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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  The review for the old school fan

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The good
Remember playing Res 2 and seeing the scenes of a city overrun with Zombies but were then only seeing about 8 on screen at the most? this game gives the chance to literally fight for your life against a never ending respawning horde of Zombies. The adrenaline pumping scenes you can create from this are great fun and even if you run in for close combat you run the risk of being infected so you have to play it a bit smart. This game really helps give you that feeling of a city in peril that the slow paced nature of past games missed due to technology restraints. That being said dont expect a slow paced horror this game is an action game based in the Res world so be expecting constant fights.
The game does a great job of having you play alongside the original Res 2 story even making you create some of the cut scenes in Res 2 for long time fans this is a great novelty.
More strategy is now involved as you can only carry two guns so think Halo and this adds to the intensity as you have to decide if you want to carry a shot gun to blast a licker or a machine gun to take on rival armed forces.
Each character is a great design from a sarcastic explosive expert to a borderline Nazi like evil medic and each of these guys has special abilities available only to them so the replay value is superb as you can choose your team to experience a different way of playing each time.

The Bad
The computer AI is bad but not as bad as other reviews suggest for example Vector tends to run into close combat during a firefight and get shot but thats because his character favors close combat. Other character dont tend to do this as much so read about who you have in your team. A real downside to the AI is how they either run off leaving you to die or wont stop fighting when you are trying to run away. I found that in a situation when I had to run that I had to fight because the others chose to and of course that can kill you when youre not supposed to fight.
The game is an action game but the controls are very poor to try and keep up you will often duck into cover when you dont want to or have to stand and be shot at so play it cool and stay at a distance or run in for close combat to make the most of the games style. That being said I never get bored of using a zombie as a human shield to take bullets on my behalf (yes you can do that).

The Ugly
The graphics are not of the quality you would expect to see on the Xbox 360 or PS3. The environments are ok (but often too dark) and the main characters look good but other characters like zombies are lacking in the detail seen in the Res 5 the whole game looks and feels like a conversion of a PS2 or Xbox game and are nowhere near the standard seen in Res 5 which came out years before. An example is William Birkin who should look awesome with modern tech but looks uninspired (even his lab coat seems to be part of his skin and has no separate movement) the cut scenes dont fare much better and this can leave you feeling as though the game was only ever half finished or meant to come out years ago.

The game is a good fun action game think Dead Rising with guns and set in Raccoon city but minus the free roaming and general
I paid 12.99 and I feel thats about spot on for what the game is worth I wouldnt pay more than 15 as it looks like DLC rather than a standalone title

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  Not too bad, lots of glitches though

| | See all LightningSnow's reviews (1)

Overall the game isn't too bad but if your expecting another Resident Evil 4 or 5 then look elsewhere.

Gameplay - To be honest, the game is pretty hard even on the easiest difficulty setting. If your one of those people that likes to charge through enemies and do a bit of CQC then your gonna constantly get killed. The enemies have more health than you would expect. The controls are very easy to get used to and can also be pretty annoying at times. To put your back against a wall, you simply just walk/run into it and your character automatically does it but not everything you can do this on, like sometimes when you are taking fire, you might try taking cover behind an object only to see your character running into it instead then getting killed because that object apparently couldn't be used as cover. Also, you and your teammates can get infected by zombies randomly if you get attacked by one. To cure yourself or your teammate, you have to find a anti-virus spray then use it. If you fail then you will become a zombie and the game will end. If your teammates become one though, you can just kill them then revive them afterwards and they will be fine. There are also some cool melee moves you can do as well like pressing B then A will instantly kill the enemy your near to (except a boss of course) or B and Y.

Campaign - There are six characters to choose from. Personally, I prefer Spectre as he can detect all usable items around each level which helps if you need health, vials or ammo. I think the major problem with the Campaign is that there is no local Co op play and if you choose to play Single Player then you will most likely have a frustrating time with the teammate AI especially if your playing on a high difficulty level. While you're firing your weapon, teammates like to walk in front of your gun and you will instantly kill them with a headshot. Luckily though, you can revive them as many times as you like. Another problem though is that they cannot revive each other. If you choose to play the Campaign online instead, your going to have a terrible time at finding people. The matchmaking system is poorly done, you can't like display a list of which games to join, the game just basically puts you into any game whether it's a game in a lobby or a game in progress. I remember when this first came out, I had to wait 20 minutes for one player to join. Without spoiling anything, I thought the story was good but it could have been a lot better. If you don't have any friends to play it with, I wouldn't recommend getting the game.

Versus - The modes here are Team Attack which is basically Team Deathmatch, Biohazard has you and your teammates running around the map to pick up vials to return like a Capture the Flag mode, Heroes has you playing as previous Resident Evil series characters and is probably the most fun mode and in Survivor you gotta hold out until a helicopter comes to pick you up. Versus mode has a lot of connection issues and glitches but is actually quite fun, definitely worth a go.

Other - The achievements are quite challenging, some require a lot of Versus mode play and ones for Campaign like getting an S rank on all levels will need a lot of practice. The DLC for the game has you playing as a Spec Ops team (good guys) and has you running through the same Campaign missions except backwards lol Has a few new areas though and Versus maps. There is also a Nemesis mode which I have yet to try. The rest of the DLC are weapons which aren't anything to jump up and down about.

So yeah if you want another shooter with zombies or if you liked the Army of Two games, check this out. If you want another Resident Evil game then your best waiting for Resident Evil 6

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  A new era but lacks appeal

| | See all BigHairyCocunuts's reviews (18)

I'm a huge Resi fan and like many other players I was looking forward to hopefully a better game then Resi 5, sorry to say it but it fails.
This feels more like a ramped up version of Resi Evil the Mercenaries and certainly does not justify the price.
If this is the kind of game that Capcom are throwing out I will hold back on Resi 6 on release till I read the reviews.
I recommend Silent Hill downpour, it has at least stuck to what its customers know best.

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  Its not as Bad as people say

| | See all TheSillyMoose's reviews (2)

This game has fun by the bucket-load If you give It a chance. Yes It may not have a polished graphical style but at the end of the day that to me doesn't matter. The story Is fun whilst playing with a group of friends and all the classes are diverse and a blast to play as. and there Are also 30 plus guns which have different stats. and the multi-player Is simply sublime Intense and awesome give It a chance and you will love It!

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  Ignore the bad reviews

| | See all DanDeadcell's reviews (2)

It's not perfect but I really enjoyed this game. It gives a lick of new paint to the old games from 1998. If you're a fan of things like COD this may not be for you. If you're a fan of resident evil and left for dead I'd say this is a good game for you. The campaign is short but you can play through again and again with a mix of different guns/friends/drugs to keep it fresh.

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  Amazing! Haters gonna hate.

| | See all Coeusisbeast's reviews (1)

Firstly, many people are comparing this game to the previous Resident evil games BUT DON'T!

This game is unique on its own and has things which other games dont have.

Campaign = Yes its not long but full of bosses and you can play Co-Op and i like how the EXP in single player is tied with multiplayer to buy guns.

Multiplayer = This is amazing! its team vs team vs zombies vs bosses and you're not just having to look around for the other team as there are threats on the map also. The game modes are brilliant and bring something new to xbox suck as survivors and nemesis.

Good Points = I love this game and i think the campaign is full of good battles and customization is good along with the multiplayer aspect of things.

Bad Points = More Call of duty noobs are joining the game and some weapons are alightly OP such as the MOB Special and the Super soldier ability is annoying. the knife attacks are also OP as if you get hit theres no way in escaping which is why going in groups is key.

Overall i believe the good points outweigh the bad points in some cases and to say CAPCOM are bringing out a new campaign for the SPEC OPS missions it wil make the game alot longer.

So, do not compare this game to other Resident Evil games, if anythign compare it to gears of war 3 and also the game is a "15" not a Pegi 18 haha.

If people are rating this game 1-3 stars they're either bad at the game or comparing it to other resident evil games which they shouldnt do.

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  Not finished yet,

| | See all karlosmaximus's reviews (3)

This game could have been amazing, the best from mercenaries mode combined with the choice to shoot Leon Kennedy in his smug, perfectly chisled face.

But alas no, the character move like geriatrics on a freshly mopped floor. The combat is sub-par at best and the elements of previous resident evil games feel forced to the point you can imagine a graphic designer was simply given an umbrella logo and told to plaster it anywhere that wasn't taken up with poorly rendered zombies.

Buy if you're a fan, but don't pay full price.

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  Average in every way

| | See all d012426's reviews (7)

First off this game is not meant to be like previous Resident Evil games, if thats what you want buy a Dead Space Game, or Dark Sector or Silent HIll. This game is made for action and unfortnatley someone seemed to not have passed the memo to the charatcers in the game. If you have people to play with this game can be fun, if your planning on doing it singal plater dont bother, the AI teammates are sub standard, they rarely heal you and just are useful enough to do the harder parts. Single player story lenght comes in a just under four hours too (on normal) so unless your playing with friends next to zero replay value. All in all this game is average, its not as bad as people say but it certainly isnt worth paying big bucks for, but on the flip side you wait to is budget release and try play then unless you have mates who have this game your never going to finsih the single player because i promise no one will be playing this still in 2 months.

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  A very good zombie shooter as a stand alone game but....

| | See all Michael9876543210's reviews (2)

i bought this game almost a week ago now and have completed it multiple times it is a very good coop shooter to play with your friends however on your own it is pathetically poor as the AI is so stupid it is unbelievable. although despite this it is very good fun and has a good but extremely short story well worth a play however if you do not have xbox live i would give it a miss and if you like the style of resident evil 4 and 5 this game is a bit faster paced. also a final note is that as a stand alone game it is good although when put in the ranks of resident evil 4 and 5 it has a much better coop experience but in terms of quality of gameplay it is poor.

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  good multiplayer, refreshing change

| | See all taylor3868's reviews (3)

This game is by no means perfect but after finishing the campain and sticking with it i am starting to find the game very fun to play espessialy the multiplayer.
it has took me this long to finaly understand al the controls and aspect of the game as it is sorely missing a tutorial,
overall i find this a great game and since there not much big releases at the moment i have had the time to stick with it,

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