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Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (29 reviews)"

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  Waste of money

| | See all p1nballwiz4rd's reviews (2)

i urge you not to buy this game. Long, boring animated sequences that cant be skipped, fluffy useless controls, horrible graphics, very very annoying and repetitive voice over that resulted in me playing a lot of the game muted. for some reason theres no multiplayer. For all of you that will inevitably call me a 'cod boy' i would like to point out i am well aware of tactics and everything else this game is supposed to bring to the table having served as a royal marine. i can honestly say that this game is more frustrating than real warfare. massive let down from dragon rising

  Dragon rises again

| | See all IronLion's reviews (10)

Plays pretty much the same than the previous OFP: Dragon Rising. Not the best graphics nor the A.I. but I prefer these "realistic" tactical shooters.

I bought it to play co-op with my friends and we got campaign's best that way. If you liked Dragon Rising buy this one too.


| | See all DMArecords's reviews (18)

Another outstanding effort from codemasters.
This is everything you could ever ask for in a game of this type.
The landscape is vast and detailed, with the missions travelling over great distances.
Fighting is sometimes intense and required skill in controlling your team and advancing, and when the fighting is less intense you can use stealth and sniping skills to take out targets 100s of meters away.
The graphics are excellent and the weaponry is diverse and suitable.
The missions are dynamic and progressive with great diversity and takes you from being a small squad on recon to being in an all out battlefield in front of an advancing army.
Some levels are difficult and the travelling between missions can be a bit too long but it is still all worth it.
If you have not played Operation Flashpoint games before then start with "Dragon Rising" and if you enjoyed Dragon Rising then you will certainly enjoy this.
I rank this game much better than any Call of Duty or Medal of Honour so far!

  Awesome game, highly recommended!

| | See all bobble14988's reviews (16)

This game is truly excellent. I liked the COD:MW games but they're way too arcad-ie. This game puts you on the outskirts of the battlefield and leaves you to make the call on how to proceed with the mission.

There is none of this, "unlimited ammo, unlimited enemies" rubbish like in other games. You really have to be aware of what is going on around you. But that doesn't mean the game is so realistic and serious that its boring, it really isn't. Future Modern Warfare games should take some real inspiration from this game.

Each level you progress your chosen class through levels and with each new level you get new weapons, weapon mods, accessories and specialist gear and you also get class mods too. With the levelling-up feature, the game's play-time is way higher than the COD games.

As a side note: I haven't played multi-player yet but the previews I've seen look awesome. I really hope this, and the plenty of other positive comments, will tempt people into buying this game because more sales mean more games of this nature and this kind of game needs at least one sequel! (Yes, I am aware of the other OF games and will probably be buying those too after I've completed this one... :) )


| | See all rockmonkey1's reviews (1)

This is such a great game. I have always been a fan of operation flaspoint since playing the demo for the cold war crisis on the pc but felt hugely let down by the last one on the xbox, so much so that i wasn't going to get this one. I was very cautious and didnt expect much to be honest! however, having played it for about an hour i was hooked, I have now been playing it for a while and it is still just as good, probably the best value for money i have ever had in a game. If you are unsure (especially because of the last one!) dont be its a totally immersive, realistic, addicting and spectacular game

  Operation nearly at boiling point.

| | See all FRIDGE1981's reviews (28)

I have almost completed this game and I would describe it like this. The ground work is there, the foundations are solid and the feel is almost life like. It just needs a final polish to smooth out all the little lumps. The story is atypical and the graphics are largely of good quality, some distant glitches here and there but nothing wildly annoying.

The game play is quite realistic and the whole feel of the game is expressed through this. Its an intellectual shooter, with decision making involved. Its not your standard search and destroy. Its squad based and as to whether the controls are easier to navigate (as promised) well im "on the fence".

I like the fact that when you get shot you dont just shrug it off and carry on. I also like ordering the team about to achieve this or that. Sometimes they go a little awol and do their own thing but its a rarity - again nothings flawless.

In conclusion this game is a lot better than its pre-decessor. It may not necessarily be worth a purchase, but it is definately worth playing.

  A good game to buy for people tiring of FPS

| | See all ThomasJT's reviews (3)

This game is one I would highly recommend to gamers who find COD boring and as cod is slow degrading into a easier game. The new operation flashpoint has not let down on expectation. Their has being a lot of discrediting this game by people who have not thought about how to play it e.g running in guns blazing. How I have played the first operation flashpoint and I do believe it is a lot more easeir than the first due to co-op spawn system has being refined via allowing to spawn yourself in the middle of a fire fight. The Player vS Player has being thrown away and replaced with you mission to play. Also customisations into what you want to use improves the game. Also farther than just fighting with your fireteam you fight in a squad.Their are no major problems with this game the only disappointment is the only veichal that you can use is a jeep however if your an solder on a battle feild your not really going going to drive a tank. In my opinion this is a good game however if you are not someone who thinks things though I would not recommend it.


| | See all sdh963's reviews (164)

If you are a COD drone you may not like it as it takes thought and skill to progress. No jumping about with guns like kangaroos. In fact it does not have a jump button... which is true to life. Humans can not jump in real life like they do in the childish COD games.

Comes in to life in 4p coop, and you really get a sense of working as a team to complete objectives.

Some have moaned that it is all set in the same location... perhaps that is why it is called Flashpoint...

Location is in the same area and scenery, but it is amazingly detailed and gorgeous to look at. Plus the missions are varied and interesting.

The night mission for example is brilliant, with the night vision actually looking real.

Sniping on this game is a treat too, as the bullet drop and time for bullets to travel has a significant effect on your long distance shots.

I have almost 1000g'd this game and I only bother doing that with titles that are exceptionally good.

I think it is the best shooter I have played since Bad Company 2

  An improvement on Dragon Rising

| | See all Healy360's reviews (28)

The series, Operation Flashpoint has been around since the mid-1990s but it was only back in 2009 that Operation Flashpoint became prominent. Red River's (like its predecessor, Dragon Rising) enemy is once again at China in which the US Marines enter a country called Tajikistan to flush out insurgents so that they can stop attacks within Afghanistan. However China has misgivings about the US entering into another country so it demands the US to leave. When the US refused to do so, China enters the battle which brings to an interesting situation. Well that's what the game is about in a nutshell.

However, I never really cared about the plot. All I got from the game is trying to get from point A and point B and hopefully survive without getting shot. This is not any ordinary FPS game, first of all, the game is squad-based - as a result, you have to command a squad to eliminate enemies whilst trying to stay away from enemy fire. Now this might be like a Ghost Recon style of play, but it's a bit easier than Ghost Recon. Whereas getting shot in Ghost Recon is quite catastrophic, getting shot during Red River is not as life threatening. However this does not mean the game is as easy as Call of Duty or Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Leading a gun-ho all guns blazing style of play will certainly get you and your squad mates killed instantaneously. Heroism is not viewed highly in this game but using tactics is highly regarded.

Basically the game uses a squad-based interface in which you can issue a number of orders using the left-stick to navigate. But sometimes if you're not familiar with it quickly then you'll probably end up getting stuck with issuing orders or simply issuing wrong orders which would mean getting your squad killed. Where you're not fighting, you end up sitting on the back of a truck with Staff Sergeant Knox who shouts out expletives and comparisons which you might find amusing at first, but after a while, you will find it annoying - even the most staunch supporter of swears will get tired of his ramblings. It might try to simulate a real-life situation of war where action on the front line is sometimes hard to find, but the long distances of travel might bore people who want action straight away.

Also different to traditional FPS is the ammo and injury that you receive. This is where going trigger happy in COD or Battlefield will not work in Red River. Once you run out of ammo, if you can't find an ammo stash then you're stuck at relying on your teammates to do the killing for you. If you find yourself getting injured then you must patch yourself up quickly, even during a firefight. Failure to do so will result in you bleeding to death, and if you die your whole squad seems to fall apart as well.

You can play this game as a single player where the AI in the game is quite well done bar a few niggling glitches which hopefully will be patched soon, or you can play cooperatively as well in which you can lead four human players in achieving the objective. This can be fun as you can chat about other stuff rather than telling AI players to suppress fire there or go here. Another plus are the visuals of Tajikistan which can be quite awe-inspiring in regards to the mountains and especially the sky, however, close up visuals are extremely dated and ugly which is a shame.

Overall with its different style of play, Red River can be an intuitive and challenging game to play, but its traveling times and squad-base play may be a turn-off for players who prefer a gun-ho heroic style of play. Only buy it if you get a kick on planning and seeing your plans flourish!

  Average all round

| | See all PublicDisturbance's reviews (33)

I have this on PC but Play seem to lack the PC listing and I refuse to use a console for FPS games when a mouse is far superior for aiming. So where to start, well all around it's below average. After 10 years of playing FPS games I expect something with some depth. The intro was choppily put together and quite styalized I was expecting something quite cool. Good to see at least one game admitting the US funded Al Qaeda and constantly making their same paranoid induced mistakes as always (please read a history book you American politicians.)

But after listening to the Commander for 5 minutes I could tell this would be the usual cliched All American, Apple Pie, Testosterone Fuelled, Nauseatingly Patriotic nonesense. The graphics are below average, comprabale to a 5 year old PC game (i'm being generous), and this is on PC which looks better than console, but console are holding back the progresison of games with their 5 year old hardware.

Gameplay wise, well I'm no COD fan anymore, it's gone down hill since the first Modern Warefare and I shan't be buying their pompous money making garbage anymore. Running and gunning is tedious, and FPS is a genre well over a decade. Even though the present console gamers seem to idolize this old stagnent genre.

I do prefer tactical shooters but this brings nothing new to the table, your team AI has been run over multiple times by the stupid train, the enemies lack any real presense or intimidation value, it's the usual enemies of america adorned in matress covers and tea towels and AK's and no doubt some foul language hurled at you in Arabic.

Completing the game was actually a chore as I really couldn't stand the overtly American'ness to it all, also the tactical side of things felt clunky and lacking any real depth to it, at least it's not COD style you have to lead the charge whilst your AI cowers behind a sandbag waiting for the all clear.

It lacked the whole cinematic cgi fest that COD and more recently Crysis 2 subject players (which is a blessing, I don't need the game to be played for me) to but still it felt like quite a hollow game all in all. Preferabble to run and gun games but still a below average mish mash of American muscle flexing, basic tactical gameplay and overall beige quality