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DiRT 3

Rating: 12+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Dirt 3

| | See all Istanbul2005's reviews (2)

When playing Dirt 3, it's context has to be considered. The dynamics of the game and the driving itself have improved no end since the first in this series. It's a great looking game, with satisfying handling and a great range of tracks and cars. That being said, the frequent Gymkhana events may prove divisive and the 'Pro Tour' career mode is short. Online is dead, unfortunately, with very, very few players on at any time. One thing Dirt has addressed is the lack of pure rally in the previous game. A good game, but feels more clinical than previous iterations, with something lacking. Codemasters are a great racing developer though, and I'm sure the next Grid game will be excellent. Decent.

  Not as good as it could have been.

| | See all NickNack774's reviews (12)

I'm not the biggest fan of Dirt 3 to say the least.I used to love this series on PS2 and PC,but now the series has become far too americanised.The commentators are more like skater dudes,who are saying awesome and that was a sick jump.The handling on this one has gone a step backwards which is a shame,as Dirt 2 seemed to be a bit better to.Also what is with the length of the Rally stages they are tiny,and run aboout what 2 minutes long which is a joke to me.Now that the Colin Mcrae name is gone i can see this series going downhill and fast.I just want a proper rally sim,not an arcade style racer.Codies have done a great job with F1 2010, and it's a good simulation of F1,but with the Dirt series i feel they are going backwards.Also i can't stand the Gymkhana events,which are clearly there due to Ken Block.If you want a serious rally sim i'd avoid this.It's an o.k game,but it's not the kind of rallying experience i was expecting i'm afraid.This game should be called Ken Blocks Dirt.Sorry codemasters but this latest version is a big step back for me!


| | See all XboxIck's reviews (4)

I have all the dirts and this may well be the best of the lot

Lots of rally ( although the more I play the more sections I notice are repeated)

Still has those awful buggies and trucks although the dont feature to much

Some of the graphics are the best I have seen in a racing game

Night races are really good although would be better if you could smash the head lights

some real good races to be had online.

Its still not as good as the early codemasters rally games on PS1 and Ps2 but I would say its the best rally game on the x box maybe even the best driving game.

Atleast its not all lapping battersey power station like it was in 2

  Fantastic fun

| | See all JamesPrince's reviews (1)

Never played any of the Dirt games before so Dirt 3 is my first foray into the Dirt series, but I am finding it great fund especially burning around in the car park play areas and gymkhana events.

  Below Average!!

| | See all TheKing7's reviews (2)

Very over-rated game. Not as good as the previous two. I was bored halfway through the second season. Visuals are impressive but I wouldn't say an improvement from Dirt 2. Its also very easy.

  Buy it NOW

| | See all MrQuimball's reviews (7)

You must get this game, it is the best racing game yet!
Don't hang about, buy it NOW.

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  1 step forward 1 step back

| | See all chrisarad's reviews (4)

I loved dirt 2. got a real thrill from the game. Dirt 3 has made some huge improvements on 2. the selection of cars is vast. the graphics are stunning. yes yes all the things you'd expect. but my problems with the game is as follows.
so far i haven't been able to change the design (sponsorship). why take away this function. i've only had it a few days and i'm nearly at the last season. so short. also on the short side are the rally stages. 2 minutes. please. and whilst i'm with the rally events there isn't the edge of you seat thrill that you got with Dirt2.
also, my biggest issue as it bugs me so much, is the music on the game is so dull. i know it's not the main point to a game but when the event is loading you want to the music to help build the tension, so why is the music here as drab as a funeral. ah well.
the gymkahna events are soooooooooo annoying. if they where an option element to a trophy then fine. but as it is there are several occassions you have to take part. that's my say.

  Rally is back

| | See all Healy360's reviews (28)

This is clearly a very well made game, the graphics, sound and handling of the vehicles are spot on and the difficulty of the career is also bang on, although some of the assists seem completely pointless (auto steer/corner braking/throttle management,) they do make the game accessible to new-comers. Turn these assists off though and put the difficulty up to 6 an you've got a very tricky game indeed - mess up just slightly on one corner and you can fall from 1st to 8th in an instant, which brings me on to the tracks.

In Dirt 1 the tracks were mostly very challenging with narrow roads, huge crests and branches of trees sticking out into the road, just getting to the finish in one piece was quite a challenge and usually ensured a win. In Dirt 3 however, the tracks are really very wide indeed and much much smoother than those in Dirt 1. Because of this the whole feel of the game is different, instead of just trying to get to the finish in one piece your trying to get the right line through every corner and hit every apex, this makes the game feel a bit like PGR, but off road. This I suspect is deliberate by Codemasters to make the game easy to "pick up and play" but it does detract from the essence of rally somewhat. Unfortunately the tracks are also far too short and there aren't nearly enough of them. Some rallys last just over 1min and while Codemasters will tell you there are about 32 stages in the game, theres pretty well 4 rally stages - yes they've reversed them all and put little bits on the end but once you've done one race in each of the 4 areas (Norway, Kenya, Finland and Michigan) you've pretty well done them all.

The track issues however are not enough to stop this game being worth buying, online is fun with new infection, capture the flag and cat & mouse game modes, not to mention the excellent Gymkhana. The career is challenging enough to keep you going for quite some time and can last over 10 hours. You can also upload a video to YouTube, although for some reason you're limited to 30 seconds which makes it a pretty annoying feature.

All in all though this is a beautifully made game, the snow and night races provide something different from any other Dirt game and new arcade modes add a whole new style of driving. Multiplayer overall is a blast if you have a few mates with the game - especially with the team based modes so basically it's worth buying and can be classed as one of the better driving games on the 360.

  How can you hate this???????

| | See all Hedgy77's reviews (7)

People who are giving this a poor rating have got to be off there heads! DiRT3 is amazing! the graphics are the best ive seen for a long while on a racer. Car detail is superb! As for the game, gymkhana is amazing and offers a superb challenge to get platinum medals for each discipline! (bob-sleigh challenge is amazing!) as for the usual rally, rally cross, trailblazer, raid and land rush etc. they are much better than there predecessors!! tracks are good and the online play offers great fun! especially in party mode, cat n mouse and invasion are my personal favourites.