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Dragon's Dogma (With Resident Evil 6 Demo Download Code)

Rating: 12+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Too hard, confusing and repetitive.

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First of all this is the type of game you need WEEKS to play constantly maybe even months, as there are 200 levels. I started off enjoying this game and a good way to describe it is a better version of d..d..dragon age, yeah I said it, worst game on the Xbox360. The graphics of this game are really beautiful and the scenery is very enjoyable to walk through. I did put around 30 hours into the game, almost throwing it up the wall a couple of times too, but now I have decided to sell it for these reasons:

Saving - You manually need to save all the time, or if you die, you will restart from your last checkpoint. Which like me, was about half an hour of gameplay ago.

Repetitiveness - The world isn't actually that big, so you end up running out of the same city and through the same mountains over and over, against the same enemies. (Until your second playthrough but thats when I quit, ill get to that later) Also there is a way to fast travel using a special stone, but I only come across 2 over 30 hours of gameplay making it very boring and frustrating when they sent me over the other side of the map.

Confusing - Half of the time you don't have a marker where to go or what to do, you ask around but you don't have a clue, yes I know that rhymed. I had to resort to the wiki about 3 times for quests and one of them was so confusing I almost threw my game case and disc out of the window.

Difficulty - at the start of the game it isn't too hard as long as you stick to goblins and harpies. But then you come across trolls that can literally 2 hit any of your party and one boss took me 40 minutes to kill. Im on the second playthrough and you get slapped in 3 hits and I have spent almost all of my money or armor and weapons. I don't know if this game requires ALOT of grinding but thats unimaginable how long it would take. I waslevel 39, with two other level 39's in my party and also had my friends level 90 in my party. I could still not kill this particular miniboss I tried around 5 times. The attacks turn you to stone and your party and its instant death if you dont have a certain potion which they give you 1 of.. thanks alot.

Overall if you have PLENTY of time and patience then this game is for you. However, if your like me and just want to smash and kill things and hated dragon age, give this a pass.

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  Could be better

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I decided to pick this up after playing the demo - I was hoping for something a little better but it's not a bad game. Graphically it's pretty good - it's no Skyrim with snow and rain etc, the game is played entirely on one continent (which isn't huge) Enemies are a bit limited and you tend to end up fighting the same kind over and over which gets a little repetitive. Sound is functional - music is sparse, your character seems to have no ability to talk and remains silent throughout the entire game, Character interaction is also pretty limited - you can only really interact with the people connected with whatever quest you are on - they have a speech bubble above their head. The one thing I have encountered though that really annoys me is the difficulty - I just completed the game and prior to beating the dragon, enemies such as wolves and gobins could be killed with a couple of hits earning you about 100 experience points - after beating the game every goblin and wolf (and every other creature) is now like a mini-boss - with experience points of over 1000 - it's ridiculous!! The game doesn't allow you to pick up any weapon - you have to be using a character that can use them (knights and fighters can use swords and shields, rangers can use bows and knives, etc) which I think kinda sucks - I had to sell all my sweet knight armour and weapons at one point as I was basically forced to change to a character that could use ranged weapons for one particular boss fight - wasn't too impressed at that point. The game also has a rather disturbing love interest with a 14 year old girl - the game tells you she's actually a lot older than she looks but it's still a bit creepy. The storyline is pretty weak and seems to have been more of an afterthought. Overall it's far from perfect, but if you're looking for a challenge that'll take around 5 days (on and off) to complete, then you could do worse. I'd rate it around 7/10.

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  Surprise RPG

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I purchased this game after seeing the demo and being interested in the fighting. It has the best fantasy combat I have seen in any RPG.
It also manages to back this up with an interesting free roaming world and a better than most quest system.
There are very good challenges in the quests and especially in fighting the monsters - which actually require different tactics to defeat.
Fighting after dark should also in avoided if you are new as the monster AI is excellent and will use the darkness against you!!
All in all a very pleasant surprise to find a little gem of a game.
However, it is pretty hardcore RPG and takes a while to understand the system - but the reward is a cracking fantasy game worth playing.

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  Could be revolutionary

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The game play is of a standard yet to be seen in fellow western RPG's but seems to lack the character depth of games such as dragon age:origins and Mass effect 2.
So if what you are interested in is more game play than story or character development this is a must as it has literally set a new standard for future action RPG's.

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