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Dead Rising 2 (Classics)

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  better than u think

| | See all BIGDAVEYEO's reviews (3)

didnt buy this of play actually borrowed it off a friend but had to write a review cause feel this deserves a better score the loading times are NOT as bad as people say! its great fun getting teh combinations, its not hard looking for zombrex i found 3 of them without resorting to looking online for them! the story is good also and its just great running round chopping up zombies. bosses are difficult and using guns can be tricky, melee weapons work best anyway! but def better than its predecessor and worth your hard earned 14.99!

  loving it

| | See all Clown85's reviews (6)

2 games for 20 pounds you cant beat it. this game is ace im on my 3rd play through in 2 weeks its challanging to find zombrex while helping survivors while avoiding phycos making your owm weapons with the combos in game is very enjoyable a worth while experiance. the only problem is the load screens it takes FOREVER but dont let that put you off oh and if you can find a game on terror is reality thats also very funny and enjoyable :)

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  Great game, great price.

| | See all KR1010's reviews (5)

I gave this game 4 stars, and I will go into detail why later. But for the time being, I would like to discuss the positives of the game. Rather free map. There are a range of weapons to choose between, a lot of them being combinable. Adds to the fun. Good animation. Satirical game that doesnt take itself too seriously. There was a time where I was hacking zombies apart with a battleaxe whilst dressed in a tube top and a mini skirt, with a summer hat. The reason I couldn't give this 4 star is for a few reasons. There is a time limit for everything. You can finish a mission, and have to wait a few in game hours to start the next. Sure, this was designed for side missions, but sometimes I just want to get on with the storyline. Another reason would be for the lack of online. There is an online mode, but it is different to in game, and there are limited people on. There is also a lack of replayability. I haven't finished the game yet, but I would imagine that when replaying the game, it is the same storyline, and the only diversity would be doing different side missions. On the whole, great game, great story. Would recommend, especially for the price!

  Starts off a bit boring but a magnificent game

| | See all tjb4077's reviews (2)

Was extremely boring at first but gets very good when you get into the story. definitely a classic game and its brilliant

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| | See all itsnx13's reviews (3)

DR2 was a horrible game. The missions were horrible. In a nutshell your daughter was turning into a zombie, and the only way to prevent this was from giving her zombrex. So what you would do is that you'd have a time limit to get her the zombrex, and whilst you hunt it down you have to help some guys who are getting attacked by zombies and lead them back to the safezone.

So pretty much this is what happens.

You get CONSTANTLY pestered to find zombrex. This causes it to be unenjoyable. The AI's you have to help are glitchy and get stuck behind the most ridiculous of things. The load screens are just DREADFUL. Every 5 minutes of gameplay you have to go through 5 minutes of loading screens.


You will play it once and think " This is quite fun! The zombies are really fun to mow down! " . The 2nd time you'll think " God, im so bored of these frickin' loading screens, and WHY DO I HAVE TO DO THE MISSIONS, THERE SO BORING, LEMME JUST KILL ZOMBIES!" And the 3rd time, well, there won't be a 3rd time cause you will NOT want to go back!

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