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Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary

Rating: 16+ (PEGI)

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Customer Reviews

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  good old days

| | See all nemevilJ's reviews (2)

this is exactly how i remember it, i even some times prefer the old graphics because it reminds me of when i used to play it. as far for the new graphics its a dramatice improvement since its only there to improve on the look, not exactly re creating the hole thing like a new halo game. it has the old feel with the old guns, it even has the old school 2 player co op since 4 player co op never happened till halo 3.

as for the online it is simply the halo reach online with all the content. as for issues with connection its probably all down to your ISP. but real happy to get this for 15 pound in a deal :)

  Original and best

| | See all HartlandGames's reviews (38)

I dont see why people are hating on this game. It has original graphics AND HD graphics. So its original yet with the choice of 2012 1080p/i graphics. If you didnt play the original halo yet have rated this bad, go throw your xbox out of the window. I got this game for 12pounds which was a bargain and still contained some of the codes. Knowing what this is like id of probably paid 30-35pounds for this as Im a halo fan just like most of the xbox community. Im glad they thought to re-do this game with added skull features on HD mode. 5/5

  Sandbox FPS - brand new its retro!

| | See all PeteWattsUk's reviews (12)

Halo set the standard for FPS shooters - establishing a true sandbox way to play. You start a open level and you choose how to get the the end. COD came along and threw that great gameplay idea out the window t maximise the set pieces.

Halo is all about the gameplay -its a great remake and for anyone who is tired of the COD formula a great reason to get involved in one of the best FPS in gaming history. The multiplayer is amazing with regular updates and new gamemodes each month - a must buy

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  What has 343 Industries done to Halo?

| | See all bushcraftcharlie's reviews (5)

I'm pretty sure that what made Halo fun was playing with your friends, both without lag and with more than one other. This game only has 2 player online co-op, something alien to the Halo franchise - you would think a company devoted to making Halo fans happy should at least have given the game 4 player online co-op, which had not lag issues (WHICH IT DOES).

You would also think that the graphics would be on-par with the most recent Halo Game, Halo: Reach. The graphics are of a very low standard compared to this and don't even stand up to the graphics of Halo 3, which was released in 2007.

Overall a huge disappointment for the Halo franchise and 343 Industries.

I advise getting the original Halo: combat Evolved on PC instead, where you can actually play with your friends together.

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  Master Chief would be extremely proud.

| | See all UltraZone777's reviews (13)

What a fantastic job they have done of remaking Halo. This game brought back a great sense of nostalgia and reminded me of how Halo - Combat Evolved was a truly revolutionary game and one of the best FPS ever. I was a bit concerned how the game would feel and look but as soon as I started playing I was delighted. It's still as good today as it was 10 years ago. Also at any time during the game you can press select to switch back to the Original graphics and with this you can really see the brillaint job they have done with the new graphics. It's well worth the 35 pound and is a must buy for true Halo fans. For anyone with a bit of doubt, I guarantee you will not be dissapointed. 5 Stars for sure.

  Very Disappointing

| | See all Shadow152's reviews (2)

I've been a Halo fan for a very very long time (got the original game on day of release and even skipped school for it) but this was a massive disappointment, the graphics are reasonable but far from the recent releases of HD quality, the controls are slow to respond and far from reliable (my example is in crouching, fine when i want to crouch but trying to go into combat where MC decides to crouch of his own accord and throw off my shot is a pain in the A$$).

Luckily i only rented this game from a local shop and not paid full price for it or i'd be absolutely raging about now.

Would not recommend this in the slightest unless u have very low expectations or are easily impressed.

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  Simply Amazing!

| | See all Lovewizard's reviews (67)

I am amazed what 343 studio's have done with halo combat evolved, the graphics are soo much improved and game play has not changed at all making this for me the best halo has ever been, I really hope 343 studio's do a simular remake of halo 2, I had the original but playin this really does feel like a new game and it's a must buy title!


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is one amazing game, a must for anyone with an x-box 360 and especially if your a fan, the graphics are a hundred times better than they were back ten years ago, the visual effects that are added look spectacular, every aspect of the levels no matter how small look crisp and modern, its still the same awesome game play you remember but polished and shiny new, you can switch between the original graphics ten years ago at any time during the game by pressing the back button and its very impressive to see the amazing difference, all weapons and vehicles look awesome the way they did in halo reach, the multiplayer maps have been re-designed too making them look like they were made yesterday, amazing detail added to everything, you can also play a forge world on several maps and there is a firefight brand new map too, this is without doubt a breath taking experience you will be blown away, 343 industries have released an amazing game and I cant wait to see what they bring to halo 4 in 2012. This is a must buy at any cost.

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