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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Absolutely fantastic. Can't ask for more from a game.

| | See all branstoneboy's reviews (12)

Despite my friends warnings, this was my first Assassin's Creed game bought and played. I regret it only mildly but the introduction to it was good enough to eventually get the hang of it.
My friend who has been a big fan of the games from the start has been watching my play and he says the storyline is great on its own and should be bought by any fan, even if they're not the best players.
I, who knows nothing of the storyline at all, say the gameplay alone is a win. The closest I've come to this style of game play is the Batman: Arkham games and this beats them by far. Everything is just so fluid and in line. There's very few mistakes and those mistakes you make are either easy to correct or you learn from them. I had one or two issues with physics in gameplay such as a suicidal Ezio and thieves who wouldn't perform their job but a second play around or restarting a memory fixed these.
100%, brilliant, amazing. What more can I say?
Although, I do recommend buying another Assassin's Creed before this one if it's your first and not Brotherhood either.

  Great game

| | See all GadgetChameleon's reviews (1)

Had a great time playing this. it is a must buy. I didn't really know if it would live up to the AC name but it defiantly did deliver.

  Great game but slightly repetitive

| | See all peterbz's reviews (4)

All assassins creed games are great. this is very good game but does get slightly dull, the endings brilliant

  Too much focus on multiplayer.

| | See all LH1992's reviews (2)

I'm quite disappointed in Revelations. It was supposed to be the game that wrapped everything up, but instead it ended up like every other AC before it, leaving more questions than answers. The story was too short, I started playing it the evening I got it, and completed it the next day. The new features are great but the game rarely gives you the opportunity to use them. Finally, everything just seems so... Rushed. Ubisoft should start looking at what made AC2 so brilliant instead of what makes games like Call of Duty and Halo so great. Multiplayer is not what makes AC great, it's the singleplayer and it's story.

  Great campaign, mediocre mutilplayer!

| | See all MrsBumble's reviews (1)

This new installment of the Assassins Creed Saga just gets better and better. The campaign is, as always, great fun to play and an epic story line. Its so addictive, once you start you just want to find out more of the story.
However, the multiplayer lacks that addictiveness in some places. I found it hard to get used to, to start with and hard to coordinate myself around the home page for multiplayer. The games in multiplayer are also a little hard to understand, but once you've got the hang of it its a great game to play with your mates! I recommend buying it, but just be patient.

  Same Old AC!

| | See all Shimrath79's reviews (2)

Have loved AC from day one,however they needed to move on from ACB and let Ezio retire,now feels like the series is being milked,should be bi-anual rather than every year,if you look at AC2,that had a 2yr cycle and was amazing and for all the people who love Ezio a warning don't watch Embers!!

  A let down

| | See all DarklordGrantham's reviews (20)

When i started the game hoping it would be amazing like the others but its not. the graphics are good & the storyline also. but the end was a huge let down & in my view this game has ruined the franchise

  Epic, Amazing, A "must play" with a great soundtrack too!!

| | See all zsmatt's reviews (2)

Ok the 1st assassin's creed was beautiful to look at and to play for the most part, but it DID become too repetitve in gameplay terms, But with the additions of ACII,Brotherhood, & now AC Revelations - each adding new dimensions and ever more beautiful worlds to play in and discover, Then it has to be said that this series of games just gets better and better with each new title!

ACR for me is the BEST of the bunch, and (along with AC Embers which ties off Ezio's story nicely) it finally closes the book on both Altair and Ezio's own stories whilst furthering Desmond's story forward onto the inevitable upcoming conclusion!

If your like me and you loved the soundtracks to the previous games, then this title will not dissapoint either! Ok i wasn't so sure at 1st when i started the game for the 1st time, but as the game progressed and the differing musical scores came into play i really did start to love the game & the soundtrack more & more (Jesper Kyd - your sir are a genius!!!)

All in all a beautiful game, terrific soundtrack, great story! - This really IS one of those titles that i DIDN'T want to end, I was enjoying it too much!!!!!!!!