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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Rating: 18+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (19 reviews)"

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  My god this is bad

| | See all BigGorm's reviews (43)

This game is a shining example of games being rushed...in fact no its not. This game was doomed to failure from the start, the story is loose, the controls are shoddy, the AI is a joke, and the camera angles constantly point away from the action during the times when the game is trying to build tension. All in all this is a dreadful game and is an absolute disgrace to the resident evil series which has brought us some absolutely cracking games. This, i am sorry to say, had no chance of being one of them.

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  Different But Good Game

| | See all scottboardman1983's reviews (1)

As a big Resident Evil fan i think this game is rather good. At first i thought what the hell have i bought?????? but after an hour or so when i got into the game i thought it was rather good. Don't get me wrong its a lot different to older Resident Evil titles, its more action based and less puzzle solving like the older titles. I'am on mission 5 and enjoyed every min of it so far. Don't listen to all the idiots giving it bad reviews, these are just general gamers and not true Resident Evil fans. 4 out of 5 for me, would like to see a bit more puzzles in there.

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  Not as bad as people make out.

| | See all Britten42's reviews (1)

Been looking forward to this game for a while now. I will be the first to admit that i was a little disappointed. The campaign is short and rather tedious. BUT future DLC will expand it so its a small positive. The thing that this game really excels on though is the mulitplayer. There is a couple of issues regarding this but i have no doubt that Capcom will patch these in the near future. Overall, a very good game if you enjoy a good multiplayer shoot up. BUT word of warning, I cant imagine it to be too much fun unless you have a couple of mates to tear through zombies and B.O.W's with you!

  Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

| | See all aidyray's reviews (4)

this game is not worth 4 pounds let a lone 40 could have been so good if only more thought had gone into it ,such a shame well done capcom for rushing to get rich......................

  Such A Letdown

| | See all lostboyscarter's reviews (12)

I had been looking forward to this game ever since i heard of it being in production. Then it arrived.... it seems like they have pretty much made some mediocre game and slapped a Capcom/Resident Evil sticker on the front of it. The cover system is shockingly bad and the lack of ammo is idiotic. This game could of had so much potential if they had actually sat down and concentrated on the simplest of things. Online play seems to be a bit better than single player but still has major flaws. Wait for it to be in the sin bin before wasting 40 quid like i did.

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| | See all styledvinny's reviews (19)

Worse game I have ever purchased. Terrible does not even come close.

I would not even give this a star if I could. If anyone wants to purchase - email me! I'll do it as cheap as I can because when I see it in my collection, it offends me.

  Not bad

| | See all Chrisp21's reviews (1)

I've played all the resident evil series. This tries to do something different. Set in the late 90's during resident evil two, you play as some of umbrella corporation's special forces. Generally going about doing evil stuff for the company. Unless you're using live and have people to play with i'd stay away from this title. It's really made for co-op play, as the AI is pretty terrible. Specially when there's enviroment hazards your ai team mebers have no issue with walking through or standing in.

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  Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

| | See all Royleman's reviews (1)

The worst Resi Evil game ever....gameplay is poor, hard to control characters and you seem to try and hide behind everything from walls to crates and boxes....avoid this game.

  Very good

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

I personally realy like this game, i bought it on the release date and had a good 5-6 hours on it. I haven't yet tried multiplayer so i am just reviewing the single player campaign. First off the graphics are extremely pleasing, resident evil 5 graphics were good, but as most of that game wa set outside in a broad daylight desert, you didn't really get the "scary factor" as you should with the resident evil series. The game is set more inside dark offices and dingy rooms, with no flashlight you can turn around and a zombie be in your face, a very good detailed zombie at that and all of a sudden you skip a heartbeat. Choose your own characters and unlock guns and abilities with your XP points as you progress through, each character has diferent abilities. Glad to see Hunters and Lickers back in the game too and the detailed 'Nemesis' is very nice. There is some minor issues like your team mates sometimes through grenades for absolutely no reason, not just once, but many times and little things like standing in a doorway so you can't pass through but i think the game itself makes up for these little issues. Also if one of your teammates become infected you can put a bullet in there head which when they throw grenades for no reason and they catch you on the butt, can be extremely pleasing. All in all a very good game with great sound effects, graphics and nice storyline to it. A must buy for any Resi Evil/Zombie fan.

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