11 aswell. Tiger Woods looks like he's had a massive botox injection in his lips, and his cheekbones look like he's had plastic surgery. Using photoface is also nothing compared to '11.

Lots of commentary has been regurgitated from previous installments, but the presentation is at least improved.

Now, onto the Caddie. this is a new implementation from EA but it needs a lot of work to get it how it should be. By that I mean a lot of work on YOUR part. Another reviewer states that the caddie gives you shots that aren't as good as you can pick yourself. For the first season this is definately true, and even some for the second. Persisting with the caddie and progressing unlocks a rating for your caddie per-course. When you achieve Bronze level, your caddie will start to pick better shots for you, and the higher levels results in him choosing even more shots that you might not consider yourself. Even in real golf caddies aren't the "be all and end all" and most golfers will only discuss distance, wind and a few other parts of how they should play a shot. They keep a history of their golfers shots for each course and remind the golfer what they did before. The caddie in your first couple of seasons will only be truly useful on the green. Some of the greens in the Augusta course are truly difficult to read, and your caddie will show you a fairly decent spot to aim at and what pace to use - this can save you a lot of focus if playing on pro or higher as you don't need to preview your putts as much.

Now, the biggest fault for me is the 3-click mode. Using it in Amatuer mode is fine, but then you become "too good" and have to set the AI to "extremely low" scoring which becomes unrealistic when a four round tournament results in an AI achieveing -64 on tough courses. Anything less just results in you destroying the field every round. Pump up the difficulty level and the 3-click circle just becomes a lottery. You can just about keep control of the power easily, but the direction is a nightmare unless you pump loads of points into accuracy - and you won't get many points if you start as pro. Even worse, 3-click putting is almost impossible on pro or higher, and remember pro is only 1 step up from amatuer, and you have two higher difficulty levels after that!

I give it 3 stars because, even though I paid the money for the DLC, the game is still fun online, and I am praying EA might patch the game to slow down the 3-click on pro - even a little bit!

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  I agree with MAC SHEFF

| | See all weeman247's reviews (28)

This game is so poor. Stick with previous Tiger Woods. Do not waste your money on this. I think they have rushed this out. They should have held this back and incorporated it into Kinect.

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| | See all MACSHEFF's reviews (4)

Im sorry but I totally disagree with the previous five stars. this game may include Augusta but apart from that this is really NOT as good as 2011 .there is no manual included they are trying to save paper. the caddie is a total nuisance and you have to remove him for every shot to move the player to cope with wind speed and direction.The three click system is so quick that it is almost impossible to control the direction of the ball .and as for putting it is just unbelievable.Sorry just not good!!!

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  Tiger woods

| | See all keshio's reviews (2)

I have not receieved my copy yet and i ordered it last week disgrace!!!! but even so i have had to rent it out from a local store and i think the game itself is unreal. Like nothing i have played before defo worth buying but be carefull if you order from here as i have still yet no got mine and the code for the free course doesnt work to add insult to injury. But none the less its a game every golfing gamer should buy if you thought 10 and 11 was it doesnt compare to this. The only downfall to this game is that there is not the top 10 players from the actual tour on here. Where the hell is westwood and mickleson etc y dont they put these players on. The caddie is great helps you alot whilst playing in bad conditions etc.

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