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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning

Rating: 15+ (BBFC)

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Customer Reviews

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  Hack and slash

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When i started playing this game, I loved it. I had lots of fun with it. But after playingit for a while, it got way to repetitive. There are no tactics to the game and no variation. Go to one place, get a quest, go to where the cursor tells you to, hack and slash, kill the enemy your supposed to or click on the thing your supposed to, go back, go somewhere else the cursor tells you to and repeat. If you're looking for a game like Fable 2 or Dragon Age origins, don't bother with this game. If you are looking for World of Warcraft with no online play, this is th game for you.

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  Brilliant Action RPG

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Superb game,probably is the best action rpg out there it trounces all over the fable series which i think its got more in common with than the almighty Skyrim which is in a league of its own,literally hundreds of quests excellent fighting mechanics eg use the greatsword to weaken and send the enemy into the air then switch to a fast weapon (daggers,longsword) to keep up the combo then finish off with a spell a bit like Devil may cry.
Cant recommend it highly enough superb game and the newly released Legend of dead kel prob one of best DLC i ever bought if your a fan of this type of game its a must buy

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  Don't believe the hype.

| | See all Soujiro85's reviews (8)

(Quick point, the manual is included in game via the menu rather then in the case itself, save the trees and all that jazz).

Good points

- The combat is very flashy, easy to get on with and quite diverse depending on your spec.

- The variation in the specs themselves, the "destinies" and the bonuses they give and the fact you can mix and match almost any talents to suit your taste is great.

- The crafting is simple, and enjoyable.

- Lot's of gear with their own back stories.

- Loads of side quests.

- 4 factions (5 if bought brand new) with individual quest lines and powerful rewards.

- Graphically very nice indeed, especially the forests and water effects.

Bad points (The EA hype machine was in full throttle for this)

- Reviewers claiming "hundreds of ours of play with only the main quests". Lies, on the hardest difficulty, doing all factions, story and most of the side quests you'll be done in 80 easily.

- Difficulty, it doesnt exist, do it on "hard" from the beginning for 100g and its still an absolute walk in the park.

- Sound is terrible, not the acting, thats good, and the actual sounds are kick ass, but whoever deicded that detailed story speech should be cancelled out to never appear again in favour of a random battle cry should be sacked. Also on this note, the music seems to randomly cut out or not bother appearing at all in some areas.

- Bugs are few and far between, but are enough to really take away from the experience, approaching a quest from the wrong direction for example (Headsman, klurikon) bugs the quest out, requiring a reload.

- Story, yup that's right, hype hype hype, the story is weak, the ideas of it are cool and you can tell a lot of imagination went into it, but it's execution leaves a lot to be desired. You never really feel immersed in the story because it's so disjointed.

- No need for a level cap at all, takes away from giving a damn about killing stuff.

It's a good game, but there's too many things that felt rushed to make it a great game. you'll get a happy 70 hours out of it, but after that it'll begin to get tedious quickly for some. But if you can look past the bad things then it's a real gem, and considering we can more then likely expect another in the KoA series, things can only get better.
Check it out for sure, just maybe not for full price.

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  lots to say about this game

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i will start off by saying.....beware when you buy this game because when i pre-ordered mine it never came with a manual i dont think this is play.com fault. if there is no manual contact play.com like i did......

now onto the game......this game is just stunning the graphics too the character setup its alot like fable and skyrim / oblivion if you download mass effect 3 demo you also get very awsome goodies and mass effect 3 is just amazing from the demo that is i will be buying it for sure there is ZERO compliants the game is fresh just beautiful well worth the money

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