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Rating: 7+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all rally2603's reviews (1)

No where near as good as SSX Tricky. No dual screen mulitplayer, only online. Most of the fun I had with the old versions was playing with a friend on the same screen.

  Good challenging game

| | See all kylelakers's reviews (4)

It was nice to see SSX make a return in the gaming world. Is still the same old game. Run down a track and pull off tricks. It has new features with in it with items required to do certain tracks. This adds a little something extra to the game while making runs down the slopes.

Also the added feature of global net. This part allows you to create and take on challenges from other gamers. Seeing who can get the highest score, quickest time or just simply last the longest.

The game is worth playing but it's more for it's novelty value. Is a good game for the shelf, to pull out when your bored and fancy something a little different.


| | See all flyboi92's reviews (22)

I was a big fan of the old ssx games on the ps2 and all i can say is how well this game has been made so that older fans of the series can recognise it as it used to be but for newer fans the amount of depth that the game goes into is amazing.

You earn credits for competing in races etc that you can use to buy equipment such as outfits and boards, however so players can't just get the best items straight away the items are limited to each character and the items you are shown are only shown four at a time and are completely random ( for example one time you could see a rare but costly board whereas after finishing a race and starting a new one totally different boards are available to buy).

A new game mode has been introduced instead of a standard online race where players pay credits to compete in races such as trick races, race races and survival races. the aim is to complete the objective (fastest time, highest trick score etc) in the highest bracket you can (from bronze to diamond). the better you do, the better bracket you fall into, therefore meaning the more you get paid. there is sooo much more depth that in this short review i cannot go into much detail about such as mods that you can purchase to give your character a boost in speed tricks or boost etc for one race only, and other equipment such as oxygen tanks, ice picks etc etc, but all i can say is buy the game, if your a fan of the ssx series or you like what im saying about it in the review then get it as i cannot recommend it more, easily one of my favourite xbox 360 games and i had the console for around 3 years.

The insane way ssx used to be has stuck here aswel which i'm really glad about, but the new features really stand out and make it even better than it used to be. Geotags which are tags that players can earn in game or purchase let players lay down tags on tracks that other players can see and try and take to earn credits, however the longer your geotag stays without being captured, the more credits you get. you can have geotags staying on maps for days, even weeks before a player manages to find it and capture it in race. Additions like this and the extra detail to character customisation and character levels which they earn through xp makes this game a must have for ssx fans, snowboard game fans and competitive gamers alike.

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  SSX: Deadly Descents for Microsoft XBOX 360

| | See all QuickShopUK's reviews (5)

Experience the adrenaline rush through your veins as you descend through glaciers at breakneck speed. Max out your ride with custom boards and fresh clobber. Hold on tight for this high-octane, jaw dropping, pant wetting non stop joy.


| | See all RaidenGaming's reviews (14)

Fast, exciting, Tricky.

What a game this is, it's really a flash from the past and reminds me why i used to love the SSX franchise.

The gameplay itself is fast and frustrating. Frustrating when you fall down cliffs, hit trees (so many trees) or fall short of the time you're trying to beat. It's this frustration that makes it all the more satisfying once a run is completed. Tie that in with beating your friends on xboxlive, all setting times and scores... and we have 8 hours lost right there!

Don't get this used however as you will be without a usable online code.

Buy it now if you're unsure. You wont regret it! x x x x x (5 stars not kisses)

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  Xbox 360 is fun again!!!

| | See all BaiLeY7's reviews (7)

This is the best introduction to the Xbox 360 in around a year and a half...also looking forward to some other non carbon copied games such as, FIFA STREET, Hitman Absolution.

This is fast, fun, Exhilerating, Insane, amazing, Different, Interesting, Competitive and most of all Refreshing. 10/10

  Dont review it if you havent played it!!!!

| | See all Andydn's reviews (3)

So one reviewer hasnt played the full game yet and another claims the music is the highlight!!
Complete let down, big superfast spins so you cant see whats happening, tight 'tracks' rather than wide runs and way too many cliff drops to fall off, not fun to play at all, nothing like snowboarding, no style involved just go fast and flip about a bit.
Obstacles to bump into, some tracks you have to hit 'rb' for oxygen whilst trying to navigate tight turns and blind jumps. Gutted I am, terrible wast of money.

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  A breath of fresh air

| | See all EGREENHILL's reviews (1)

As the title says this is a breath of fresh air.. new additions with still the same solid foundations that made this title so popular years ago...

My only advice would to be not to overplay it as soon as you get it... though their is lots to do and plenty of runs.. i still want to be finding new things out in the weeks and months to come.. great game lots of fun... lack of multiplayer is a letdown but you can see why they have done it... worth a buy for sure. 4/5


| | See all macca1979's reviews (5)

Only played the demo so far for SSX but loved SSX tricky and this seems even more insane than that,a nice break from the norm of COD,FIFA etc,look forward to it :)

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