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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Rating: 18+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (127 reviews)"

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  The biggest let down ever???

| | See all Rhinoman28's reviews (4)

Wow, where to start with this, Everything about this game is just feels the same as previous call of duty games just with a few additions. The online is repetitive and dull and the spawn system is absolutely dreadful. Again with the addition of a short, mediocre campaign it just feels like an add-on for mw2. The only good thing about this game for me is spec ops and survival mode, which is why I'm rating only 2 stars for what could have been one of, if not the best first person shooter ever. Infinity ward need to step it up if they want to compete with the games that are on the market at the moment.

  A step down

| | See all LFCliam95's reviews (2)

In my opinion, it's a step down to black ops, it's just like the other mw games ,but is till an ok game.I dislike how they have made the custom classes, at first it was hard to understand and the weapons aren't all that . I just hope the next game will be better and more like black ops than modern warfare's.

  The good dying.

| | See all AmazingAcorn's reviews (1)

As a massive fan of the CoD series i really enjoyed the first MW, I found it all pretty much tip top, even MW2, was great... except from always taking a bullet to the chest during the story and my best character been killed off (Ghost) when i heard MW3 had been released i ran to the shops skipping on the way back with excitement but sadly i was met with the same game with a little change, some aspects of the game are good, the new maps for instance but the old game engine and simple story was the final nail in the MW coffin, I'm sorry but I do think the game just feels a bit slow and outdated, good bye MW, don't come back.


  Saving Grace...

| | See all diamondgezzer's reviews (4)

The only thing that saves this game in my opinion is the survival mode, I was surprised at how good this turned out considering how bad the rest off the game is, daylight robbery, I suppose I must commend them for that!

  Worst COD Yet!

| | See all Simmo121's reviews (4)

Having played all of the call of duties before I thought this one was a complete let down. It seemed like the campaign was rushed as it was easy and awful and completed every achievement for the campaign in less than 5 hours or so when the old ones took me far longer. The multiplayer is shocking, having been fairly good at the previous cods with approx 2.00KD I have only a 1.38KD on this one based on the fact the maps are diabolical being shot at from numerous angles because they are all pretty much alley ways and campers. WORST COD BY A MILE, The reason why I gave it a 2 star instead of a 1 is because I do enjoy the spec ops mode survival is quality have not played the missions yet.

  Truely Disappointing....

| | See all witlock89's reviews (2)

Firstly, I'd just like to mention that unlike a lot of reviews on here, I have given this game every chance I could. I have 1000g'd it (got every achievement) so I've completed the campaign on veteran, done the entirety of Spec Ops, gone through all of survival mode and done the first prestige online and honestly, I don't know how the hell I managed to play this utterly awful game for so long.

It's just a terrible game.

The Campaign:

This, I didn't mind. I've always enjoyed the campaigns on COD and the extra challenge on veteran as well but this time, they seem to have lowered the difficulty of it, it only took me 7hrs to go through instead of the normal 12 - 15hrs. Even as much as I enjoyed finished the Modern Warfare story, this by no means redeems the game even the slightest little bit.

Spec Ops:

Simply put, boring. Once you've done a mission that's it. It's completed. There's absolutely nothing to make you want to go back and do it again.


A poorly realized "Horde" mode. Honestly, leave this kind of thing to epic studio's who actually know what there doing.


Buy MW2. It looks the same, plays the same, the spawns are better and the maps are much better (and I didn't even like mw2 personally). The maps online are just horrible, the return of quick scooping is a complete drag, weapon balancing is pathetic and there's campers galore.

I wish that they'd of spent an extra year making this game instead of just rushing it for that "yearly" release schedule they've got going. As a result, were left with a poorly realized and badly finished game. Please, don't waste your money on this.

  Too short/easy

| | See all aidenaaron's reviews (1)

What can I say my 8yr old son completed this on the hard setting within 3 hrs! A lot of money for such a short game, my son loved it and said it was great but its rediculously short. Waste of money if you dont play online.

  Same Old

| | See all UnkleBourbon's reviews (2)

After seeing the videos and the hype leading up to the release i thought i will give it a go.

Mistake ! this game is no different to any of the other games in fact its worse.!!! and ive played all of them. The main reasons are as below:

Graphics are poor (i think doom still has better graphics)
The other modes are boring and pointless once, you are done with the story.
No Zombies No atmosphere

Buy Battlefield 3 the frostbite engine looks great not perfect but better than MW3

  Wish I never bought it!

| | See all studlyswede88's reviews (1)

Ok so I'll get straight to the point! I decided to give it 2 stars because I like the fact you can be British on it and you can use your prestiges on other cod titles for "tokens" to give things like double exp for 2 hours..
As for the maps..they are horrendous! There's possible 3 as big as nuke town if not much bigger, and a couple of bigger ones that just looks like someones put buildings and cars in random places !
The weapons are the same as mw2 maybe 3 or 4 different ones.. The pistols are all useless though, there's one 1 map maybe 2 where u can really be a sniper, but there's a decent perk late on where you can start with 2 "primary weapons"..the kill streaks are easier to get as you don't need to stay alive to get them you just need the amount of kills required!
I hated black ops at first then really grew into it, but this one I doubt I will! It seems like a rushed version of mw2! No desert or jungle maps etc! All set in cities or malls and an African village :-/!
Never wrote a review before but this games so shocking I had to warn people! If you want a new fps game n havnt got bf2..then get that! Even bad company 2 is better:-/ seriously!

  Buy Battlefield 3 instead

| | See all nobster1966's reviews (1)

Er, that's it really. Not a patch on BF3. Save your cash and buy BF3 - you will NOT be disappointed.

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