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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (127 reviews)"

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  Seems like only haters are writing reviews.

| | See all Dillpazir's reviews (10)

If you love the other Modern Warfare Games, you'll love this. It is that simple. I bought it on release day and I'm still playing it. I still rate it higher than Black ops 1 and 2. The multi-player experience is second to none. The mechanics in other fps games are aweful. Some people say its dated, to them I say, so what? Don't fix it if it ain't broke, right?. The engine is the one we all love, the one that we spend countless hours playing for. Buy this game, it won't dissapoint. If you didn't like any of the modern warfare games, don't buy it. UnlIke other games there are no curveballs with this game, no supposedly sublte changes that ruin the elements that we know and love. You know what to expect and love or hate it for those reasons. Buying this game is NOT a gamble, as I've tried to explain here, you know what you are getting yourself into.

  For me quite good but no the best cod

| | See all scottadams's reviews (2)

I really enjoyed the single campaign, it was quite good as in it had the classic cod twists etc
As all the others campaign is like 4/5 hours long but there's worse games out there.
Online play is ok but nothing to really get excited for.

  Awesome.. and not like the previous games!

| | See all daveikin's reviews (5)

People who have reviwed this game must need glasses as the graphics appear much sharper and smoother compared to the previous games and the gameplay is noticeably better too... the maps are fun and varied with no sill "dead ends" all over the place like in MW 2 and the guns and gameplay beat black ops hands down... Ive just played BF3 and the single player and multiplayer dont come anywhere near this for graphics and gameplay.. ignore the whingers! BUY IT!

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| | See all JoE90BoY's reviews (6)

If you like mw2 then you will love this as it is a better version. Alot more extras and more competitive online than ever. And if your really guna get geeky with it theres new elite app wich cost 34 quid extra for the premium wich comes with 20plus new maps and game modes also you can enter comps for the chance to win cool stuff, Or you can just download the free elite wich you get 2hours double game play exp and elite title and emblem for doing so, Other than that the free version doesnt do alot..But yeah the games slick and the best COD so far, Well black ops 2 could be better but each to there own and there different in there own way but still good online first person shooters.

  Average at best

| | See all ginnerowen's reviews (7)

Like I said in the tiltle, Average, I have played call of duty from cod4 and played online since mw2, this is my least enjoyable of the franchise. The campaign is brilliant as all cod campaigns are but the MP is horrible. My advice, complete the campaign, and then hammer the spec ops.

  Better than MW2 but only just

| | See all RAWstar's reviews (18)

It's a good story line in comparison to MW2 but to the original its poor. The main redeeming factor is the spec ops and online multiplayer.

  Very Poor Game.

| | See all de6000's reviews (24)

Being a long time Call of Duty fan and having a quite dislike towards Battlefield and Halo, I picked up modern warfare 3. Dissapointment struck me. Campaign? Boring, Predictible and all round poor. Spec Ops? The DLC Spec Ops Missions should have been on the disk, lets leave it at that. Survival? Unorginial, reppettive and not very manic or fun. Please let Multiplayer be good... No. Everything in the multiplayer is built or orientated in to making a poor game. The gun balance is rediculous, ACR 6.8, Type 95, AS50, FMG-9, Striker... ALL have still NOT been patched. Quickscoping ruins the experience because the point of a sniper rifle is LONG RANGE COMBAT. By having quickscoping you are throwing balance out the window. Secondly, the perk setup is dreadful, allowing you to have Assassin, Blind Eye AND Dead Silence. The specialist package is too powerful, the assault package is STILL stackable. The Emblems and Titles are no where near as good as Black Ops. Drop Shotting ruins the experience because all you do is die from being shot in the knee (Skyrim joke not intended). Sub-machine guns have way to much range as you can kill someone cross map easirly with a submachine gun. Shotguns are rediculous, some are too powerful and others are underpowered. The riot shield... well i simply can't understand why they bothered to bring that back. Machine Pistols are still in the game (which is pointless because there is overkill so why they put in Machine Pistols I don't know). No really new innotive killstreaks, same graphics as MW2, game engine feels groggy and old. Deathstreaks return which nobody liked so why they brought them back is beond God. The maps are the worst in the series, practically every map has so many flaws, the only one that is actually good is Hardhat. The good points: I like the new killstreak counter so you know how many kills you need to get to your next killstreak and I like how helping your team gets you points towards rewards. That's it.

To Sum up: They have taken nothing from Black Ops (which was very good) and improved on very little. By buying this game you are buying a half completed game that was rushed and to be honest should have been cancelled in early development. Infinity Ward: Stop making CoD, you ruining it.

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  You can buy both...

| | See all chenko83's reviews (2)

I'm an AC Milan fan. But Ilike Juventus' strip. I can't buy Juventus' strip because I'm an AC Milan fan. This logic DOES NOT APPLY TO COMPUTER GAMES!

COD is COD, BF is BF. I like them both, own them both, and get enjoyment out of their varying styles.

The only thing that disappoints about this title is the maps. A lot of them are poor and very linear. It's bad going when you're wishing the developers would add on some maps from COD4. Anyway, hater's be hatin', but this game is still enjoyable.


| | See all FatKidz50's reviews (17)

I struggle to understand where the bad rating are coming from. Whether other games are better or not should have no impact on this. The single player has a great (but rather short) storyline and online is excellent.

Modern warfare is a fantastic chain of games. How do you improve perfection. This game is a must for any shooter fan.

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  Intense shooting

| | See all melios's reviews (6)

First the negatives, the campaign although nice it is very short (4 stars there). Buy this game for its online fun, it is highly addictive. Sure, Battlefield is great but also kind of slow with its huge maps and revival delays. MW3 on the other hand is very intense, action packed and highly addictive. 13 million online users.

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